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Found 9 results

  1. I always fill out the typical Ingeus template forms when doing a jobsearch at the Ingeus office, I fill in the job i've applied for and the website I have used but have never filled out the space where it asks the name of the company/agency the job belongs I've applied for is with. Today I was told in pretty harsh terms I had to start filling this out or it was a sanctionable offence. I record my jobs applied for on the Universal Jobmatch website and I have email evidence of all jobs applied for which I produce every time I sign on at the local job centre. Does Ingeus have a right to see which company/agency I am applying for when I produce this evidence each fortnight when I go to the job centre and can they send a sanction to the job centre for me not putting down which company/agency I am applying for work at? I'm applying and recording proof of at least ten jobs each day at home and when I'm on a "jobsearch" activity at the actual Ingeus office too. Their claim today is that this is for their "records" but surely the only people who have a right to know which company/agency my applications are for is the job centre adviser when I sign on each fortnight and whom I provide the evidence of job search to every time? Could anyone please provide any feedback or information? Thanks.
  2. Hello all, An acquaintance of mine got a parking ticket some time ago. The ticket and all correspondence went to her Grandmother’s address as she had previously lived there before being rehoused by the Council. The ticket remained unpaid and was escalated and the amounts increased. She lodged an appeal and a rejection dated 1st March was send to her stating that her appeal had been received out of time. The letter further stated that she would have 14 days to further appeal if she was not satisfied with the outcome. The letter arrived either Saturday 3rd or Monday 5th and waited in the house unopened by the Grandmother until today 6th March. I happened to be working with a family member (the girls Auntie and the householder’s daughter) when we got the message that Marstons HCE had knocked on the door and been let in! I at once went with the Auntie to the house which is a well-to-do four bedroom property to find a single and very unpleasant HCE from Marstons. The hall had some items in it that the guy had taken out of the dining room and living room, notably a TV, a nice small draw set and some pictures (prints I think rather than originals and not of significant value). I pointed out to the guy that these items were not the property of the Grand daughter who no longer lived there. He said we would need to prove that. I know for a fact the daughter lives elsewhere as I have known the family for over three years. I asked to see the paperwork related to the search and he said he did not have any as it was all on a tablet computer. He refused to let me see it as he said (probably correctly) that under data protection rules he could not show it to third parties. I do not know if he showed it to the grandmother (presumably under DPR he should not have!!) or if she comprehended what it was. By this time a Community Police support Officer had arrived (we had called the police) and she stated she was there to stop a breach of the peace and not to take sides which I expected and accepted and is I think the proper police stance. I pointed out to the officer that no printed paperwork had been produced or was in evidence, that the guy was not apparently making a list of items for removal and that he had been told by three different people that the granddaughter did not live there and as he had already stomped all over the house it was self-evident she did not live there. It was further evident that the items being taken were the property of the householder, they were not taken from any of the bedrooms that might conceivably be occupied by a granddaughter but from the living room and dining room. At that point the support officer called for backup and in short order two uniformed constables arrived. The police I think found themselves in a quandary as the HCE was adamant that it was up to the householder to prove the items did not belong to the granddaughter not the other way around but I thought this was an abuse of the situation as, to repeat my phrase from above, it was self-evident that the items were that of the householder. One o the police officers was shown the tablet computer and confirmed that a warrant (or writ or whatever the document is) was there for the collection of the fine or removal of goods) though I never saw it myself. The situation came to an end when the Granddaughter was got on the phone and asked her grandmother to pay the fine of which about half could be raised. The HE was unrelentingly hostile and rude. He did not like the situation reversing as one moment he was in a large house by himself towering over a small woman in her seventies and then next he was confronted by myself, a daughter and three uniformed officers. When we told him we would peacefully obstruct him from removing any goods (by standing in front of the doors) he threatened to "remove us" to use his terminology. The woman was left (temporarily) out of pocket some hundreds of pounds and left shaking and her house was in some disorder. My questions here are as follows 1. If this is at appeal should HCE action be suspended? 2. Once the letter is issued rejecting the appeal should HCE action be allowed to continue during the 14 days the Rejection letter allows for a further appeal. 3. Is it reasonable for HCE to arrive six days after the DATE of the Rejection letter, it can hardly have had time to be opened and read, never mind acted upon? 4. Should the HCE not have paper copies of any authority he has to gain entry and seize goods? 5. If he has been told by two other parties as well as the householder that the Grand Daughter did not live there and the items he was attempting to seize were not those of the granddaughter should that not be enough proof? 6. The lady was elderly and had a blood pressure condition. No attempt was made to determine if she was vulnerable and as such refer the Warrant back to the creditor/issuer to see if they wished to continue enforcement, is there a case against HCE for this omission? I hope fellow CAGers will understand that we are all very angry. I beleive that whatevere the merits of the fine and it's collection that the grandmother and her house have been violated. Any ideas who we need to go after? Do we have a case of any sort against Marstons? Do we have a case of any sort against the Council? Can we develop a case against the individual HCE for his behaviour or his firm? As of now the case is over as the outstanding amount has been collected by aggression and dirty tricks and despite the appeal process not being exhausted. Any responses gratefully received.
