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  1. I got spoofed out of £1,000 by these fraudsters and the bank have refused to give me my money back. I was stupid enough to fill in the form on line and then I found it strange called bank to stop cards and they said it was online Sc@m. They said they would watch my account, not to worry, and issued new card and pin. 3 days later my cards came and i got a call from "the bank" but it was the sc@mmers. (They had my number from the online form I filled out for the fake refund). They said they would send me a code to my phone and to confirm the code for security reasons. I gave them the code and they started talking to me about what had happened and said someone tried to take £500 out my account but they blocked it and was calling to make sure it was not me. During this time, they downloaded the bank app onto their phone and using the code, transferred online 3 transactions totalling £994. After the call, I checked my account and noted then called the bank who stopped the account but could not stop the transactions. After an investigation they said because I gave this code to them I am liable. I have complained and they said I won't get my money back. I want to know if this is right. They knew this fraud was happening but did nothing to warn me and had a duty of care to watch out for me and protect my money. I did not authorise these transactions, even though they had the code to download the app, the actual authorisation and transfers were not done by me. I have been sick and unwell because of this and wondered if there was anything I can do because the bank should have done more to protect me and the transactions were not authorised.
  2. Hello. I have 27 working days waiting for this bank to reimburse a payment that did not reach its destination. This is normal?
  3. Hi, first time poster. I have noticed a default on my credit report from Clydesdale/BPF for an account that was opened in 2003. In 2005 I went through a bad patch and didn't pay any of my debts, my problem with this one is the date of default is listed as 2012? Is there a way I can get this removed as it is Statute Barred and should not be on my file. Thanks in advance. Jon
  4. Hi. I recently submitted a complaint to Clydesdale Bank Plc regarding a credit card I had dating from early 1997. The complaint was declined, and I subsequently complained to the Financial Ombudsman. The good news is that the Ombudsman wrote saying that the Clydesdale were going to make me an "offer". Of course, I'm still waiting, and so to pass the time, I've put together a spreadsheet based on a previous one that I've seen used that calculates the PPI amount plus paid CC interest and then adds on statutory simple 8% interest to both. I guess I wanted to know if my assumptions are correct. Depending on the APR that I used, my calculations indicate that I could be due a compensation payment of anywhere from around 8K to > 40K even as high as 76K potentially (depends on how the calc is done). (As background, for a long time before my current job, I was stuck in the proverbial hole, card maxed out, paying interest by the bucketload and also paying late charges and the like - couldn't get out of it - mostly paid the minumum, or ran behind, it was a nightmare!). Potential Claim : 76,484.31 PPI Paid: 4,328.45 CC Interest Paid : 31,759.29 8% Simple on Principle Plus Int : 40,396.57 Two questions: 1. Have I got the calcs right? 2. Can I claim 8% on the credit card interest that I've calculated to have paid as well (i.e. 8% on the 31K as per my calls, or just 8% on the PPI figure of 4.3K?) Interested in your thoughts people! interestcalcs_pub.xls
  5. Hi, I've been Chasing the Clydesdale bank for 4 years over mis-sold ppi from 1991 . I received an offer from them this week and was wondering if anyone could help me with the offer calculations, I am struggling to work out if the calculations are fair and correct. The loan amount was for £4800, taken out in August 1991 over 5 years & the monthly repayments were £149.47. The offer details are PPI premiums paid £1343.52 Plus 15% simple interest £47.78 Plus 8% simple interest £2468.65 Minus 20% incometax on simple interest £503.29 Total compensation due £3356.66 Not sure if the PPI premium was loaded upfront at the start of the loan or if the premiums were taken with each monthly instalment. If someone could please explain how they worked it out and if its correct,I just can't get my head around it. Much Appreciated Thanks
  6. Hi I took out a loan with Clydesdale bank loan a couple of years ago and had difficulty in keeping up payments. Looking at my Credit report they have marked the account satisfied/settled and transferred the account balance to Cabot. Cabot is now showing up on my credit report with the balance and they are now demanding payment sending letters about agreements and possible court action as I have not acknowledged or responded their letters to get in touch. can they do this even though I have never had or signed an agreement with Cabot. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated Thanks moneymaker™
