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  1. Just for information, my daughter took out a loan many years ago and the bank swore that she and her husband had been present and had signed for PPI, however he was a serving soldier and could prove that he was serving overseas at the time he was alleged to have signed. She got compensation.
  2. I thank you so much for this reply, at least it gives her some indication of what to expect. I could not find the "grievance procedure" via the link provided but, as this is a small company and it's the owner who is doing the harassing, I feel that there is no one to whom she could have complained.
  3. She has only been in the job about eight months and seemed to be doing really well, then she was recently sexually propositioned by the man (even though she is open about being gay) who began to bully and humiliate her after she rejected his advances. She has not taken any action, hoping that it would all die down and not wishing to jeopardise her job as they need the money. It seems to have all just come to a head and she just left, so she hasn't yet taken any action at all. I have heard that he is constantly trying to contact her on her phone so he is either worried that she may take action and wants to apologise, or worse, he wants to threaten her.
  4. Asking for a friend and any advice appreciated. She is on universal credit with her partner(female) and two young children and had a job working early morning shifts whilst also trying to earn money self employed (all declared). She has suffered bullying, humiliation in front of colleagues and sexual harassment from her boss, the owner of the business. She is also disabled and in receipt of mobility DLA. One of the children is also disabled. Yesterday she had enough and, in tears, walked out and refuses to go back to work. They have been trying to contact CAB for advice but are worried that she will now face sanctions for leaving her job voluntarily, although, as I understand it, she seems to have good reason and will be pursuing legal action against her boss. (Sanctions are only imposed if you leave your job WITHOUT GOOD REASON as far as I know). Can someone advise, is she likely to be sanctioned? How difficult is it going to be to get redress for the harassment and bullying? Thank you.
  5. Thank you so much. I have sent this information to her and hopefully it will help!
  6. Thanks for the replies. As I understand it, it's the last tax year and the employer has an axe to grind because she fell out with my daughter over poor working conditions, which is why my daughter left. Surely the employer would have to provide evidence? There must be a record of the tax that was deducted each month? I've told her to enlist the help of the CAB.
  7. My daughter has received notification from HMRC that she has been overpaid tax credits, stating that her employer supplied a figure for her earnings of £2000 more than her P60 states. She has told them she disagrees and supplied the P60 and her P45 as evidence but they say they accept the employer's statement and have sent a debt collector. How can this happen? I thought the P60 was evidence, not the word of an employer who has an issue with an ex employee!
  8. I finally received a phone call. I was informed that the government had given supermarkets new rules preventing them selling alcohol below cost price and that Asda took a "belt and braces" stance on this meaning that they could not sell a more expensive alcohol at a cheaper price as this would be them selling "below cost price". I suppose it makes some sort of sense, though I doubt that all Asda stores are doing the same thing and Tesco certainly aren't! He told me that he was going to check with their legal team and, to get me to come back to Asda, my next bottle of vodka would be on them. I've also had the £15 refund. I'm quite happy with Tesco at the moment, so I'm staying with them, though I don't think I'll ever be loyal to one particular store again.
  9. Just an update if anyone is interested to say that I have heard nothing more from Asda, neither have I had the promised refund yet! In their email they said they hoped to have gathered information by 28th and they'd telephone me, so I'll give them until next week then I'll contact Andy Clarke again. It was one of his subordinates who emailed me so maybe they need a reminder!
  10. I'll certainly update when I hear more...I'm dying to know the reason for this happening in the first place!
  11. UPDATE: I'm amazed to say that I have had a reply from the office of Andy Clarke already. They are investigating and hope to report back to me by next Thursday and, in the meantime, have refunded the £15 delivery charge as a gesture of goodwill!
  12. I telephoned the store to speak to the manager but was cut off. The second time I tried, I was put through to the team in South Africa and, after keeping me on hold, I was told that this isn't legislation, it's merely the store policy. She even agreed that I was lied to, in writing, on Twitter, and seemed to find the whole thing quite amusing. I didn't say in my OP, but I had been overcharged £56 in this order where they didn't deliver the alcohol. They did refund it but they cannot assure me that if I order alcohol, it will be delivered. I'm a senior citizen, not an underage drinker and I have come to the conclusion that this was done to get rid of me as a customer! I have always had great customer service but I do complain if goods are not as good as they should be or items are missing, so I can only assume that I have complained once too often. So be it! I have now ordered from Tesco. Asda happily told me that they could not refund the £15 delivery charge I paid because I have used it twice. I don't care. I feel badly treated and a little paranoid but I have sent an email to Andy Clarke. We will see.
  13. Thanks all. I don't mind paying a bit more for my tipple, whatever it is, I just need to know that if I order it, it will be delivered and I also don't like not being told up front when these things are going to happen. I can't find anything on Asda's website informing customers of this new rule/policy/legislation...wherever it originates. I'm going to phone tomorrow, as no one got back to me today, and see if they can give me any evidence at all, then I may email Mr Andy Clarke.....or just change to Tesco for my online shop (only I have already paid for 3 months deliveries in advance with Asda and, despite this, I'd prefer to stay with them!)
  14. No I spoke to the online shopping manager, and their Twitter feed also confirms that it's legislation as she told me to "go to the government website". I intend to speak to someone else about it but in the meantime was wondering if anyone else had experienced anything similar.
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