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  1. Sorry. I've had a chance to cool off now. I'm man enough to say when I'm wrong, so I apologise for ranting. I realise people post here for the best intentions to help. It just seems that certain posters are waging an ideological war against the fact they have to jump through ANY hoops to get free money from the tax-payers. They seem so arrogant and dismissive of anyone who works for DWP. They seem to feel they have a god-given right to tax-payers money. They seem so intelligent but ultimately can't get a job themselves (by their own admission because they too are on ESA/JSA) yet seem to dish out advice as if they are Lording it over us Workoholics who haven't lapsed yet. Such intelligence matched with such a lack of self-awareness I find really problematic. But it's not for me to diagnose personality disorders, so I will limit myself to say I'm sorry BankFodder. I was out of order. I will think before posting again. Sorry.
  2. Be very careful G4C89 following advice from here. I'm sure people mean well, but they're ultimately all keyboard warriors shouting a good game about what you "should" do. But when you're actually in the job centre looking behind you for support in the real world? Nope! If you get sanctioned they will be nowhere to be seen, but they'll feel good for telling you what you should/would/could do. Take any advice you get here with a pinch of salt. They're all nutters on ESA anyway, if they're so clever why can't they even get a job in the real world?!! Ask yourself that before taking any internet advice! Good luck.
  3. Forgive me if I seem a bit angry but I used to be a member here asking for advice on how to avoid a sanction from my JSA signing. I got what I thought was great advice at the time. I implemented that advice. I got sanctioned. Is there any way I can sue CAG for giving bad advice? Reading around the threads now with the "benefit" of hindsight, It seems that most site team and contributors are actually on ESA and divorced from reality and the world of work. If I'd realized this I wouldn't have followed their advice. I'm now left without money for 3 months. Thanks a lot. Do I have any recourse for suing you people? I guess if you actually knew what you were talking about then you wouldn't actually be on benefits to start with. My bad then. But you've really ****ed me over. Who can I sue for bad advice please?
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