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  1. Signed on yesterday, had my first experience with electronic signing. Now i usually hate signing for things electronically, my signature always comes out horrible on those hand held devices used by delivery firms, but was plesently surprised that the DWP machine captured my signature (ok, so it took 6 attempts for it to understand)... ...but then i had to do it for real, and that's when the fun started! Due to being self concious about signing, it took 12 attempts for me (sorry, the machine) to get it right and got 76% accuracy, i guess it's partly my fault because my signature is ba
  2. Well that's what usually happens, they give you a letter that you sign, and it informs you that it's mandatory, and you usually get given a slip of paper that the people at the fair get you to sign to show you've seen them.
  3. When i signed on the 1st June, i noticed a small (half A4 size) notice about a Jobs Fair the day after (2nd June), anyway, i signed on as normal and was just about to leave when i asked about the Jobs Fair, he said it was mandatory, and i left... ...the thing is, he made no attempt during the signing to mention about it or give me a "direction" letter, and because of this i completely forgot about the Jobs Fair the day after. Can i still be santioned for not going, i thought they had to give you written notice of it detailing the penalties for not attending, all i had was just an uno
  4. I received a letter last week about a "Notice of Transfer of your Account", in fact their was two letters, one from MMF, with whom i've had various letters already saying that they are taking over the debt, then their's a dodgy looking letter from "Pounds Till Payday" s aying that they have transferred the rights of the debt to MMF. ..the thing is both letters look exactly the same, the address is spelt wrong, and it has a curious square scan mark, which is the same as both, now call me suspicous, but the Pounds Till Payday letter has no address, no cont
  5. This is my local Job Centre (sadly), they treat people like dirt, and i can guess which nasty advisor did this! I want a t-shirt made up of the front cover of The Mirror with this story on it, just so i can remind them each time i sign on. As for hardship, they don't tell you about it when your sanctioned, they just leave you to it. My advisor didn't even bother to check my UJ account last week, they just let me sign my form and go, wonder if they actually feel a twinge of guilt...i doubt it!
  6. Went to my local Job Centre today only to find out that they have removed the Job Points, and out of the 7 phones they had, only 1 was left, their excuse...all the jobs on the Job Points can be found on Universal Jobmatch, and we should be helping ourselves by using OUR own phones! I've hated being unemployed for ages now, but this just smacks of being heartless! Job Centres are supposed to help us get back into work, but in my eyes, this whole UJ system is only in place to catch us out and sanction us! The sooner i'm off this nightmare roundabout...the better!
  7. Sanctions serve no purpose at all, the DWP say it's supposed to be a wake-up call to get us to buck our ideas up, but once you've had your money stopped, then you have no motivation to look for work. You have no money for food, gas or electric, they tell the council, if your clued up about that then you can sort it out straight away. If i get sanctioned next week i shall tell my advisor that i'll be halving my job searches till i get full money again! These welfare reforms are supposed to be simplifying things, but to me, they have made things 100 times worse!
  8. Yes, best own up to doing work...but...i've had times where i've gone up to London for the day and not looked for work, didn't tell them, not worth the hassle! The whole system is messed up, i'm dreading signing on again nest monday, i haven't looked for work on 24th, 25th and 26th December or 31st and 1st January...i've enjoyed myself over the festive period with my family...and that's how it should be, we shouldn't be looking for work during that time!
  9. I'm setting up my UJ account at the Job Centre this afternoon...any tips on do's and dont's? I've set up another Hotmail account, because it's the only way i can get my CV onto the system! Will it realise that i had a go myself at setting up an account this morning already on my PC? Another quick thing, my advisor (or Work Coach), has said that i need to bring my Work Diary with me for every appointment, as this isn't a proper scheduled appointment (she usually prints off a letter), do i have to bring it with me, she already checked it last Thursday! Is it a sanctionable offence
  10. Next monday i am expected to plan out my 35 hour a week Jobsearch for the JC. How are they going to monitor this, and is it actually possible to search for work for 7 hours solidly every day of the week? Also setting up a UJ account. It usually takes me 2 hours a day to do a Jobseach, so it's gonna be a struggle to make it last 7 hours a day!
  11. Signing on is starting to stress me out big time! My advisor wrote out a new agreement the other month, have to apply for 20 jobs a fortnight, but didn't notice that she also put i had to do 20 actions a week, that's 40 a fortnight! (i've just about coped with just 10-15 a fortnight), so the person signing me on warned me about it. Any tips on how to pad out my work diary? Still not on UJ yet, but was just reading about something that screws it up when they check (did i read that right?), i'm setting up a cheap and cheerful account just to keep them happy, so want to try this thing o
  12. I'm off to the Job Centre in 30 mins to attend the Skills Conditionality National Careers Service thingy. I get to create my first UJ account, they are going to give me a new e-mail addy, cos they can whistle if they think i'm going to give them my proper one! Now i need a unique password for it...any suggestions? Attended a "Back to Work" workshop last week with a group of 9 other people, basically the woman laid down the law about what's expected from us now, 40 hour job search, all the different ways of looking for work, sanctions. I was the only one brave enough to pipe
  13. This morning i went to my first mandatory Jobs and Careers Fair in town, it's a FREE event, yet the staff at the JC treated us like common criminals with their threats of sanctions if we didn't go to it, but that's not all, once we filled in a form (local council housing?), we had to have our name checked off from the JC register (or sanction list as i called it!), we were then given a piece of paper where we had to write down 5 employers that we've met today and what we did, this was also written with the threat of sanctions if we didn't comply! Don't forget, this is a FREE event and everyone
  14. JC said that they will give us our own special e-mail addy, don't mind that because i'll never use it outside of doing a job search. So the 1998 Data Protection Act is still ok to fallback on with regards to ticking that pesky box? I shall tell the other 2 people about it as well! So, gonna set up an account, but refuse to tick box! JC just called...it's been cancelled, so gotta wait for them to make another appointment!
  15. 2 things:- I have an appointment with the Job Centre tomorrow (along with 2 other people) to create a UJ account, as i refused to give my advisor my e-mail address, so they are going to do it on-site, don't mind them doing this as they will set up an e-mail address that i'll never use outside of doing this UJ! I have it all planned out, log in at 7-8am every morning and apply for as many jobs as possible, if i do that every day it should keep them quiet and off my back for a while! Also i have been mandated to attend a Jobs Fair in October, i guess this is a recent thing as i av
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