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  1. Well, my daughter has moved the horsebox onto her friend's land and the Motability car has gone so, at the moment, there are only two cars parked at the property. I don't see the need to post my lease. (Not sure I even know how) but there's absolutely no mention of vehicles. Thanks for taking the time to respond
  2. Thanks for replying. We rent a large plot consisting of the house and outbuilding with a fence surrounding a really large outside space front and back. There's plenty of room for many more than 4 cars, in fact, we bought a 16ft swimming pool which is at the back of the house but, as I explained, one of the cars is being returned to Motability this week and one of the cars belongs to a visitor who stays a few days each week so really there are only two cars here all the time. It's essential, in the countryside where there is no public transport, for my daughter to have a car to get to work etc and for my son in law to get to his work. My granddaughter is 16 now and as soon as she passes her driving test, (she can take it now as she is disabled) she will have another Motability car, again essential for her independence and if she gets a job. There was no specific mention of how many vehicles we could have when we signed the lease.
  3. We live in a very rural part of Cornwall with only a couple of neighbouring dwellings, one of which is our landlord. It's a 4 bed barn conversion with a large gravel drive and an outhouse, surrounded by fields. We rented as joint tenants almost 2 years ago, myself, my daughter, her husband and their two daughters, one of whom is disabled so we had 2 cars, one of which was a motability car. My disabled granddaughter has just turned 16 so the motability car will be returned next week pending her learning to drive. Meanwhile, since last February, I have had a visitor staying for a few days each week and his car is obviously parked here while he is here, making 3 cars outside half of the week. My daughter has bought another car to replace the motability car, so at present, there are 4 cars parked here half of the week. My daughter recently bought a horsebox in order to move their horses to events. The landlord contacted us and said that the horsebox would have to be removed as it was an eyesore and that we had too many cars (she has been told of the circumstances). I have to say that, since we moved here March 2020, there have been a lot of repairs needed which the landlords have done but made us feel guilty about asking for them, we have an outstanding leak that I notified them about last week (no response yet) and the Aga oven still doesn't work! There is nothing in our lease about vehicles, so is she entitled to require us to remove any of them? I don't want to rock the boat by arguing in case she gives us notice. We have a standard lease from month to month, after the initial 6 months.
  4. Will await their reaction to the evidence we've sent that my son in law wasn't in possession or the owner of the car when the offence occurred and, if they wish to pursue him rather than the dealer, that will be the next query. I'm hopeful that they will feed the info back to the council though and maybe they will pursue him instead of my son in law.
  5. I was contacted by the mediator before the court case and he spoke to Azim Choudry, the director of Xhail Motors, who was angry that I'd had the car transported to him and it had to be left outside his business premises because he refused to accept it. According to his account to the mediator, it accrued parking tickets before it was towed away by the council so I am assuming that it was scrapped. BMW had told us that it would cost thousands to repair so would not have been worth it. Well the council were no help as they wouldn't discuss it without a PCN number but cdergroup were surprisingly helpful and have asked my son in law to send proof that we transferred the car into the dealer's name and that we returned it to him in Barking. Luckily we have documents and photos so they have been emailed and now we await an outcome or further instructions.
  6. Thank you, It was definitely not a "moving" offence as the car in question wouldn't move without being on a transporter so I'm assuming it's TE7 and TE9 but as soon as my son in law has finished work and can telephone the relevant people, we will find out exactly what the offence is.
  7. Please clarify. If we discover, when we telephone the traffic enforcement centre, that this is a penalty for parking charges for the car we returned to the dealer, do we then need to send forms TE7 and TE9? When are forms PE2 and PE3 required? They need to be sworn before a solicitor etc and may incur a fee. I have to say that I am tempted to just pay the £406 to avoid all this hassle! If the dealer transferred ownership back to my son in law without his knowledge, do we even have an argument?
  8. Noted, thanks, we will contact them on Monday and hopefully can get this charge removed. I followed the link in the email and it's £406. Having already wasted over £6000 on this blinking car I'm loathe to pay anything else!
  9. Long story short, I paid for a used car from Xhail Motors bought by son in law and have a separate thread about it. We obtained CCJ against dealer after returning faulty car to him and transferring it to his address via DVLA last April. Used BMW from Xhail Motors Barking not fit for purpose - Vehicle retailers and manufacturers - Consumer Action Group The car was left outside the dealer's premises during Lockdown and accrued parking tickets before being towed by council. Son in law has now received an email from cdergroup debt collectors stating he owes a debt to LB of Barking and Dagenham and threatening enforcement action. We are at a different address now so have not received any letters regarding this. I am assuming Xhail Motors transferred ownership of the car back to him. Reviews about cdergroup are horrendous. Son in law has sent a copy of DVLA notification of transfer of vehicle to dealer and informed them of CCJ against dealer but I am worried that they will ignore this, discover our new address and visit. I am elderly and we have a disabled child shielding here. Advice please.
  10. I already asked for chargeback with Nationwide and they told me I was 6 days over the 120 day limit. I took it to the ombudsman and they agreed with the bank.
  11. Okay I will just have to write it off then I suppose. Thanks for the reply. Just doesn't seem fair!
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