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  1. Hi, I’m new here. Can anyone answer these questions? 1) Is all your JSA stopped when you are sanctioned, or is only a percentage of it stopped? 2) If after being sanctioned you go on hardship payments, do you still have to be available for work? 3) And if you do still have to be available for work, can you be further sanctioned while on hardship payments? I’ve just started getting JSA and have not been sanctioned, but the above questions have occurred to me.
  2. This is good news for anyone who has had trouble with True Telecom in the past. Ofcom have penalised True Telecom to the tune of £300,000 and told to improve its service. More Info HERE
  3. On my FB page someone has just posted that they have been sanctioned by the JC adviser because they have got Jury duty this week! Can this be legal?
  4. Asking for a friend and any advice appreciated. She is on universal credit with her partner(female) and two young children and had a job working early morning shifts whilst also trying to earn money self employed (all declared). She has suffered bullying, humiliation in front of colleagues and sexual harassment from her boss, the owner of the business. She is also disabled and in receipt of mobility DLA. One of the children is also disabled. Yesterday she had enough and, in tears, walked out and refuses to go back to work. They have been trying to contact CAB for advice but are worried that she will now face sanctions for leaving her job voluntarily, although, as I understand it, she seems to have good reason and will be pursuing legal action against her boss. (Sanctions are only imposed if you leave your job WITHOUT GOOD REASON as far as I know). Can someone advise, is she likely to be sanctioned? How difficult is it going to be to get redress for the harassment and bullying? Thank you.
  5. https://mzolobajluk.wordpress.com/2016/03/28/universal-credit-in-work-part-time-claimants-sanctioned-for-taking-holidays-and-for-working/
  6. Hi Bakatcha, The reason why I am contacting you is connected with my own dilemma with INGEUS!! I have been out of work for sometime & it's tough. The job centre has placed me on a mandatory work program with INGEUS & sadly it's lasted longer than expected. My advisor is using unorthodox ways to find work for me and somewhat intrusive. My advisor thinks it's a good idea if he watches me use the computer when I search/apply for jobs and he also wants me to possibly visit INGEUS on a daily basis. He also thinks it's a good idea if he applies for vacancies without me performing this task and I strongly disagree with that! He even suggested that I sit down with him & log onto my email account so he can check all the jobs I apply for each week, unacceptable in my opinion and I wondered what you make of this.
  7. I started claiming in December and from 23-12-15 I wa given an 82 sanction (dismissal from work) and 2 weeks ago I had a back to work appointment but couldn't attend due to me having a doctors appointment at the roughly same time. I called up universal credit and there was a problem getting me a new appointment so they said my local job centre would call me with s new app intent which they didn't (didn't bother me I understand they're busy) I didn't get a call so called up this morning and was given a new appointment for this Thursday morning with the same advisor that spoke to me like **** previous appointment I attended (it's on another thread I posted about the advisor speaking to me like ****) and it clashes with something personal (family) and + I do t want to attend with her again (he said on the phone only sh is available. So my question is with me already being sanctioned unroll pretty much April could I still cancel this on q phone call on the morning before it? I'm interested in getting back in to work but I am not sitting in front of her again, I would rather wait for my usual advisor who he isn't available for a few weeks I was told, would be cancelling Thursday affect my sanction further or is it ov been sanctioned anyway so it would be ok? Thanks in advance : )
  8. Forgive me if I seem a bit angry but I used to be a member here asking for advice on how to avoid a sanction from my JSA signing. I got what I thought was great advice at the time. I implemented that advice. I got sanctioned. Is there any way I can sue CAG for giving bad advice? Reading around the threads now with the "benefit" of hindsight, It seems that most site team and contributors are actually on ESA and divorced from reality and the world of work. If I'd realized this I wouldn't have followed their advice. I'm now left without money for 3 months. Thanks a lot. Do I have any recourse for suing you people? I guess if you actually knew what you were talking about then you wouldn't actually be on benefits to start with. My bad then. But you've really ****ed me over. Who can I sue for bad advice please?
