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  1. na its ok, its happened now, i am just happy its sorted, it wasnt so hard as well as i am living with my mum still, i take it on the chin and i have just decided to use another bus which is more direct and not so much cutting through streets picking alot of people up, so hopefully it cant happen again...
  2. yes it was because i was late, he said i will get in to trouble, next thing i know i get a letter through the door saying theres a dout on my claim , i had to explain why i was late, i asked today if i could get a same day payment but they said the hardship money will be in on tuesday now, why was i thinking it would hardship + todays signing that i will get on tuesday?
  3. if you apply for a job through the jsa website directly with your covering letter and cv etc, it wont apear on the active history tab, you have to input it your self
  4. So ive just come out of my sanction period just now from the 21st to the 30th , the sancation was for being 15 minitues late for a work program interview, there was really nothing i could do, the bus came to a stop in traffic jam and a heck of alot of passengers got on that day, very frustrated , i think it wasnt fare as i had no control what was happening, what do you think?
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