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Found 9 results

  1. I had an interest only mortgage with Rooftop Mortgages which became overdue for repayment. Always planned to sell to repay...no problem, and Rooftop was aware of this. Never missed or late with payment. However a few months ago I had a letter from their Solicitors simply asking what my proposals for repayment were, and then stated that if not repaid, repossession proceeding etc would be taken and IF THAT happened there would be legal fees. Nothing happened, the house has been sold and the mortgage repaid. However, the redemption statement included fees of £926!! I have raised a Formal Complaint with Rooftop about these not being justified but accepted the redemption figure as I did not want to delay completion of the sale/repayment of the mortgage). I await their response. I told Rooftop that following completion I would issue a SAR and then proceed to the Financial Ombudsman to recover these unjustified fees. My question is: Is the Financial Ombudsman the best route to go to do this?
  2. Hope this is the right place, my issue is in relation to Scottish Law. In March 2016 I signed up for a home study course, I had two options. Either sign up for each module individually or 4 of them which gave a greater discount. I signed for all 4 and paid about £1k on my personal credit card. It was suggested a higher discount was available and that seemed appropriate. The plan was to recover the cost from my employer now that did not work out as I planned and ultimately they paid nothing. Although some months have passed since my initial sign up I asked for a refund of the fee’s for the modules not started so that I could pay that back to my card, from there I could then pay for each module as I pass the previous. They have refused to do this stating that I agreed to terms that refunds were only due within 14 days. I did not understand that I had agreed to such terms. Each module is available from the provider as a standalone course, although I have paid for them all I have only received material for the first module. They will not issue any material for the subsequent modules until I complete the previous one. they are in no way out of pocket for anything but the first module. Part of the fees paid are for exams for those modules which would only be payable to the exam provider in the future. At first they said they would consider a refund, then they accused me of dishonesty suggesting my employer had paid the fees and I was trying to get them back from them. I offered to get a letter from my employer confirming they have not paid fees however they then ignored that and have insisted they can speak to my employer and explain the value in the course which is none of their concern quite frankly. As far as I am aware the contract is ultimately between them and myself, nothing to do with my employer as they had not agreed to pay them anyway. At this point the relationship has broken down completely, especially after their suggestion that I was being dishonest in requesting a refund. I have no desire to continue studying with them and want to move to another provider. My question therefore is whether I have a case to raise a small claims summons to recover the remaining fees or even a charge back on my credit card? T hey are just stalling now. I have even offered a compromise in that I will accept £100 less to cover their administration for processing the refund. I have not had to sign anything throughout the process. This is what they say covers their position; Fees are not refundable after two weeks have elapsed, but a transfer to another course of comparable value may be considered. Such a transfer may be subject to an administration fee,depending on how far you have progressed on the first course. (Where software has been supplied as part of the course, and the seal on this has been broken, no refunds will be considered for this particular item.) Would welcome some thoughts on the best way to approach this in order to get a refund if you are of the opinion I am entitled to one.
  3. This is my first time posting so I apologise if I get something wrong or miss something out. I was working at Wilkinsons about a year ago and I was overpayed £120 in holiday pay before I left, I did not know at the time. A few months passed and I received a letter from wilkinsons asking for the amount. I rang them and explained that I had no money and was trying to get my benefits so I could actually have some money and would then be able to pay them once this was sorted. In september I managed to get my benefits and paid them what I was able to, which was £30 and would pay some more when I got my next benefit. They said that was fine and assured me that my details would not be passed on to a third party collection agency. My next benefit was sanctioned and I have been fighting with the DWP to get my JSA so I could clear this. Today I received a letter from RLP claiming they were acting on behalf of wilkos and I owe them a total £395. I have no idea where they have plucked this number from... Is it possible to just pay the original amount in full to the company to who the debt was originally owed? I want nothing to do with RLP and this is sending me sick with worry. Please any help would be greatly appreciated
  4. Advice required re sanction for failing to complete job search, the person concerned is a recovering Heroin addict who managed to obtain a job and got off the methodone and was doing quite well. The company he worked for lost the contract they had and laid most of the workforce. Obviously the person signed on and no problem with the Job centre until last week when they told him he had to look for a job every day and go to the job club etc. He visited the job club and they told him it was pointless applying for a jobs until he had a CV. They were unable to help him to make one until a week or so,s time. This person doesnt know how to use a computer and obviously doesnt own one so he didnt look for jobs on the internet. Today he went to sign on and they immediatley sanctioned him for a month. They also said to him dont do anything stupid , he asked like what and they said like shop lifting etc. He said how do you expect me to eat keep warm etc. The result of this has resulted in him disending in to deep depression and his doctor has said he isnt fit to work because of his mental state. The Job centre have asked if he wouldnt put in the sicknote ,which I dont understand why. They havent offered to lift the sanction. I havent got a clue how to help this person and i am fearfull he will end back on the heroin and the other things that go with it like thieving etc. Any ideas would be appreciated.