  3. MISSING a parcel delivery while you are at home is annoying - but a postman has been caught posting a missed delivery card without attempting to deliver the package to the addressee who was inside the house at the time. In the time-stamped CCTV stills which will trouble anyone awaiting important Christmas deliveries, the Royal Mail postman can be seen rushing towards the house with only the Sorry We Missed You card in his hands. He is also not carrying the electronic pad to collect the signature and returns to his vehicle just seconds later before driving off. Royal Mail has apologised for the inconvenience caused to the customer. http://www.malverngazette.co.uk/news/11668932.Caught_on_camera__Rushing_Royal_Mail_postman_who_does_not_even_attempt_to_deliver_parcel/?ref=rss
  4. Hi all, Am attempting to assist a colleague and friend who is in a bit of a pickle with the above. It relates to a Sainsburys account they opened way back in 2003 and defaulted on in 04/2008. They referred to Blair Oliver and Scott who were CCA'd in early 2009 but failed to comply, (much later sent application form which was illegible and also later a copy of an agreement which was clearly a fake as had address details which were not current at the time of taking out the agreement but were at the time of request!) Sent various letters threatening immediate court action etc between 04/08 and 03/09 at which point account in dispute letter sent as no info recd by that point. Continued to send threatening letters and 05/09 they sent acc in dispute letter again. They ignored and continued to send threats etc. Acc in dispute sent again by recorded delivery and fax too 08/09 Continued with threats until 01/2010 when letter from Moorcroft appeared (no letter advising change of agent/DCA recd) Letter sent advising in dispute and default of CCA and then transferred to CapQuest. All of this correspondence came to their current address until CapQuest got involved who then started sending correspondence to an old address not valid since 2007 at least. Eventually letter came to light as they do have limited contact with persons at the old address and so they wrote to CapQuest pointing out the issues (CCA and in dispute, plus apparently false docs sent) In 07/10 08/10 and 09/10 CapQuest wrote several times to the current address confirming matter under investigation, on hold etc. Then in 07/2011 they sent a letter advising about to issue a stat demand to the OLD address again and then later that month issued a Stat demand to the old address though curiously with a court more local to the current address (attempt to get judgement by default?) As this didn't reach them until well after the period dictated it was too late to respond. Shortly after in 08/2011 HL legal wrote to say as they hadn't responded they will proceed with Stat demand again sent to the old address with a final payment demand to avoid such action. Then quiet until 10/2011 when it appears Scotcall took over and sent letters threatening a home visit, again to the old address until 03/2012. Quiet again until 11/2012 when Debt Managers Ltd to current address with req for payment, then 12/2012 from the same lot threatening doorstep visit. Nothing then until 06/2013 when CapQuest resurface sending letter to old address stating now referred to Past Due who then write to old address from 08/2013 to 10/2013 then current address from then on. in 12/2013 CapQuest write to old address again saying account returned by Past Due then nothing until 04/2014 when DrydensFairfax appear, again to the old address threatening all sorts, then again in 05/2014 to the old address, and finally a County Court Form appears again sent to the old address in 06/2014. Clearly all of those involved should know of the current address, CapQuest even wrote to them at the current address several times, but are now sending Court Docs, and previously have CapQuest sent a Stat Demand to the old address even after it is clear they knew this address was not current. To me it seems they are trying to get judgement by default by sending Court Docs to an old address they know is not valid having previously written to the individual's current address several times. There is also the question of the seemingly abandoned Stat Demand, also sent to an old address, plus the clearly spurious agreement sent in an attempt to satisfy the CCA request back in 2010/11. Payments may have still been made via CCCS until 2009 so may not be stat barred yet I believe. Am awaiting more info from my colleague on this to see when this stopped. So how best to defend this for them ? Advice gratefully received, am currently thinking that I go with CCA request not complied with, attempting to obtain judgement by default, abuse of process re Stat demand and so on? Help ! (They have another issue which I'll cover in a separate post re Marlins and duplicating defaults too, I suspect more will come to light too, a friend in need is a ......... complet as appropriate lol)
  5. My sister is selling her car. The license plate is visible in the images, and she has someone calling up asking for the VIN number and some number from the MOT certificate apparently to do some "checks". Surely you only need the REG for a HPI check? What would they need the numbers for? Or could this be a possible clone attempt? Edit: Should say "clone".