  9. Dear All, i really would appreciate help and advice on how to deal with my situation. I visited a country on three occasions from last year to date. On each occasion i notified my bank the dates i was going to be away and the country to which i was visiting so that the Halifax knows exactly which country i would be visiting and how long i would be away. On each occasion of my travel i phoned and advised Halifax but more than that, i specifically asked them if it would be possible for me to use my debit card in that country. On each occasion, the Halifax said there was no problem and i could use my debit card there. On the last occasion i met with my account manager on 18 Nov and explained quite specifically that i shall be visiting this country and shall definitely be using my debit card there. he told me that there was absolutely no problem. Whilst i was away on 08 Dec. my account was closed by the Halifax I found this out by chance because someone gave me some money which my partner tried to pay into my account. She was unable to credit my account when she asked the bank, she was told that my account was closed down because i used my debit card in a sanctioned country. As soon as i learnt of this, i phoned Halifax and spoke with a manager there. I explained my situation and explained that i have to pay a hotel bill and i needed to use my debit card. I explained that i advised the Halifax etc. but the key thing was i needed to pay my hotel bill. The manager said he will see what he can do and will call me back. He never kept his promise. I had to settle the bill in cash which my relatives in the country lent me. Had i not been able to pay the hotel bill i would be in prison now. This country is pretty strict. I had banked with the Halifax for 20 years. I have not defaulted on my account. rarely do i go over my credit limit. i returned to UK over the weekend. i have no idea what to do. Will some one please advise me.? What can I do? How can i get my account re-instated? How do i claim compensation against the Halifax? this is rather urgent because, i now have no bank account. (I am trying to see if i can open an account with another bank) but these things take time. Already, my standing orders are effected. please advise me on what i can do thank you Wrecked.
  10. So ive just come out of my sanction period just now from the 21st to the 30th , the sancation was for being 15 minitues late for a work program interview, there was really nothing i could do, the bus came to a stop in traffic jam and a heck of alot of passengers got on that day, very frustrated , i think it wasnt fare as i had no control what was happening, what do you think?
  11. The failings also relate to Yorkshire Bank, which is a sister business of Clydesdale within parent company National Australia Bank The banks are now reviewing all PPI complaints handled prior to last August and have offered redress to any customers impacted by the failings.
  12. http://www.thenorthernecho.co.uk/news/local/darlington/11552200.Sanctioned_man_who_stole_to_eat_is_jailed/
  13. Hey again. I'm in my last few weeks at ingeus, sentence is due to end on the 12th September. I received a text on the 28th August asking if I would be interested in a job in a sterile production line, I replied yes. I got a text back saying "I am holding a session next week and will give you more details. What is your surname" I replied with "Thanks. My surname is: ****" text back from ingeus said ""Thanks I will contact you shortly" Well almost a week has now passed, I have another real interview for a different factory job tomorrow at the ingeus office they called me to tell me about that 29th and sent a reminder text minutes after the phone call saying: "Your interview is on the 3rd of September at the Ingeus office at 9.30 with **** *****" but said nothing about the sterile production line candidate pool appointment. Today my advisor called me up and said "You didn't attend the candidate pool today." My reply was "which candidate pool? I only know about the Bombardier interview tomorrow." She said: "For Fineleys, we sent you a text out yesterday to remind you" BUT I DID NOT RECEIVE ANY TEXT!! I didn't receive anything regarding this. She checked the "system" and said "It was sent out yesterday, Monday the 1st at 1.32pm so where was you?" I explained "I didn't receive a text" she said my actions are "unacceptable" And went on to say she is "raising a doubt about my willingness to find work to the job centre" despite my efforts of trying to explain it to her. How can I prove that I didn't receive a text?? I can show them my phone but they can just say I deleted it or something. But I honest to God, did not get any text!! Just lately I have had trouble sending texts sometimes I have to resend it 3-4 times and restart my phone to send one message, maybe I have trouble receiving them too, I really dont know, because I don't use text that much anyway! Do I actually stand any chance in proving my case? What can I say/do? I have done everything else they have asked of me. Rarely missed appointments, when I did I had good reason, for example my grandma died last year. I even have an interview tomorrow. Is that not showing willingness to find work? I have had many interviews aside this one by the way and I always provide proof wherever I miss appointments or not. Now I am going to be castrated for something that is not even my fault. Please help me. And thanks!
