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  1. This concerns someone I know. They have been subject to bullying and victimisation by supervisor and line manager over a period of months. This was flagged up to department managers, who have recognised the issues. They have witnessed some of behaviours and others have reported incidents that have happened. Department Managers have now had half a dozen complaints about the behaviour of the supervisor and line manager concerned. The departments managers have said that unless my friend makes a formal complaint using the grievance procedures that exist, that they can't do anything
  2. http://www.financial-ombudsman.org.uk/publications/ombudsman-news/144/144.html 144/3 – Mr A complains that his home insurance is too expensive Mr A, in his eighties, had been living with dementia for a few years. He didn’t use a computer, and his wife, who’d always taken care of the home expenses, had died about seven years before. So after this he’d asked the insurer to send things to him by post. Mr A’s nephew got in touch with us when helping his uncle out with his household finances. He’d noticed the home insurance for his uncle’s two-bedroom terraced home was £1,400. He’d foun
  3. Today, was a day where I was in Court with a friend who had two parking tickets to contest. UK Car Park Management Sent a Local Solicitor. both of the tickets were for UK Car Park Management both obtained on different days. one was originally set aside following after failing to submit a defence on time, at that time the case was set aside, the judge said UKCPM are known for not paying fees or turning up. A phone call was placed to the court last week to be told that UKCPM hadnt paid their court fee for one of the claims and as a result, the case was struck out, Well at l
  4. Council refuses to pay gran after breaking her windscreen http://dailym.ai/2qomwbu A council lawnmower propelled a stone into a car owners back windscreen smashing it. The car owner issued a court claim and the council are defending it next week, saying their employee was not negligent. You can understand why the council are defending the claim, as a lawnmower operator in this situation would not be negligent, if they were operating the lawnmower in accordance with its operating manual. It is not possible to check every little bit of grass to see whether there might be a ston
  5. I think things are about to become very interesting following this leak of data. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3521830/Tax-havens-world-s-rich-famous-revealed-huge-data-leak.html There is an estimate of there being up to $50 trillion held in the various tax havens, which is almost enough to completly wipe out worldwide government debts. I wonder how much of this money has involved criminality in some form.
  6. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-lincolnshire-34172701
  7. i'll try and keep this as concise as possible, one of my employees went to meet a client in his apartment and parked in the residents car park in what he thought was the clients parking space. The client is one of a few people who actually live there all year and the rest of the apartments are on short holiday lets. to gain access to the car park you need to take a ticket and then the resident uses a pass card to allow exit. It appears that my employee parked in another person allocated parking space and although the car park was almost empty the other person took a photograph of his number pl
  8. Whilst helping a friend sort out their PPI claim I was glad to find a link regarding the FOS and what they do/have done in the past here is the link http://www.financial-ombudsman.org.uk/publications/technical_notes/ppi.html It maybe of use to others but I must warn you that the reading in this link is very long winded and this also links to the decision/s that the FOS have taken to date. see the section on "case studies" then you may want to read about the Court case in the section marked "legal challenge".... I hope this is of use to those wanting to reclaim PPI....
  9. All, This may help some folks if this is actually the company in question's process but I wanted to check first if it was above board or not. The scenario is 2 defaults from the same creditor, which were taken over by a 3rd party, however the earlier defaults were left on file and new ones added. 2 defaults for the same account. This has been sorted but it showed some quite interesting discrepancies. The accounts had the same start start date but different default dates and amounts. I put this to the original creditor and received the following response, with account nu
  10. 1) Is there a remit within the DPA of 1998 where you can request all the stuff to be put on a USB drive? Saves cutting down 30 Trees! 2) With the FCA's clampdown on PDL Companies, If you had a loan pre the enforcement date, does it fall under the new rules for charges etc?