  5. My car was impounded last week and I recovered it on the weekend, however today I opened the boot and see my speaker, amplifier, my bag and work cables are all missing. I mean are they allowed to remove my things?? I called the impound but it's just an automated message stating opening times and the documents required. The impound is far from my house so wouldn't really want to travel all that way and come back with no outcome. Any one have any suggestions on what I can do?
  6. On trying to sort out a deceased relative's affairs I found that there were a large number of direct debit payments going out to various charities that in total exceeded the pension income. I have spoken to half a dozen of these charities and it appears many used the same now defunct marketing company to cold-call this relative and persuade them to pay a few pounds a month to whatever the good cause was at the time. None of the DD's have a signed mandate and as the marketing co is no longer the original tapes are unavailable so I reckon that thew bank is obliged to refund the disputed monies as there is no proof the DD's were ever properly set up. The relative lived in sheltered accomodation and had dementia. I know a carer stopped most of the DD mandates but they seem to reappear at a higher amount about a month later, presumably when these charities lost their cash cow they phoned again. Is the bank liable under the DD guarantee regs and if so how far back can one ask for the return of the misappropriated funds. Anyone have similar experiences orknow what I should do next? Someof the charities are co-operating by providing any documentation they have but a couple of the commercial outfits are saying tough even though the bank cocked up on the stopping of the DD when requested (will take that one up with glee)
  7. We received a county court judgement in our favour back in Feb 2012, and got a warrant of execution in March. Since then the bailiff has been unable to get anything from our landlord. In fact, the bailiff claimed that our landlord was no longer at his residence, we visited a week later and found him still living there. our landlord never attended a hearing and still thinks he is in the right. We think that if he actually turns up in court, he will realise what the law is and pay up. We even got as far as giving him the forms to appeal the decision, he filled them out along with a cheque, but we had incorrect info and told him it was £75 fee, so it got rejected because it's actually £80. Now according to my housemate, the warrant is no longer valid. Apparently the bailiff cancelled it because our landlord was appealing, but then the cheque was for the wrong amount. So we either want to (a) get him to appeal so we can see him in court (b) find another avenue for recovering the money. Does anyone have any suggestions for achieving either of these? For (b), we think he might be self employed, but we are applying for an attachment of earnings order search, to see if anyone else has applied for this (he has had other debts in the past). We also have his bank account details still, and I think we can apply to recover money from the bank. Does anyone know how this works? Does he get any notice before hand? Is it a one time only thing (i.e. if there isn't enough money in the account, is that it?)
  8. Hi First post and looking for some advice. I have recently completed a Scottish Trust Deed and have my discharge letter. My brother has come into some money and says he wants to give me a share but would not do so if it meant that I would have to give it to the debt management company to go towards the TD. Anyone know where I would stand on this.
  9. Hi folks OK, here is the scenario: Saw a flat, the next day called agent to say I liked it.They asked for a holding deposit of nearly £500, which I paid. After paying this holding deposit, they sent me the next day information about references they would require and stated the terms of the holding deposit. That being, if I failed the credit check, they would keep £100 but return rest. If the landlord pulled out, they would return all of it. If I pulled out, I would lose it all. They also included a credit check form to fill in for a company called MARAS - I have never read such an invasive credit check form. It asks for my address for the last 3 YEARS and my employment for the last 3 YEARS! Ridiculous but I filled it in anyway as best I could. Once they realized I was a freelancer, they asked for a guarantor. I refused as (i) I don't have anyone who could act as one (ii) I am 36 and work full-time (permalance) so why should I still need a guarantor in life? My credit history is very good and I've never missed a rent payment in years, actually, ever! They said fine. The landlord's rep said that he wanted instead of 6 weeks rent as deposit, he wanted 2 months. I begrudgingly agreed as it's a lot of money to have sat in someone else's bank account earning them interest, not me. After much reference checking hell and back and forth, they finally agreed to let me the place under these new terms. So then, they finally sent me through the contract. I noticed that the 6 month break clause section was not filled in with the dates of the earliest I could give notice so I asked them to correct this and a few other things I did not agree with. They made all the changes but completely removed the break clause section. When I said I needed it back in, the letting agent said it was a mistake he sent that contract as that was a template for someone who has been there over 1 year already and that there was in fact, no break clause of any kind for the first year. For me, this completely changes the commitment I am making. I always assumed there would be a break clause as there has always been one in every contract I've signed over the last 15 years of renting. It is not definite I would exercise the break option but I want it in there as I might want to go abroad in maybe 8-12 months time, or even just move if I don't like living at this place (first time living alone in a studio flat) What can I do? I have decided not to take the place as it's too much money and commitment for a whole year. So much could change in that time. Can I get my holding deposit back? Yes it is now me telling them I don't want it under those conditions but I didn't find out until the day before I was supposed to move in, i.e. when I finally got to see the contract T&Cs. Also, the terms of how the holding deposit would be handled were not sent to me until AFTER I had paid it. This seems a little tricksy on the part of the letting agent. Advise please! Thanks.
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