  14. Hi all, Yesterday I was asked if i wanted to apply for a office job I said yes but was never told it was mandatory. But the pay was quite low and I need to pay my parents rent, get food and bus there and back also my fone bill (mobile). I would be worse off with the job to be... but I'm scared they will not understand that as it was my personal adviser who pointed this job out to me and foned for me to go for the interview which is on Friday. I'm worried :/
  15. last week when i went to sign on i got put on a 4 week sanction all i got was this letter they know i am mentally and physically disabled i have aspbergers and mobility problems i look on indeed and the jobcentre websites and keep a written record of my jobsearch activities what do i do next ???
  16. Hi all I'm getting JSA and am supposed to be on the work programme with Learn Direct. I was due to start with them before towards the end of last year but I secured a long term temp job so didnt have to go. That job has now ended and I'm back to signing on. I got told that I would have to go back on the Work Programme. I suddenly got two letters in quick succession saying that I'd failed to attend my Work Programme interviews and had to explain myself. Basically I live in village where we all have the same post code, there is a nunber 5 High St and I'm number 5 XX High Street so I never received anything and can only assume it was sent to the wrong address. I've always attended every interview the jobcentre has requested I attend, I'm applying for over 15/20 jobs a fortnight so it's not like I'm a shirker who isnt looking for work! I sent them the forms back and yesterday I should have been paid my JSA and my bank account is empty. I've not received any notification of not being paid and if they're not going to pay me I'm going to have to go and stay at my dads breaking their rules! So I have no money £10 left on my electric meter and no money. Sat for 25 mins on the phone this am trying to get through to find out what is happening but of course they're all on strike! I guess I try them again later today/tomorrow, but where do I stand? I can't go for no money for a month, I'd end up with no electric, no shower and no food. Any advice welcome x
  17. Hello there, I found out today that I had been sanctioned for failing to attend a work program appointment on the 7th of march. I didn't attend this because on the 6th I was given a letter at the job centre telling me my time on the work program had finished. I also mentioned to the advisers on three separate occasions that the work program (pinnacle people) keep sending me letters asking me to attend. I was told to ignore them. So today I find out I have been sanctioned until the 16th. I thought I would just try and document this somewhere on the internet as I couldn't find anyone with a similar case to mine. My adviser told me to fill out a DR7 form. Also does anyone have any idea how long these things take to process.
  18. ...no mention of Council Tax Benefit (yet). This will make the bedroom tax look benign in comparison! Lose your home at the stroke a low-paid jobcentre worker's pen, with ramped-up sanctions targets to meet or the jobcentre worker is also out of a job. Mass homelessness for 100000's possibly millions of people. http://johnnyvoid.wordpress.com/2014/02/27/part-time-workers-to-face-housing-benefit-sanctions/#comments
  19. Hi all. I had my initial appointment for the work programme last Tuesday but missed it as I was so sure it was Thursday (I lost my phone with all my appointments on) so didnt not turn up on purpose even though Im sure it looks that way to them but the appointment was made well before Christmas. I received a letter on the Wednesday (the day after my missed appointment) with a re-arranged date for this Friday. The thing is, I am ill after having the flu jab and as I have asthma, it has gone straight to my chest. Im worried I wont be able to attend on Friday with being ill but dont want to antagonise them by cancelling when they have been so nice by re-arranging the appointment when they could have sanctioned me for a no-show. My question is, am I entitled to request my appointment to be rescheduled or would I get into trouble and would they be within their rights to sanction me? Thank you
  20. Hey all. Just had an appointment with my lovely WP (Sarina Russo) adviser who totally lives in the real world. While he was pleased with my updated CV/cover and spec letter, he now wants me to get an interview by the time I see him again on the 10th of Feb. How on earth am I supposed to make this happen exactly? My last interview was around 5 months ago and even when I am 100% suitable and qualified for the position I apply for, I still dont hear back. He also wants me to take in a min of 10 employers to send CVs/spec letters to when I see him next. What if I don't manage to get myself an interview? What can happen to me? My adviser never said to try and see if I get an interview - I must get one. This is asking a bit much of me as I cant make employers want to invite me for interviews.
