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Found 4 results

  1. Hi Caggers! Brief History. I was a legacy customer (old Telewest customer) since 2005. The last contract renewal was in 2007 when I moved house the previous time, so contract was well out of band. Notified them in December that I was moving and would like to take my services with me, they said sure, no problem and could probably provide the services I wanted. Great. I moved house 9th January. I contacted them on the 19th January to find out what was happening with my service installation at the new place. Was told the service was activated on the 17th. That would have been a miracle as the house has no cable through the wall. Upon asking them to check, they had reactivated the service at my OLD address. Having established that this was their fault, and establishing that they did not in fact operate in my new area they agreed that the account was closed, I owed them nothing further and in fact was due a refund of £21. Result! Phoned Sky and got a great deal. 3 weeks later they send me a bill for a months worth of charges. After swearing at the statement I calmed down and called them. Explained everything to them in great detail (had to repeat myself a couple of times because, overseas call centre), they apologised profusely and said I dd in fact have nothing to pay (no mention of the refund though) and to disregard the bill. 2 weeks ago I get a reminder that I still owe the amount on the recently provided bill. Off I go to tweet my displeasure to Virgin Media in a lovely public forum. They were on it like a rocket, very helpful and said it was now all sorted. Monday I get a threatening letter saying pay up or they'll pass it no to a collection agency, and today I get another bill! I want to charge them an admin fee for dealing with this cr*p and having to put with the stress! Advice please, how do I deal with these muppets?
  2. Hey again. I'm in my last few weeks at ingeus, sentence is due to end on the 12th September. I received a text on the 28th August asking if I would be interested in a job in a sterile production line, I replied yes. I got a text back saying "I am holding a session next week and will give you more details. What is your surname" I replied with "Thanks. My surname is: ****" text back from ingeus said ""Thanks I will contact you shortly" Well almost a week has now passed, I have another real interview for a different factory job tomorrow at the ingeus office they called me to tell me about that 29th and sent a reminder text minutes after the phone call saying: "Your interview is on the 3rd of September at the Ingeus office at 9.30 with **** *****" but said nothing about the sterile production line candidate pool appointment. Today my advisor called me up and said "You didn't attend the candidate pool today." My reply was "which candidate pool? I only know about the Bombardier interview tomorrow." She said: "For Fineleys, we sent you a text out yesterday to remind you" BUT I DID NOT RECEIVE ANY TEXT!! I didn't receive anything regarding this. She checked the "system" and said "It was sent out yesterday, Monday the 1st at 1.32pm so where was you?" I explained "I didn't receive a text" she said my actions are "unacceptable" And went on to say she is "raising a doubt about my willingness to find work to the job centre" despite my efforts of trying to explain it to her. How can I prove that I didn't receive a text?? I can show them my phone but they can just say I deleted it or something. But I honest to God, did not get any text!! Just lately I have had trouble sending texts sometimes I have to resend it 3-4 times and restart my phone to send one message, maybe I have trouble receiving them too, I really dont know, because I don't use text that much anyway! Do I actually stand any chance in proving my case? What can I say/do? I have done everything else they have asked of me. Rarely missed appointments, when I did I had good reason, for example my grandma died last year. I even have an interview tomorrow. Is that not showing willingness to find work? I have had many interviews aside this one by the way and I always provide proof wherever I miss appointments or not. Now I am going to be castrated for something that is not even my fault. Please help me. And thanks!
  3. Hi All, Thanks for taking the time to read my problems. Hopefully someone will come along and offer some advice. I had an accident in DEC 2011. It was snowing, i indicated and started to turn right into a side street. The car behind me wasnt paying attention and slid into the right hand side of my car damaging both doors and writing the vehicle off. the defendants car suffered damage to the oassenger front wing and wheel. At the scene we exchanged details and the defendants passenger signed to say that there car was at fault. I have been dealing with the most incompetant insurance company EVER. for the last 18 months I have been hitting a brick wall trying to sort this mess out. The defendant has said that they are not at fault and said that we were traveling the other way and i pulled out infront of her. Her solicitor have disputed the evidence that her passenger signed at the side of the road because it took my solicitor and insurance company 13 months to send it to them. The defendants witness statements have major differences in them. (at a quick read i have counted 8- ranging from the reason of travel, the damage to my car, the damage to her car, the weather conditions etc) I have pointed these differences out to my insurance company who refuse to ask the defendants solicitors why they are different. I originaly complained about the poor service and fact they had not sent the signed admission of liability to the third party in Jan of this year. The complaint was closed because 'it was unjustified' The county court trial date is set for Monday the 17th. I live 300 miles away from the county court where its at and have been told that i cant claim expenses etc for attending. I think the hearing is for 10am. It would take me 5 hours to drive down for the hearing and cost upwards of £300 for the total journey. im so frustrated because I know that this should have been a simple case with the 3rd party signing and accepting liability. but the errors by my insurance company have made it complicated. What Can I do? my legal advisor doesnt want to know, and i think to be honest she couldnt care less what the result is on monday because i have given her a hard time. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I cant sleep on a night from worrying about whats going to come of the hearing and how much my insurance will go up as a result of there incompetance. Thanks
  4. around 3 months ago my partner rang Lloyds about a loan account asking if it had ppi - we had no paperwork from the original loan - she was told yes it did and would she like to make a claim. She said yes, was transferred to another department who asked several questions and then told her the claim was now in progress. We then got a letter telling us the loan didn't have ppi and the claim was rejected! She phoned to ask why they had told her it did and was told that it was an error and that it did have ppi and the claim was reinstated. About 4 weeks ago she rang to chase the claim and was again told it didn't have ppi, she asked for a manager and eventually spoke to one who told her she wasn't the primary account holder and they couldn't discuss with her. I then spoke to the manager who told me yes it did have ppi very sorry for problems and claim would have to be made again. I submitted a claim in writing (standard template) and received a letter telling me there was no ppi on the loan and my claim was rejected. Any suggestions other than calling the overseas call centre to go round in circles of misunderstanding and frustration??
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