  7. Hi tony http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?384453-Clydesdale-bank-preference-account-fees-reclaiming&p=4962977#post4962977 I had a Principal Account from 2000 to 2008 when it was abruptly ended by the bank. My experiences sound very similar to yours. I too had a £15,000 overdraft facility and was being charged £50 per month for services on the account. I am currently pursuing the bank on several issues, however they cannot give me any info about the earning threshold that was required to qualify for the account, or who signed the papers to authorise the opening of the account. I would be interested to hear from you to compare notes. Regards Steve
  8. Hi recently received offer from clydesdale for PPI for a joint loan, which i don't even remember having pproblem is the account number on letter is correct but they qouted different name for my other half. Has anyone experienced similar or is it just ive been sent an offer for someone else, any advice greatly appreciated
  9. hi to all, this is first post and if ok will try give shortest version for you advice etc. I had a overdraft of 2k with cbank in 2010 I started having health issues and ended up out of work during next few months, at this time I had explained to bank who weren't interested. also at time trying to claim back unfair bank charges. it was getting to the stage I could no longer stay afloat and although now at 2012 I had paid the debit interest since 2010 to stay under my 2k limit the bank refused to help even by freezing interest, I told them I cannot pay. this took me over the limit and I left as waiting to see if bank would pay back unfair charges which would clear the overdraft but they did not. they refused to look at us under hardship terms although we were always in debt and really struggling, a few months went by and I got the odd letter fron debt agency and to be honest can't remember if it was cabot at time never the less time went on and although I had told cabot I did not except the debt and it was wrong in my opinion that the bank had sold to them a disputed account. it seems april 2012 that the balance was paid off but no mention on statement by who, cabot told me they took over on sept 2012. now. earlier this year 2015 I started getting more letters of demand by cabot including offers to pay a reduced amount but through principle my debt was with Clydesdale who I still believe due us and there was no way I was going to pay cabot who I guess bought my debt for a lot less than 2k. moving on I then started getting letters from weightmans and threats of taking to court, it was now at this stage I decided yes take me to court maybe I can explain and see what happens. now at stage where cabot had started cout proceeding via mc online and jumping ahead now have date to appear court which is later this month. I did get notices and unsure of what to do I kind of put my own defence which looking at some here was very crap. but they offered mediation I decided not to and then a few days ago sent as instructed a copy of defence paperwork to court and weightmans it was 2 days after that I received a basic letter from weightmans stating " by way of service,we enclose a notice of discontinuance filed and served at court today on behalf of the claimant" along with the letter is the notice and not knowing what is it says to the court the claimant xxxxxxx all blanked out, discontinues all of this claim xxxxxxxxx blanked out and against the defendant xxxxxxxxx big sentence blanked out and finishes I certify that I have served a copy of this notice on every other party to the proceedings. firstly I assume whatever I had done in my defence it worked, and does this mean its over? can they try again? and if so what should I be looking at doing? many thanks for your help
  10. The failings also relate to Yorkshire Bank, which is a sister business of Clydesdale within parent company National Australia Bank The banks are now reviewing all PPI complaints handled prior to last August and have offered redress to any customers impacted by the failings.
  11. Hello. Can anybody help me? This is my first post on here. On December 2nd I transferred a balance of £460 from another card (Clydesdale) onto my M&S credit card, taking advantage of a 0% offer; I have had the M&S card for a few years now. A few days later I received a letter from them informing me that the balance transfer had been completed. I thought this strange as I'd never received one of these before when transferring earlier balances to the card. Anyway, the £460 hasn't reached the Clydesdale card account yet but shows up on my M&S statement - in writing at least it looks like I now owe two lots of £460 to two creditors! I called Clydesdale. They weren't very friendly and said it was M&S's problem. M&S customer service centre (0845 900 0900, probably abroad) first informed me that they would have to put me through to the balance transfer dispute centre in Chester (UK). Then the man said that he **wasn't authorised to**. He logged my dispute and told me that "someone will contact you by phone". He was unable to give me a time or a date. Unsatisfied with this response, I phoned back an hour later. This time the lady on the phone said she had **no means of putting me through to the resolution centre** but someone would contact me; she again was unable to give even an approximate date or time. She also said that I **may** be contacted by letter. During the numerous calls to M&S, the Clydesdale credit card number has been checked every time; the one they have on file is correct and matches my card. During the last call, the lady asked for the Sort Code and Account Number on my Clydesdale statement - I wasn't asked this when I did the original balance transfer by phone. She added it to my notes. 