  21. we could do with a sticky up about what exactly happens, and how much you loose and what you dont loose housing ect. and how much hard ship payments you can receive,
  22. As anyone read this? 400,000 people had their JSA sanctioned under new rules, how do the Jobcentre staff/decision maker sleep at night knowing their are causing and hurting people's life and not to forget stress. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-24829866
  23. Hi all, I am under JSA since March 2013 and was sick in august for two seeks. Presently I am (wrongly) sanctioned since September 2013 for three months but I still sign on. However, I am sick again since yesterday and I am supposed to sign on today but I was not able to go to this appointment : Also, I would like to know if that will be fine in order to still under JSA if my present sickness is not more than 14 days. Thanks in advance for your help, Emily
  24. I have had my JSA sanctioned for 1 month after missing just a single appointment in 18 months. This may make me sound stupid but i simply got my dates mixed up. I thought my appointment was on a Friday and on the Thursday i checked my appointment letter to make sure of the time of my appointment and realised i should have actually gone to my appointment on the Wednesday. I rang up immediately, but was told it was out of their hands and that a decision would be made as to whether my JSA would be sanctioned. A few days later i got a letter saying that indeed my JSA had been sanctioned for a month. I went in to the Job Centre that day and was told to fill out both an appeal form and a form for hardship payments, which i did. On Saturday i received another letter stating that my appeal was turned down, but that i would receive hardship payments of £43 a week until my JSA began again in 4 weeks time. I had recently learned from a friend of a friend also on JSA who completely refused to go on one of the Governments work programmes and had his JSA sanctioned for 3 months. I made a genuine error and missed 1 appointment in 18 months and believe this decision is monumentally harsh and basically wrong. If i had been missing appointments and/or turning up late now and again i would totally agree with the decision made, surely under the actual circumstances some kind of warning should have been given first? I now have nowhere near enough money to pay bills, many of which are set up as direct debits from my Bank, what am i supposed to do? All i can think of is applying for a "Pay Day Loan" i already struggle to pay my bills from month to month and often have to "Rob Peter To Pay Paul" to get by, how can their decision in this instance even be legal? I am about to contact the Citizens Advice Bureau and intend to re-appeal the decision, but if i'm not successful i have no idea how i can possibly get by(without going into a mass of debt via a Pay Day Loan and that's if i'm even eligible?)
  25. Hello, I will be grateful for any helpful advice. I was late signing on at Job Centre twice in a row and got benefit taken away for four weeks. On both occasions I was late by just 5-6 minutes. The situation was, I had requested the advisor several times not to set the appointment for too early in the morning as I have to drop off my disabled daughter to nursery at 9:15 and am unable to make it to Job Centre (2 miles away) for, say, 9:30am. Still, they continued giving me early morning appointments. That made me come a few minutes late at times. Now, I was seen right away on the first occasion (and given a warning letter), then two weeks later I was told to return in the evening when I received another warning and was told that I would be reported to "decision makers". Today I received a letter stating that my benefit will be suspended for four weeks. Now, if it was only JSA affected, we could make it somehow. But we can't afford loosing Housing Benefit for a month (that's £1,000 in where we live). I also feel treated unfairly as my JCP advisor always appears to have lots of free time, both before and after my appointment - so, arguing that I was taking someone else's slot would be a lie. Still, she went for punishing me instead of showing a degree of flexibility. Now, has anyone been in a similar situation? What chances of getting their decision annulled do I stand if I appeal? Should I do anything else apart from appealing? Finally, would this affect Housing Benefit which in itself is a means-tested benefit (and we clearly got worse not better this month)? Thanks for any advice you might have. k.
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