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  1. Hello, I am a bit revolted since the court is trying to protect the defendant because he is a friend of a landlord and apparently for my county court 'landlords are always right' (poor people like me 'are always wrong'). I filed the appeal on time but the court employees returned a week later all the documents back to me saying that the original of my bank statements were missing : I then re-delivered the forms with new print out of my bank statements (not hard copy but print out stamped by my bank) directly into the court mailbox (and sent a email to confirm that to the court (with pictu
  2. The issues started when I was normally signing on and had a housing issue. My adviser was at that time started without reason that I come every week to sign on while I had to walk an hour from home to jobcentre (I did not have the money for the transport). Several times, my adviser tried to prevent me to sign on saying that his computer is over, etc... Presently, the harassment raised three after I notified my adviser that I set up a non profit organisation : he then suddentl appointed me to a mandatory but without giving any explanation of this mandatory or even its process. Two weeks later
  3. Then start by firstly publishing the JobCentre complaint rules so....It is not just jabba who is full of hypocrisy here...reason why you defend him apparently!!!
  4. I thought you gave up...Once again, I have not forced you to respond to my thread...and I will not agree at 100% to what you said because you gave me some advice (that I consider only partially accurate according to my situation).
  5. In my formal complaint there is a timeline and it is clearly show the issues are (at least too often recurrent).
  6. Read my post carefully : I said I asked a solicitor and I sent a post in a forum...indeed jabba posts (at least for me) are full of hypocrisy and please note that i am not forcing anyone to respond to this thread.
  7. Coming to a forum does not mean to accept comments full of negation and hypocrisy like yours : normally you have 6 months after a complaint to the independent case examiner to put the case on further step. A solicitor told me that I could alternatively directly complaint to the ombudsman if my case is sensitive and recurrent.
  8. Like as several times said it is about maladministration, harassment and victimisation ( I even provided examples). However, thanks for the link, I will contact the 'independent' case examiner shortly.
  9. I am on my own and I do not know anybody that can accompagn me to this compliance interview. Since I do not have the money for the complaint by post, I am looking for the email in order to make the complaint to the independant inspector. However, I will do the complaint equally from now to the ombudsman due to the emergency and the ongoing situation since 12 months now (I previously complaint to the independent inspector).
  10. I am not saying that I will attend not this interview : I am saying that I am looking for a way to have an independent witness when I will attend this interview (after my sickness period) and at the same time directly make a complaint to the ombudsman against jobcentre for harassment/maladministration.
  11. Complaining to ombudsman for harassment and maladministration causing distress is not 'pointless'.
  12. They asked me to provide a mini-statement at the same time than my form. But three days later, they wanted my statements for the last two months and I refused to provided them since my adviser threaten me to equally make my housing benefit stop.
  13. As previously said, I consider this "Compliance interview" as a part of harassment and way to cause me further distress since my adviser use to modify my statements in order to try to sanction me (several times wrongly put in their system that I do not live at my address anymore while I just told him that my neighbor destroy my mails,etc...).
  14. During this time, how do you want me to live (please see the links to my others thread sent by 45002 )?
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