7 days later and the £460 is still showing on both my M&S AND Clydesdale accounts. Very anxious, losing sleep and all that. Any advice anyone? Even about the technicalities of the balance transfer process in general and what happens if things go wrong and where liabilities lie? And what happens if M&S simply refuse to give the money back? Or what happens if M&S have done everything right and it's Clydesdale who are at fault yet refuse to refund me also? Cheers Nat
  12. Hi everybody ... Apologies for the new thread - this is my first posting but I have been reading with interest the threads on here concerning PPI. I hope you don't mind the intrusion but I hope someone more familiar with PPI refund calculations will be able to ease my confusion! After a stressful and lengthy 3 year dispute with Clydesdale Bank, I have heard this month from the FOS that they have upheld my complaint concerning the missale of PPI on a Yorkshire Bank Visa card which was taken out in 1992 and closed in 2007. I'm relieved to have finally won my case but working out the possible compensation is giving me a headache so I was wondering if anybody could offer me any help? Bearing in mind that I only have statements provided to me by Clydesdale as a result of a SAR (another nightmare getting them to even respond to that but that's another story!) which date from October 2000 to the closure of my account, I have been using the FOSRunningPPIv102 spreadsheet which someone kindly posted on here to calculate my refund. This works well up to the August 2001 statement HOWEVER from September 2001 onwards, the APR purchase rate on my statement changes. From October 2000 to August 2001 the purchase rate interest is listed as 1.75% per month (which I have worked out to be 21% per year which I have entered in the interest rate on the spreadsheet). From September 2001 to February 2002, the purchase rate interest is listed as 1.456% per month (which I have worked out to be 17.47% per year) and from March 2002 to November 2003, the purchase rate interest is listed as 1.385% per month (which I have worked out to be 16.62% per year. Up until that point, the monthly purchase interest rate and monthly cash interest rate were the same (I know, I was young and silly and used my credit card for cash - I have since learnt not to do this!) However, on the December 2003 statement there is also a different interest rate for cash of 1.552% per month. This is as far as I have got up to now as my brain is hurting! My question is how do I work out the award calculation on the spreadsheet when different APR rates have been used? Do I have to use a different spreadsheet for each rate and somehow add the total figures together? I tried to do this but I did not know how to start on a new spreadsheet when the rate first changed from September 2001 onwards. As I have not had a zero balance on any of these statements, do I start off with the balance as a whole plus the new monthly expenditure for September 2001 in Column C of this new spreadsheet instead of just putting in my monthly expenditure? I have no idea how the compound interest calulation will work out if I have to use different spreadsheets?? I apologise if my explanation is rambling but maths is not my strongest subject at the best of times - I assure you, as much as my head is aching with all this - it is not my intention to confuse everybody reading this as well! I am not expecting to get an exact figure for the refund but would just like to have a rough idea as after how this claim has gone so far, I do not trust Clydesdale Bank one bit! At the end of the day though, I am still very very happy to have finally got my complaint upheld!! :whoo: Any help would be very very gratefully received xx
  13. Hubby had an overdraft with the Clydesdale, he got paid off and hadno money coming apart from benefits which went into my account. Bank closed his account, and we have been paying them back every month without fail. Its only a token amount at the moment but we haven't missed a payment to the bank. Its done through standing order, and itnwas arranged by the financial solutions unit of the bank. Yesterday we got1 a letter from Cabot and it states that they were assigned the debt in the middle of September, and they want the full payment, or arranged a payment plan with them. Can they do this?
  14. Does anyone have any experience regarding Clydesdale Bank and their Tailored Business Loan (TBL) We switched to a TBL in 2010 after being advised to do so by CB and they are now looking to charge us £26,000 early break costs as we are looking to sell the property.