  6. Hey everyone. Total noob here attempting to resolve some of our debts and looking for some advice.. . I've read some great success stories on here and some very valuable advise, which will no doubt help me towards being debt free so thanks for all the info that has been about. To start with I have the below debts I'd love to get rid of one way or another Barclays Overdraft - Wife's £1,500 Halifax Credit Card - Wife's £4,600 Virgin Credit Card - Mine £1,250 Natwest Overdraft - Mine £2,000 Natwest Loan - Mine £7,400 Natwest Credit Card - Mine £1,250 Total £18K I've also written down a budget planner and worked out how much I have left at the end of each month to pay the above creditors and im pretty much broke by the end of the month. .. well actually I am as i'm having to ask family/friends to help me get through the month. So i don't have any disposable income. The only thing is, I have never had a missed payment or defaulted or anything on any of my debts. T he problem is though I don't really have any money left and I can't ask family any more as they have leant me enough to pay off and close other debts so now im just left with these. I'm wondering which direction I can go.. I've been advised to go down the DMP route either via Stepchange/PayPlan or do my own DMP, which I don't mind. .. I'm even tempted to write to Virgin to see if they can write my debts off I just need some guidance on where to start and what I need to be doing... Any help much appreciated Thanks
  7. I picked up the attached reports about a jobcentre manager trying to stop a claimant being accompanied at an interview from the WDTK site, and wondered whether anyone had any experience of this type of disgraceful behaviour themselves:- http://edinburghagainstpoverty.org.uk/ (27 02 2014) or, http://freepdfhosting.com/344a9e2b3f.pdf
  8. So 4 months ago I decided (don't know the hell why) to shoplift two nail polishes and a cream from Boots. I've done also a purchase of £80, and before going out, I realized they were looking at me and left the stuff behind and went out. Outside a security guard stopped me and led me to this room. There they checked my bags and they also had what I left behind with them. I asked if I paid the items would they let me go and they said yes. But before, they got my details and I don't know if as a smart or stupid move, I gave the address of the house I used to live, not my curent one. They never said they would send me anything, and what I sign was something saying I was ban of the store. anyway, I was too nervous and ashamed to think properly. They never call the police, but as a international student, I have to go to a police station and notify that I moved all the time I do. I haven't done that yet and I'm afraid that if I do, they will see my matching name-address with the papers I signed. I'm just worried that I received something in my old address and now not paying or whatever I had to do will actually put my name on the record. My concerns are: is my name on the police's record if it was not envolved at the time? and also, was I suppose to receive anything if tehy let me go and pay for the goods I "almost stole"? Thank you!
  9. Hi, My brother-in-law had surgery on his knee at an NHS trust near him, he is only 11! They did such a bad job on it he had to be booked in for another surgery opp less than a month later. They didn't show compassion and they were in a rush to discharge him even though he had a torn attendant, fluid in his knee and cartilage damage, one of the doctors even said "he is not in pain , he can walk it off". After making an appointment a surgeons did the opp and he seemed to have fixed it. He kept having the same pain an problems with it so we took him back to the hospital. After we made another appointment they realized they had done something wrong and tried to get him rushed in for another surgery to fix this but instead we took him to a specialised kids hospital where after running some tests they spotted the problem but needed the notes on the previous operations of which the trust was unwilling to provide so the surgeon had to perform the operation without them as he was in a lot of pain. Is there any way we can get the full medical report on that and can we be advised on this matter please.
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