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  1. Thank you! okay I have spoke to the jobcentre, you were right, they said they can't sanction me because Ingeus didn't inform me with a mandatory notifacation or a letter, they have also.reassured me that I can still sign on during my unpaid training period at work I have had a letter from Ingeus saying that I can get an end of work programme report, I'm going to get one, will be useful as toilet paper if nothing else I can't wait for tomorrow, I can finally tell them all to f-off. I also managed to ask Ingeus for £20 to get some insoles for my work shoes. I'm also going to ask the jobc
  2. I know, I have done this before, they never bothered me after that
  3. Luckily, I GOT THE JOB!! So I guess there's no need to go back ) They wont be making money off of me, I withdrew my consent for them to do that a while ago
  4. Thank you for that. I will remind her tomorrow after my interview
  5. Well that is exactly how it went. She is reporting me to the Jobcentre for not attending something I didn't even know about, they could have just called me. Obviously there wasn't enough time to send a letter, but they should have made sure I definitely got the message. But then again, I suppose it's one way of getting one person off the unemployment stats.
  6. Hey again. I'm in my last few weeks at ingeus, sentence is due to end on the 12th September. I received a text on the 28th August asking if I would be interested in a job in a sterile production line, I replied yes. I got a text back saying "I am holding a session next week and will give you more details. What is your surname" I replied with "Thanks. My surname is: ****" text back from ingeus said ""Thanks I will contact you shortly" Well almost a week has now passed, I have another real interview for a different factory job tomorrow at the ingeus office they called me to tell me a
  7. I'm really not sure if anyone can help me on this, but it is Ingeus related however there is a good side. So as some of you maybe aware I am with Ingeus and I am having problems, long story short my advisor put me forward for a pre-screening in a factory, I have worked there before, he didn't know this because the CV on their system is over 1 year old. He tried to inconvenience me by doing this. But he has done me a massive favour. I attended the pre-screening yesterday, which was run by Ingeus staff. NOT the company. I passed, Ingeus have put me forward and my real interview is with
  8. Well I hope I dont have to go through this. But I am aware that they never notify people. So if I am not informed and sanctioned I will also be writing an essay to them Thanks for the help!
  9. I'm going to change my JSAg, just incase
  10. Oh, thank you. I will definitely be disputing if I get a sanction anyway. If they don't write to me is there any particular forms I will need to pick up from the jobcentre?
  11. Is it really true that claimants are allowed to refuse weekend work whilst on MWA? :o
  12. Hi again everyone. Erm, I'm still waiting for the Jobcentre to tell me whether I have a sanction or not... I signed on on Friday, they didn't say anything. I have had no letters either. However the woman that signed me didn't appear to be putting anything in the computer, normally they are clicking things. I have to sign again on Friday. How long does it normally take for a sanction to be put in place? It was almost 2 weeks ago since I committed my "offence"
  13. Be very careful when dealing with parasites such as the Work Programme. They probably sent your friend the letter worded as it was for a JSA claimant. But they probably already know he is suffering from Mental Health issues and he is on ESA. In their eyes he will be an easy target for them, easy to manipulate. They did the same with me and at the same time they make money from it. They are a law unto themselves and they need getting rid of. Once he get's into the office they will having signing all sorts and threatening him with a sanction to receive the best results. He would be bet
  14. Yes but I put it in the post box on the 13th/14th the date on the Ingeus letter is the 11th...
  15. Exactly the same as me then. Usually I was informed. Everything seems up in the air at the moment. I have to sign on again tomorrow so I will probably find out if there's any impending sanction... Stay tuned
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