  15. Hey guys, bit of advice would be very helpful. To cut a long story short circumstance-wise, last year while I was a student, I was in and out of hospital in Aberdeen from June - September, as a result of this I lost my job due to the fact they needed someone in full-time (I wasn't on a full time contract so I did not get any sick benefits). My grandmother also suffered a stoke, and my parents were in the process of repossesion proceedings....great few months. Anyway... This resulted in my finances getting a bit behind, I missed about 1 or 2 months payments with my other cards etc, which was ok and got them back on track. With Clydesdale however, I missed 3 payments on my current account with a £500 overdraft limit. It went up to about £30 over limit. In October I made a payment of £70 to bring my account back above the £500 limit. However, as I have now been told, after various charges and fees by Clydesdale that month my account ended up being £1 over the limit even after my payment.... After paying that I thought everything was in order, as I had set up a direct debit. When I checked my credit rating at the end of January....it was showing as defaulted. My payments in December and January had been bounced back to my account (obviously as they had closed the account). After making my October payment I had to leave my apartment and return to my parents to recover from my hospital time. I informed the Aberdeen branch to change my address...which they did not. I'm very angry as you can imagine. Although they might have already been in the process of closing the account after 3 missed payments, without having any knowledge of this in my new address, I assumed all was in order. They also never attempted to call me about the account either. The fact I informed them in-branch to change my address, and they did not do, is ridiculous. So I had no notice at all of any termination / default letters. If I had known this, I have the funds to blooming arrange a plan with them and could have been avoided. I also note they continued to charge me £20 in December and £20 in January, even though they have told me they 'closed the account'. All the woman in branch offered was 'Oh, that is probably an admin charge'. So in total my account ended at £541 before this 'default' was applied. To have my credit ruined for 6 years for being £1 overlimit is an utter disgrace, especially after their charges put me overlimit by that amount anyway. The maximum that account was overlimit was £30.....Just cannot believe the sheer arrogance of the bank in-branch and on the phone, totally unwilling to help me and rather rude about my whole situation. I have to say, when I had a similar issue with RBS they were very understanding and removed a default notice on my credit card completely after I paid it off in full. I've written a letter of complaint to Clydesdale, explaining the circumstances and asking them as a gesture of goodwill to remove the default....what advice, if any, do you guys have? Do you think I have a case at all legally? Or do they have no culpability in this legally. Kind Regards Greg
  16. Hi Guys, Need some help urgently..... I got a personal loan from the above bank over 2 years ago, it was to do major home improvements at the house i share with my hubby. Paying every month without fail, but started to struggle when my husband got made redundant and i had to take take over all the bill paying. I approached my bank manager to ask if they would consider taking a reduced payment till we got back on our feet, but they wouldn't accept that, and told me to get advice regarding debt, so i did. I approached Payplan (one of the banks suggestions), and they negotiated with the bank to take a payment of £127.00 per month instead of the £241.00. I was really relieved by this, and its made things easier with my hubby still not working. But the bank have sent me a statement of account and and i'm now in a worse position than ever. I gave Payplan the oustanding balance of the loan, they did say that interest would not be frozen, but the bank is adding almost £200 per month to the loan and i owe more now than this time last year when i was paying the loan as agreed. I'm really scared about this, i spoke to payplan and they said they couldn't help. What can i do. Grumpy
  17. Arguing with current bank, Nationwide, over their treatment of me as I live solely on benefits and have been hit with charges relating primarily to the immediate aftermath of transferring my account from Clydesdale and subsequent change in date of direct debits.Have now had charges refunded 'as an act of goodwill' but for some reason the customer service idiot dealing with me, Barbara Jerome, thought I was talking about Social Security Act regs and not BCOBS. Now need to put her bank straight, again, so wondered if anyone has a name of a senior contact in Nationwide operations team I can contact in order to complain about this ongoing treatment. On a slightly humorous note I've spent two days adding to my skillset as a CAB adviser in overturning DWP ESA and DLA rejections, but I have to say the Govt make Nationwide look like Mr. Clued-up!
  18. Hi, I took out a loan for £4000 with Yorkshire bank in 2002. I have recently put in a claim for PPI. I have the account number and I know the details of when it was taken out, which branch and roughly when it was repaid. They have come back to me and said as it is older than 6 years they no longer have any details other than the loan number I provided them with so cannot do anything more unless I can provide them with the original loan agreement which I no longer have... ..Is there anything I can do now or is that it? Is it worth going to the financial ombudsman? Thanks
  19. I regularly get statements from Clydesdale Mastercard where the interest charged per month is higher than the minimum payment; there is a regular debit of £3, but aside from that, there is no use on the account (their pin change service has always resulted in the card not working). The interest is around £10 more than the payment. Is this actually allowed?
  20. Clydesdale bank is owned by National Australia Bank (NAB). In turn NAB have shareholders who are: EDIT Name of Shareholder Number of shares % 1 HSBC Custody Nominees 359,630,439 16.86 2 J P Morgan Nominees Australia Limited 260,185,567 12.20 3 National Nominees Limited 244,446,877 11.46 4 Citicorp Nominees Pty Limited 97,543,050 4.57 5 Cogent Nominees Pty Limited 41,084,898 1.93 6 National Australia Trustees, SSAP & SSOP Control A/Cs 26,107,907 1.22 7 J P Morgan Nominees Australia Limited, Cash Income A/C 21,042,955 0.99 8 AMP Group 19,841,838 0.93 9 RBC Dexia Investor Services Australia Nominees Pty Limited, PIPOOLED A/C 14,053,969 0.66 10 Citicorp Nominees Pty Limited, CFS WSLE Geared SHR Fund A/C 13,358,640 0.63
  21. Affidavit's Wanted Please Preparing for the case ahead, clydesdale I know will use the "it was only a one of administration error" line alongside their proposed defence. I want to show the court that infact failure to provide documentation under section 7 of the DPA 1998 is rife across the industry but in particular within this bank. I am trying to collect as many affidavits from people who have banked with clydesdale and had problems of this nature to use as evidence that this is not a 1 time occurance. 3 Years and still no data from them. Anyone willing to help?
