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  1. I was supposed to get an ESA payment Wednesday which i did not receive before i found out about natwest i sat on hold with DWP for 40 mins because usually its there fault, although im probably one of a few lucky that i dont really have any bills coming out at this time in the month so waiting until Saturday (when its expected to be sorted) is not a problem but i could see how it would have been any other time of month
  2. oh right i thought there was a form for some reason, when i phoned and said i was going to be volunteering she asked for my address and said the letter was on its way thats why i assumed i had to fill out a form for it
  3. Im currently on ESA and will be starting some volunteer work in the near future so im looking for the form to inform them of this the 1 they sent me does not mention volunteering its just paid work / permitted work so i was just checking if its the correct 1
  4. I am just in the process of starting some volunteer work (done 2 hours so far which did not go so good for certain reasons but i have a new date and time to try again in a couple of weeks) anyway i phoned ESA and asked for a form and i just wanted to find out if the 1 i received is the correct form as it doesn't actually mention volunteering on it just work and permitted work. on a second note i receive DLA do i need to inform them of this and get a form also?
  5. thanks for the replies, as for having appointments on days i shouldn't i know all to well even after a over year of telling them that i cant do certain days i still get appointments on those exact days
  6. Thanks 1 thing I may have seen, I'm due to end early next year with seetec will this in anyway increase how long I stay with them?
  7. Im just looking for some information of what i need to do if i started volunteering (im on ESA, DLA, and i have Seetec because of being in the activity group). right at the moment im waiting for a mentor/help from Mind to get into a charity shop to get information etc with then the intention of doing an hour or 2 a week. im just wondering when i do start what i need to do and most importantly when i tell the ESA make it absolutely clear that it is not Seetec helping with this as i honestly tell them as little as possible and find them more of a problem than help edit: i have seen
  8. my seetec advisors keep trying to give me appointments to use there computers for an ELVIS session (which i can easily do at home) i have missed the last 2 and i have a 3rd tommorow now as i have not been sanctioned after recieving the good reason letter from dwp am i to understand that the decision makers may agree that these are unreasonable because of my agoraphobia? i tell Seetec everytime that i wont be able to sit on there computers because of this but they still seem to give me these appointments
  9. i also attend seetec and have had many problems and i must say i have never got a letter that looks like that to tell me about mandatory appointments through the post, what i usually receive is a 3-5 page booklet thing that tells me what we have discussed (ye right maybe a couple of months ago and they just reprint it) which will most likely have a hidden objective for me to complete (like attending the next week on a day i have other appointments that they know about) then would have my next monthly appointment right at the back
  10. hi, yes i am on ESA and always have been as for how long i am left with seetec as far as i can remember it was for 2 years which would end early 2015
  11. just a quick question really after my recent seetec appointments (which as always are a pain) anyway im on ESA and i am just wondering with regards to disability advisers in these places what happens if they don't have one as is the case with seetec at the moment because the previous left, do i still need to attend even with my agoraphobia and anxiety being made worse because of the fact i never know which adviser i will be seeing or whether they will give me random appointments just because they can and don't know im on ESA rather than JSA?
  12. i have a question unrelated to the good reason letter but thought i would put it in here instead of making another thread. i had an ATOS medical in feb to reassess (apparantly just before they stopped sending people for them) my entitlement that said i should hear from the decision makers in 6 weeks but i have not i have had problems before with not getting points and going to tribunal seeing as how i am still being paid my ESA wrag i assume a decision has been made but they have not informed me? i was not expecting to be put in the support group or anything so i am just wondering if
  13. sorry yes its a good reason letter for not turning up to an appointment (that i didnt have) i hate these though as i have no proof that i didnt know about the appointment if you know what i mean, i have the letters for other appointments but then seetec could just say that on there computer i was sent the letter for the appointment on the 12th. as for what the appointment i missed was for i have no idea. but i can guess just another pointless review
  14. i recieved a good reason letter today for an appointment they apparantly told me about in february to attend seetec on (12/05) but in fact the only mandatory appointment letters i got was for (20th and 22nd) both of which i canceled because they were all day appointments, then i had an appointment with my advisor this past monday and he did not mention missing an appointment or anything... im just wondering how i should go about doing this good reason letter should i simply say that i had no appointment for the 12th and include copies of the letters which state the dates are 20th/22nd jun
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