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  1. Last update: Received another letter, exactly the same as the last, so I guess I'm cleared of the 2 doubts. Very surprised as I was expecting at least 1 sanction. Huzzah! Thanks everyone for your help, its been invaluable!
  2. Yes, 1st class recorded delivery. I truly hope so but will be shocked if that is the case
  3. Thanks for your replies. I guess I will have to wait and see if I get another letter like this or not (or a "you have been sanctioned for X amount of weeks) letter. Beatrice, I have already sent in my explanation of the 2nd doubt, I sent it over a week ago. I stated that no appointment was re-arranged as the lady I spoke to took a message and my NI number and whether she never passed on the message or forgot to re-arrange the appointment the next morning I am unsure but I put dates, telephone numbers and names I spoke to - I could provide telephone bills if needed to prove I spoke to 2 di
  4. Hi again - I have an update for you all. A few days after I sent off my GP's letter, I got another "doubt" letter asking me to explain why I missed the 2nd appointment. I told them that I did contact the work programme the day before my appointment and the lady said it was fine and she would sort that out the next morning and I told them that I did contact them to explain I would not be attending my appointment etc etc Today I got a letter which is a combo of how my JSA will go up one whole pound in April and how a doubt no longer applies. To quote: Why does it say 2013 rather than 201
  5. Thanks Beatrice, you make some really great points and thanks for all your help on this matter. When I spoke to my WP advisor on the phone when she called me on Thursday, I think I can recall her saying she will have to notify the jobcenter of my first missed appointment - so Im hoping she wont tell them about the one I have just missed as I did notify them like the WP letter says I should. Im really hoping that if I get a sanction at all that it is just a 1 month one because the 3 month one will be hell but I hope the GP's letter will be ok. Can I ask, how long does it take them to
  6. Thank you dch and Beatrice. I meant I was unable to try and get a 14 day sick period to cover the 2 missed appointments because I had one of my fortnightly signing days during this time. The GP told me I should have called or made an appointment but when you are ill, the last thing you are able to do is talk on the phone or get to the GP's office and the average wait time to see our GP is about a week so why would I make an appointment for a weeks time when Id prob be better by then. My GP could have gave me a sick note, who would have found out really so really upset he chose not to
  7. UPDATE: I went to see my GP today for back-dated sick note - he wouldnt give me one, told me it was against the law as I had not seen or spoke to anyone at the surgery about this illness. He got a nurse to type out a letter (which he signed) which I really dont think will work as it doesnt confirm anything. Here is what the letter says: "X is a patient at our GP practice, She received a letter from you dated 15/01/14 re the work programme which she was enrolled on. X missed this appointment with you as she stated that she has been unwell. X stated that she has had a flu like illness
  8. I was just looking at all my options as I didnt know how things worked and because I am also applying for temp work, this was also my worry for when the temp work ended and I had to sign back on. Thanks for the info everyone, appreciate all your help very much. I will let everyone know how tomorrow goes when I ask for that sick note
  9. Yes, I just wondered if anyone can confirm it but if you are pretty sure, it echoes this other person too.
  10. Does anyone know if this is correct, it was posted last month and comment number 3 gives the answer.
  11. Thanks Mr. P, there is something else that is confusing me. Because I missed the 2nd Work Programme appointment due to illness, would that also count as a sanctioning offense even though I notified them before the appointment that I would not be attending due to illness? Every letter Ive had from the WP says "if you are unable to attend for any reason or are running late, please call our office as soon as possible" so because I notified them surely that means I am not in trouble for this missed appointment?
  12. Thanks again guys. Antone - just to clarify that, lets say for arguments sake that I signed off tomorrow (20th) and they sanctioned me on the 27th, that sanction would just carry on for 3 months and not pause/wait for me to sign back on? Also, if I got a JSA28 form, back dated it to the 7th Jan then sent it to the Jobcentre, that would be enough to keep me out of trouble? I thought the JSA28 form was for a current sickness and weren't allowed to back date it :/ the decision maker is asking me for evidence, not my local jobcentre. I will try and get the sick note tomorrow but just would li
  13. Just a thought but, what if I signed off now (due to job or sickness etc) for around 3 months before I get sanctioned, what would happen? Is the probable pending sanction paused until I sign back on (if I do)? I'm thinking of all my options and I really cant afford any kind of sanction as I struggle now.
  14. Thanks for your replies and all your help, there's a lot to take in and understand lol I will certainly try and get a sick note but I dont think I will be able to get a 14 day sick note to cover both missed appointments due to the fact that I signed on the 10th of Jan - 3 days after my missed appointment. This really confuses the matter of what dates to put on the sick note (if I got one) :/
  15. Thank you so much for your reply. I will try and get a sick note from my GP tomorrow but if he needs to see me I will be stuck as I need to get the form sent off tomorrow and it can take a week to get an appointment with my GP. Can I clarify that you are saying I should get 2 seperate sick notes for the 2 seperate missed appointments, even though the jobcentre are asking me to explain why I missed 1 appointment (the very first appointment)?
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