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  1. I feared that might be the case - I'll try writing and see where that gets me! I'll update my thread if we ever get to the point of me escaping them. Thanks for the help and advice
  2. Still not found any actual live chat - that page just takes me back to the same help page. That page sends me to the customer services phone number again. Maddening - I think I'll try writing instead or I'm going to get dizzy going round in more circles
  3. It is astonishingly bad, that it's this difficult to leave - I should post my whole story upto this point as a warning for others. Meanwhile though where is the live chat please? I've not found it and it doesn't show up in a search either.
  4. I called to cancel my contract and was told that due to moving house I had to speak to the house move department I agree, there should be an option to just send them a message to give my notice or send them a message - but every option brings me back to calling them
  5. Hi Andy, thanks for the quick reply. Yes I do, I can login with the old password but it does not work with customer services. The Virgin Media page for moving is broken - please see image attached.
  6. So as the title says I'm trying to cancel my Virgin Media account. I'm out of contract and have moved house with broadband already there - so no longer need broadband. I called customer service and went through to the house move option - I couldn't pass security so I changed my password with the phone handler and he's set it up wrong. After trying to pass security with whatever the new password was I've locked myself out of my own account. They said they can post me out a password reset but I don't have access to the old property. Can't cancel online, can only do it over the phone, can't pass security to cancel. I've not setup a Direct Debit so I don't have to pay them, but it will harm my credit if I just stop paying. I want a final bill from Virgin so I can just get on with my llife! Any help or advice about what I can do from here?
  7. There's no mention of using the job application part of the online journal on my claimant commitment. As I say, there's only this one Advisor that seems to want to make it a massive issue - terminating the meeting if I dare to argue back. I simply have: check it often - complete to-do list (has only ever been meetings to attend on there) - update circumstances
  8. Thanks for the advice, there isn't anything on my commitment about using the online system. I thought about it when I applied and as I'm well organised already, writing out the information again is a waste of time. If my internet connection is down, I'm stuck and if they lose it or can't access it for whatever reason, it's going to cause problems. At least paper doesn't run out of batteries or need an internet connection.
  9. Ah right, that's good to know. I get shut down as soon as I mention it, all the other Advisors are okay with how I'm doing.
  10. Thanks for the quick response. Is there anywhere that says I have to use the Online Journal, I've been out of the loop for several years but all I can find is a FOI request that backs up my thoughts on being able to provide a printed record. https://www.whatdotheyknow.com/request/460828/response/1115310/attach/html/3/FOI 408 attachment 1.pdf.html
  11. Hi, I'm currently in receipt of Universal Credit and there is an Advisor making my life difficult. So far in meetings with various Advisors I've explained what I've been doing and have a printed list of job applications with me. It confirms the jobs I have applied for with the dates and times the job application was sent. I'm completing everything on my Claimant Commitment and am getting some interviews whilst setting up part time self-employment for myself so all is going well. This one Advisor however refused to even check my printouts and accused me of not participating as I had not used the online journal. I started to explain that none of the Advisors had cared and it was my understanding that I could provide printed copies. She terminated the meeting and refused to talk to me, setting up a meeting with her manager instead and refused to give her name when I asked. I have another meeting with her next week and am dreading that she will sanction me, so any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  12. Good advice there, thanks for the help. I'm just waiting for them to make me another appointment now!
  13. Hi guys, I was in the fortunate position of being referred to the WP a few weeks before I was due to sign off. I had two meetings at People Plus where they tried unsuccessfully to get the details of why I was signing off. I signed off due to “Personal Reasons” so the DWP wouldn’t pass the information on. This was over a year ago and People Plus have been making me appointments that I’ve just ignored. They continue to make appointments and have tried the sanction threats and have started to get increasingly desperate with several home visits. I even got offered shopping vouchers for getting in touch. I could have sent them a stern cease and desist letter but I reasoned that the time they were using chasing me to attend meetings is better than chasing someone they can bully, threaten and sanction. I’m moving house soon and do not want to give them my new address, so would like to be as much of a pain to them as I can be before this. I thought about turning up for a meeting but billing them for my time. Additionally, there’s the route of finding out what they claim to have been doing for me during my time there and raising a complaint about every point. Any advice or ideas would be appreciated, thanks in advance.
  14. So the case has been Stayed, as they have not replied to the defense. Can I apply to get the case thrown out or will this happen naturally if they don't reply back to the court?
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