  22. I wonder is someone could help me, I’m not new to the site but a little rusty on process for dealing with such issues. I’m unable to post the agreement until next week when I’m back at work, but as soon as I get back I will. Basically capquest have sent me an agreement that I signed in 2000 for a store card with a credit limit of £1000. The current balance stands at £4000+ due to charges incurred. Now I’ve looked at my credit file and this isn’t on there, but I’m positive I paid something towards the account in 2008, so statute barred it isn’t. Can someone please advise on my next steps please? Should I claim the charges back? But this doesn’t stop the process? Any help would be appreciated and I’ll get the agreement posted asap. Thanks
  23. On the 21st August 2009, I ordered a Driving Instructor Course. The Course Agreement was between me and LVG Ltd trading as Red Instructor Training was signed 28/08/2009 in the sum of £3728.01. Clause 4c states that no refund is due if cancelled over 30 days from enrolment. (i.e. over 30 days from 28/08/2009) On the 24th August 2009, Barclays Partner Finance issued to me the Fixed Sum Loan Agreement. The Fixed Sum Loan Agreement between me and Barclays Partner Finance was signed by me 28/08/2009 in the sum of £3,728 plus £569.68 Interest @ 9.9% APR repayable £119.38pcm. On the 28th August 2009, LVG Ltd trading as Red Instructor Training issued Invoice numbered 24564803 in the sum of £3728.01. The Invoice clearly states that Remainder to be paid by Clydesdale. 4 months of repeated excuses by LVG as to why no course date has been set yet pass by, so i ring them expressing my intention to cancel the agreeement. On the 11th January 2010 LVG Ltd trading as Red Instructor Training wrote to me acknowledging receipt of my intention to withdraw from the Instructor College course training and confirming that I am not entitled to a refund and confirming that the option of returning to the course remained open indefinately. On the 16th February 2010 LVG Ltd trading as Red Instructor Training went into administration. On the 17th August 2010 Driving Results Ltd trading as Red Instructor Training wrote to me to confirm that they no longer provide the 2 weeks intensive Dring Instructor Training Course. On the 14th January 2011 Clydesdale Financial Services Ltd trading as Barclays Partner Finance wrote to me to advise that a specialised Debt Recovery Agency will be contacting you in respect of the above account. I now turn to the points that need to be looked into further. 1. Other than the verbal intention to withdraw, did you ever actually cancel the Course Agreement ? i.e. subject to the administration of LVG 2. There is an extricable link between the LVG Contract and BPF, LVG introduced you to the Lender of that there is no doubt. 3. I need to check what rights that brings with it under consumer credit legislation.
  24. I am interested to know if anyone has had a bad experience with the safe custody of documents or valuables at Clydesdale Bank (Piccadilly branch particularly) between 1985 and 2008. We had our strong box broken into and valuables stolen, which we only discovered when we visited the branch ourselves. The bank is in denial etc! What action - successful or otherwise - might you have experienced? Has anyone sued successfully over an issue like this? Thanks in advance for any advice or anecdotes.
  25. I am up in court with clydesdale soon. I am taking them to task for failing to comply with section 7 of the DPA 1998. Anyway I have a daft but important question. If a person joins the bank at age 16 and the bank upgrades the account automatically at age 18 to an adult account allowing it to go overdrawn without having a meeting of the minds and subsequently the signing of a new credit agreement then is the account ligitimate. My understanding is that an account that allows you to go overdrawn is a credit facility and that someone under the age of 18 would not be able to sign up for it. Furthermore, upgrading of this account without a new agreement would be an agreement without meeting of the minds wouldnt it and therefore unenforceable? I cant get clarity around the CCA and current accounts. Whats the script with this. Does it or does it not apply to current accounts. I need this urgently because we are in court very soon. Cheers in advance. Martin
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