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  1. No that's fine. Oh that's good to know he should be able to claim something for the time being then. That was what worried me. Apparently people that get sacked can sometimes have a problem claiming JSA.
  2. Hi, my son is 21 & has been working since leaving college since last year. He is hearing impaired & wears hearing aids. Access to work sent someone out to his work at the begining to recommend & pay quite a large sum of money for equipment he needed to be able to use the phones there. The equipment has spent the last year occasionally breaking down, during that time the company sent him home on paid leave until it eventually comes back from the manufacturer with a note of not being faulty, but it would work again then for a few weeks. His employer paid for the company that made the equipment to come out & check things out recently & they can't figure out why the equipment just randomly stops working. So we are now at the end of the road. His employer doesn't have any other work he can do, that doesn't involve using the phones. It's unreal that a 21 yr old with A levels coming out his ears (pardon the pun) can't even keep the sort of job he has been in. Quite upsetting for him as none of it is his fault. But his employer has actually been very good really. He is once again on paid leave with the latest equipment failure, until an audiology appointment next week, although they aren't too familiar with the equipment anyway, so it won't make any difference. He has been using the time to frantically try & find a different job knowing that time is running out! His employer has now emailed & asked him to go in tomorrow for a meeting. There is no solution for the equipment, so it's likely they will be letting him go. What I am wanting to know is if he gets sacked, can he claim something like JSA? Or is there anything else anyone can think of. As soon as he started working he took on a phone contract, so does have payment commitments. I am self employed & literally just about get by, we'll struggle but until he manages to find something else, I wouldn't be able to afford his 40 a month contract phone.
  3. Hi. 3 yrs now I have been self employed & claiming top up benefits. Which are based on me earning £100 per week profit from my work. My 20 yr old son just left college & started working at Fujitsu. 18 yr old daughter has been at college & will be there another 2 yrs. Housing benefit has now gone down to £2 per week. Soooooo I am hoping I can sack them off completely & pull out all the stops to earn more from my self employment. What's confused me is I have been on the Turn2us benefit calculator & it's saying I will still get the same working & child tax credits as I do now, even if I earn up to £250 a week profit, so far anyway... I haven't tested out a higher figure than that yet. Is that right? I thought the more you earned, the less tax credits you got??
  4. Why would he not get on the IT course, is it based on grades? My 18 yr old is just finishing a years Childcare course at college & decided childcare isn't for her so she's applied for another course for 2 years. Which will mean for a few months once she turns 20, I will be brassic lint, which happened with my son this year (thankfully he just started a full time job at Fujitsu the monday after he finished college on the friday) If you have a Fujitsu near you, they take a LOT of people on every few months in I.T customer service, no experience necessary. £6.50 an hour. But my daughter bless her is NOT academic & has taken courses not dependant on grades. But if she was into I.T, I would have encouraged her to go for Fujitsu (or similar)
  5. This Universal credit will make life a bit harder for me. I'm self employed, claiming working tax credits & at the moment, it's all based on me earning £100 per week. Obviously that won't work with UC. But i'm not going to get in a state about it, yet. I love what I do but there's a part of me that gets driven mad working the unsociable hours for less than minimum wage & I keep thinking it'll give me the shove to find something different! I have been self employed for 3 years now & it's worked well round my children. But I do understand why the government are frustrated with self employed people earning less than everyone else. I know, not a popular opinion.
  6. My daughter (at college) does Betterware at the moment. She has a really good lady above her that drops off more catalogues every week. Everything free, no costs. Not sure I buy into the whole 'average of £1 per catalogue' thing, she's been doing it about a month now & never got £1 a catalogue. She has done quite well this week, she will get about £40 commission but she had to put out about 300 catalogues for that (£200 of sales) but 2 weeks previously she was lucky to get £5. I have been helping her, as muggins here has the car lol & it's definitely less than minimum wage. She is frantically trying to find 'proper' part time work, but getting nowhere so far. But she sticks with Betterware as she wants at least some money than none, teenage girl, likes to buy teenager girl stuff lol
  7. Thanks for the advice foljs. It's a housing assosiation place & not them that's closed it for 3 months. He does intend to go back there. I guess we will have to see if that can happen.
  8. My brother has gone to stop with mum for 3 months, without going into full detail, officials have closed his flat, with no access. He is signed off work at the moment by the doctor, which he has to produce certificates for. Guess who now is expected to collect the certificate(s) as mums isn't local to his address. (in the UK though) Will housing benefit still be paid on his flat?
  9. Brilliant, just what I needed thank you very much for those links.
  10. Hi, my mother had to sever all ties with her partner this weekend. Financially this could be difficult due to her only getting £400 a month pension. She is 63. How does she claim for anything extra if possible. She is techno phobe so doesn't use computers. She isn't married to him. And owns her house. He is no longer allowed in the house. So as a single pensioner, what can she claim please.
  11. Well, I rang them & just as well I did. They had taken no notice of me months ago when I confirmed my 19 year old was doing a 2 year Media course so he was still going to be at college until July 2015. Anyway, they said they will update details, again. But the £50 a week I lost for 3 weeks, won't be paid back in one go, it gets divided over the year. I assume it takes a while for them to sort it because I still got £50 less this thursday! So £200 down so far, yet will get it back in useless little amounts.
  12. Oooh are they? Good to know, will do, cheers x
  13. Mine have gone down in the last 3 weeks by almost £50 a week. I assumed it was because of teens ages, it happened last year too, but only for a couple of weeks. Can be something to do with admin adjusting from school leaver to college. I assumed it's the same this year, although I did let them know earlier in the year that both my 2 are at college another year. Son turns 20 in March, daughter is 18 in January. I will try & ring them monday. But is it possibly that? As I say it didn't go on this long last year & having checked my online banking, they don't backdate the payments when they sort it either do they! Why is that?
  14. I don't know your situation, total amount of overpayment etc. But do remember being in the same state of mind, the publicity bit was what concerned me the most. I remember being at work (when I wasn't off in a state of panic) & working on auto pilot, whilst thinking of ways I could end it all with my kids still being able to get the life insurance. No idea if my policy doesn't cover that, I assumed at the time it didn't. I'd had the IUC (which I was given Diazapam for) & my amount wasn't quite 2000 even, but I was convinced I was going to jail & it would end up in the news etc. I wasn't prosecuted in the end, took a loan & paid them back. And afterwards it felt like waking up from a nightmare. It will end. Even though it doesn't feel like it at the moment. Now I look back to (I think it was) 3 years ago & thank my lucky stars I didn't end up doing something silly. And think of all the things I would have missed that have happened since. But it really was the closest time I nearly came to it. It's torture at the moment for you. Hope you can stay strong & come out the other side.
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