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Found 10 results

  1. I had an interest only mortgage with Rooftop Mortgages which became overdue for repayment. Always planned to sell to repay...no problem, and Rooftop was aware of this. Never missed or late with payment. However a few months ago I had a letter from their Solicitors simply asking what my proposals for repayment were, and then stated that if not repaid, repossession proceeding etc would be taken and IF THAT happened there would be legal fees. Nothing happened, the house has been sold and the mortgage repaid. However, the redemption statement included fees of £926!! I have raised a
  2. Hope this is the right place, my issue is in relation to Scottish Law. In March 2016 I signed up for a home study course, I had two options. Either sign up for each module individually or 4 of them which gave a greater discount. I signed for all 4 and paid about £1k on my personal credit card. It was suggested a higher discount was available and that seemed appropriate. The plan was to recover the cost from my employer now that did not work out as I planned and ultimately they paid nothing. Although some months have passed since my initial sign up I asked for a refund of
  3. This is my first time posting so I apologise if I get something wrong or miss something out. I was working at Wilkinsons about a year ago and I was overpayed £120 in holiday pay before I left, I did not know at the time. A few months passed and I received a letter from wilkinsons asking for the amount. I rang them and explained that I had no money and was trying to get my benefits so I could actually have some money and would then be able to pay them once this was sorted. In september I managed to get my benefits and paid them what I was able to, which was £30 and
  4. Advice required re sanction for failing to complete job search, the person concerned is a recovering Heroin addict who managed to obtain a job and got off the methodone and was doing quite well. The company he worked for lost the contract they had and laid most of the workforce. Obviously the person signed on and no problem with the Job centre until last week when they told him he had to look for a job every day and go to the job club etc. He visited the job club and they told him it was pointless applying for a jobs until he had a CV. They were unable
  5. My car was impounded last week and I recovered it on the weekend, however today I opened the boot and see my speaker, amplifier, my bag and work cables are all missing. I mean are they allowed to remove my things?? I called the impound but it's just an automated message stating opening times and the documents required. The impound is far from my house so wouldn't really want to travel all that way and come back with no outcome. Any one have any suggestions on what I can do?
  6. On trying to sort out a deceased relative's affairs I found that there were a large number of direct debit payments going out to various charities that in total exceeded the pension income. I have spoken to half a dozen of these charities and it appears many used the same now defunct marketing company to cold-call this relative and persuade them to pay a few pounds a month to whatever the good cause was at the time. None of the DD's have a signed mandate and as the marketing co is no longer the original tapes are unavailable so I reckon that thew bank is obliged to refund the disputed monies a
  7. We received a county court judgement in our favour back in Feb 2012, and got a warrant of execution in March. Since then the bailiff has been unable to get anything from our landlord. In fact, the bailiff claimed that our landlord was no longer at his residence, we visited a week later and found him still living there. our landlord never attended a hearing and still thinks he is in the right. We think that if he actually turns up in court, he will realise what the law is and pay up. We even got as far as giving him the forms to appeal the decision, he filled them out along with a che
  8. Hi First post and looking for some advice. I have recently completed a Scottish Trust Deed and have my discharge letter. My brother has come into some money and says he wants to give me a share but would not do so if it meant that I would have to give it to the debt management company to go towards the TD. Anyone know where I would stand on this.
  9. Hi folks OK, here is the scenario: Saw a flat, the next day called agent to say I liked it.They asked for a holding deposit of nearly £500, which I paid. After paying this holding deposit, they sent me the next day information about references they would require and stated the terms of the holding deposit. That being, if I failed the credit check, they would keep £100 but return rest. If the landlord pulled out, they would return all of it. If I pulled out, I would lose it all. They also included a credit check form to fill in for a company called MARAS - I have never read
  10. The decision leaves only Barclays offering accounts to ex bankrupts. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-19621680
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