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  1. just a thought : could it be that because the Club Lloyds account - assuming that you have this - at the time paid 4% on total balances starting at 4000 up to 5000 that this paid more interest than could be expected ? obviously this was quite a bit more than the usual building society rate or ISA savings rate (they've stopped it now reduced it to 2% max). So it may be worth pointing this out / providing evidence of this at least.
  2. Hi many thanks for the links; however the template links attachments 53996 & 53997 don't seem to work. would you mind posting the links again (valid links) as I will use them ? There is no will hence no executor, just left to me as next of kin to try to sort out her affairs. Many thanks.
  3. Hi there, many thanks for the reply. It's looking like my mum may have an insolvent estate. As the debts may well exceed the assets in the estate. I'm getting help with the Council funerals officer to arrange a cremation and value the estate. Cannot begin to start clearing the flat until the council officer has been to value belongings, so this has delayed things. I'd like to ask, if it's an insolvent estate, does the HA have the right to claim rent from the estate ? same with the credit card co. debt of £3700. My mum was a tenant(protected) for approx. 44 years, there was no deposit s
  4. My mother passed away a few days ago. She was a protected tenant in a large housing association / housing trust. An officer of the trust has informed me that she was in rent arrears prior to her death, and that until the flat is cleared rent will continue to be charged. She had been living in the property (and another property in the same HA) from the early 70's. She was the sole tenant, there was no-one else living with her & no-one stands to continue the tenancy. She was a hoarder therefore it will take some time to clear her rubbish & belongings (
  5. ok many thanks, i really think the ebay system needs an overhaul & there is a gaping opportunity for an alternative.
  6. i paid by debit card through paypal, what ebay is saying now is that i need to wait a week before being able to raise a complaint. I thought that's what I was doing in the chat to their customer 'support' !
  7. done! what gets me is ebay KNOWINGLY allows sellers overseas to mislead buyers into thinking they are buying from a UK seller, & operate multiple accounts, & also the support saying "there's a possibility he already post it" - what, on a Sunday! and then they did absolutely nothing about cancelling the purchase & refunding me. Cash on collection only for me from now on! & then they terminated chat with no actual help whatsoever.
  8. absolutely useless...and they ended the chat without doing anything! transcript from customer 'support' : Ruth xxxxx 14:22:44 Welcome to eBay Live Help. My name is Ruth. How can I help you today? rogersxxxx 14:23:22 hi there i'm concerned about an item i've bought today & paid for by paypal - zero feedback seller who isnt actually in the Uk after all Ruth Piexxx 14:24:13 Hello, Jeremy. rogers2836 14:25:05 hi Ruth xxx 14:26:34 If I may ask, have you received the item you've paid for? rogers2xxx 14:27:29 no bought it today not sent ye
  9. you're missing the point - those who are sanctioned on JSA for example (over a million in the last 12 months) can currently still claim housing benefit / council tax benefit, based on zero income. HB will also be sanctionable under universal credit - in addition - which will encompass millions of low-paid workers, not just the self-employed and the unemployed & those on ESA etc.
  10. ...no mention of Council Tax Benefit (yet). This will make the bedroom tax look benign in comparison! Lose your home at the stroke a low-paid jobcentre worker's pen, with ramped-up sanctions targets to meet or the jobcentre worker is also out of a job. Mass homelessness for 100000's possibly millions of people. http://johnnyvoid.wordpress.com/2014/02/27/part-time-workers-to-face-housing-benefit-sanctions/#comments
  11. hi to the OP just a thought - local freecycle groups are usually looking for online moderators. Similarly, if there are certain fields you are interested in / forums you are a member of, then you could ask whether they're looking for moderators. This could count as voluntary work & be done from home online. Best wishes.
  12. oh yeah ? http://watchinga4e.blogspot.co.uk/2013/06/sanctioned-tell-local-paper.html http://johnnyvoid.wordpress.com/2013/09/23/one-third-of-homeless-people-hit-by-benefit-sanctions/ http://blacktrianglecampaign.org/2013/06/09/2-25-million-have-been-sanctioned-by-the-condem-dwp-after-spending-2-2-billion-on-the-esa-regime-ids-has-managed-to-get-just-just-1290-off-the-sick-into-work/ http://falseeconomy.org.uk/blog/a-list-of-completely-ridiculous-benefit-sanctions-people-have-experienced
  13. be very careful about being sanctioned...plenty of stories around of people ringing up the jobcentre & told it's fine to miss the signing appt then being sanctioned for 4 weeks. give them any excuse under the current regime & they will sanction you. sanctioned people don't count in the unemployment figures...so if you can attend the jobcentre then try to do so.
  14. Hi wondering if anyone can help. I'm due to see the CAB next week, currently in receipt of Employment Support Allowance (support group, migrated from IS already) & DLA middle rate care low rate mobility. I am a single adult with severe mental health problems & personality disorder, severe agoraphobia other issues. What I wanted to know is whether or how DLA is included in an application for a debt relief order, should it be included as income ? there are extra costs associated with my illness i find it nigh-impossible to cook for myself & organise myself, have to have someone
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