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  1. Thank you for your quick reply, much appreciated. He created an account as it was part of the agreement or something and he or rather I look for jobs for him on his behalf and apply where suitable, but theres very few real jobs on there, but the job center people keep threatening with sanction and refuse to accept job applications on reed, totaljobs etc as job application.
  2. Hi all My dad is currently on JSA, as he is not good with technology or computers I have to do most of the job search and applications for him. I use sites like Reed and Totaljobs, but the jobcenter people keep threatening him with sanction for not using UJM, now I browse this site for jobs too but hardly ever are there any jobs that can be applied for and most of the jobs just redirect to external site or recruitment agency site for application, so I am lost as to what I can do, can they really sanction him because of that? and is he obliged to give access to his account to them. Any help and advice would be much appreciated Thank you
  3. The actual tribunal or whatever it is called. They failed him on the ATOS medical and he appealed which went to a tribunal which they rejected. The actual decision was appealed I think around Sep 2012, the tribunal around March. They cut his ESA mid last month by the looks of it, but he only found out last week when p45 came through, they never even sent a letter to say it has been stopped, bunch of tards so now theres loads of arrears for rent, tax etc.
  4. Hi My Father had his IB/ESA rejected at the tribunal few months ago and now they have cut his benefits completely, with the expensive rent mounting up now. What should we do now as I am rather lost at how it all works. Does he apply for JSA? It says on their website you cant apply if you received ESA in last month, I think his stopped a week or two ago. What does he actually do in the long term? Considering he has an illness that will be for the rest of his life and severely limits his ability. His getting old, has no skills or qualifications and is both physically and mentally diminishing. I really don't know what they expect him to do, no one is going to give him a job let alone manage to find a suitable one, and he is really stressed out, i dont think he even sleeps properly at night anymore. Thank you for any help
  5. Thank you for all the help, i wrote the likes of "false assumptions" not sure if it was right to write like that, but its been sent now. Doing all this research has made me realise the extreme difficulty so many people are going through not only with their illness but all this scandalous and ridiculous process they have to go through for little support. The whole politic system in this country is so corrupt, all these rich and well off ****** politicians protetcing the interest of their bankers and businessman friends, and putting misery and poverty on the disadvantaged. Really makes me sick and I hope one day justice and equality will be served, this country needs a revolution really. You guys are doing a wonderful job of helping each other.
  6. Also the atos guy has lied on every thing statament, can i write in the appeal letter that he has lied and i find this unporfessional?
  7. Many thanks for the info, really appreciate it. I have one other question I am currently wriitng a rebuttal against the report ESA 65 01/12, is this correct? Also am I correct in htinking this the Atos asessors findings?
  8. Hi, I am helping someone with their benefit where they have been denied ESA after ATOS medical, so I am helping them with the appeal process. However I am slightly unsure of the process, I've read up alot on it, so here is where I am. 1) We submit the appeal form - filling in gl24 form plus a letter using the template of honeybee. 2) What happens next? do we need to see a solicitor when it goes to tribunal etc? I am really not sure , so would be massively helpful if someone can clarify. CHeers y'all
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