  11. http://nicholaswilson.com/intervention-at-public-accounts-committee-hearing/
  12. This is a good FOI reply I found on Whatdotheyknow site; https://www.whatdotheyknow.com/request/sanctions_comprehensive_monitori#comment-57627 The FOI 108 DMA Checklist.xls file (click on 'View HTML' to see it) is particularly interesting as it contains a list of all the checks the adviser has to do if they want to raise a valid sanction doubt - there's LOTS of little things that we can catch them out on if they fail to do it Well worth printing out and keeping. Should your adviser ever try to raise a doubt you can produce it and at least make sure they go through every step wh
  13. Approx a year ago I asked Arrow Global to "prove" a debt they alleged against me. A year on they were still applying default notices and data on my credit file. For months I had been asking them to remove this data all of which was refused and met with "we are still investigating" As this was not getting any anywhere I emailed the CEO [email protected] who passed it on to someone else and I got a reply within 48hrs. So here is the reply in all its glory To be clear they are not chasing the debt at this time, I am requestin
  14. http://www.bailii.org/cgi-bin/markup.cgi?doc=/ew/cases/EWCA/Civ/2013/1539.html&query=El+and+Makdessi+and+v+and+Cavendish+and+Square+and+Holdings+and+BV&method=Boolean search google for Court of Appeal ruling: El Makdessi v Cavendish Square Holdings BV the judgement which is quite recent, analysis penalty clauses and commercial justification which I think goes a long way to show that commercial justification as regards parking charge notices, which are penal by their very nature, cannot apply to these penalty charges in my opinion. Also commercial justification can o
  15. Had a letter recently from WetCloth/WetScroat thanking me for my offer of repayment.. Can't see anywhere on my laptop that I offered them anything. Last time I made an offer on this debt was to Uncle Bryan and it was for £1.25 per month for three months. That was 12 months ago and dearest Uncle Bryan never replied. How can one goon DCA accept and offer made to another goon DCA?
  16. You guys will love this; Sent an email to Active Securities Ltd who trade as 24/7 Moneybox asking them to confirm information about a debt they've posted on my credit file (Attached) This is their response... I gave them a lot of information and they cant find it... What is my next step? [ATTACH=CONFIG]50397[/ATTACH]
  17. The FCA sent me this link so I can check on what DCA is what and if they have any complaints and much more hope it is of help to anyone http://fca-consumer-credit-interim.force.com/CS_RegisterSearchPageNew Or this one http://www.fsa.gov.uk/register/firmSearchForm.do MM
  18. Apologies if this has been posted already but I noticed this statement and linked adjudication on POPLA http://www.popla.org.uk/statement_28-01-14.htm It seems that the adjudicator has been slightly annoyed by the decision of the PPC involved (redacted but almost certainly Parking Eye) and the BPA to use the transcript in a private section of the BPA website to (according to some suggestions) provide instruction to other PPCs in order to combat the 'no genuine pre-estimate of loss' argument. The Adjudicator is concerned that in doing so the impartiality of POPLA may be compromised so
  19. Hi, I was just wondering if TVL applies to streams which aren't TV broadcasts over the web? Two examples are: 1) NASA Solar Dynamics Observatories feeds, which are the exact feeds which NASA staff use to monitor the suns dynamics. 2) Various live webcams around the internet i.e. traffic-cams etc They aren't broadcasts for TV purposes, but they certainly are live, if not maybe a 30 minute lag time but still theoretically live. It'd be interesting to know how instances like this would apply. Cheers, Ade
  20. Hi Guys Very interesting programme from the other night; HERE Synopsis; Young, British, and Broke - The truth about "Payday loans" Payday loans documentary about the effects on society the multi-million pound industry has.
  21. Ello, What's the penalty issued to a business using the full electoral register (i.e. non commercial) one for gaining personal details for fishing expeditions? they deny ever fishing, but I've got their first ever letter to my address, which read something to the order of : Thats not the exact wording as I don't have it at hand, but it's just to give you an idea of what the fishing letter looked like. When I get a chance tomorrow, I'll get a scanned copy of it and transcribe it. But the example I gave above is pretty much the same as whats on the letter, just
  22. Account background: Account fell in arrears, defaulted in July of 2012 and was passed to Cougar Financial Services. Was paid off in full by early September 2013. I had moved house during the time I fell in to arrears. I'm looking to claim back charges, although I think removal of the default is going to be impossible. A few interesting things from the SAR though... 1. Payment Protection Insurance. Incredibly, they haven't even tried to hide their conduct here. On the CCA they sent as part of my SAR I noticed that the PPI checkbox was not ticked. I then du
  23. I know this is a good few years old now but does contain some interesting ideas on contesting an L/O with cases cited. http://z2k.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/council-tax-liability-order-hearing_justice-of-the-peace-310503_AM.pdf
  24. Hi All, Please bear with me. I have just received a stat demand from a debt collection company on behalf of their client. AN OLD FRIEND OF MINE. They first sent letters in December stating that I owed their client £90,000. In the letter it stated if they did not receive the monies within 7 days they will commence legal action. The next night at 20:30 someone from the debt collect company knocked on my door. He used very threatening behaviour. He said I had one hour to find some money "Or else'. I ignored him and called the police. The next morning I sent the
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