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  1. I'm really not the sort of person to kick up a stink although sometimes I wish I was. I understand sometimes errors can be made but where I get left without money to catch the bus it makes me feel a little angry. Anyway I'm hoping to land a new job on friday so I won't be needing to deal with JCP for the time being.
  2. Thank you VERY much for the replies, Unfortunately I would have long ago destroyed any documents from my WP provider regarding the start date. I will drop by JCP tomorrow and ask to see the date I started/finished. As I mentioned before when I was handed the letter in the JCP the day before the missed appointment, I intentionally asked if I should still attend, and was still told no. the exact wording on the letter says So i'm guessing the time is up. Also the WP provider are still to this date trying to book appointments with me. TBH I am glad I am in a relatively sec
  3. Hello there, I found out today that I had been sanctioned for failing to attend a work program appointment on the 7th of march. I didn't attend this because on the 6th I was given a letter at the job centre telling me my time on the work program had finished. I also mentioned to the advisers on three separate occasions that the work program (pinnacle people) keep sending me letters asking me to attend. I was told to ignore them. So today I find out I have been sanctioned until the 16th. I thought I would just try and document this somewhere on the internet as I couldn't find anyone with a sim
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