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  1. You would think that but I have had no letters letting me go, emails, texts or even phone calls saying im no longer with them. So im at a loss. I do ask if im still with them and she just says yes so im confused. Maybe she does want me back but when im well enough?
  2. I work in a school as a cleaner (part time) and my manager has been keeping me on by the looks of things. Yes I do have a contract I have worked there for 14 months now and been off ill for 6 months. She is still keeping me on by the looks of things as I am keeping her informed by phone call every 2 weeks on a Monday. I should be going back at the end of April.
  3. I have a sick note saying from the drs that I have anxiety and depression and am I'm in quite a bad way tbh. I feel quite unwell but my manager is being awful about it and says she will sack me. Now I've been looking online if I have any rights and read this... I’ve had to take time off work due to mental illness, can I be fired? Or not paid? No. It’s illegal for your employer to not pay you, or fire you, if you’ve had to take time off. Make sure you read your company’s sickness policy, as what you’re entitled to differs from company to company. ----- Source: http://www.thesite.org/work-and-study/workers-rights-and-pay/mental-health-at-work-1359.html So can I take her to court if i get sacked?! Where do i stand?
  4. The way I see it is the mobile ur boss took is still urs. Ur boss decided to give u the new mobile off his own back. I would say if u ever left that u would have to have back ur old phone. Can u sign up an agreement over ur mobile or am I being a bit silly over this? :/
  5. At first I would say yes I prob would feel like the end of the world but as another person on here said u get back up again and u start again! Everyone is strong in their own ways! I was on jobseekers for 5 years and out of a job for 8 years BUT I found a job early last year and ok I haven't been sacked (Who knows?) but no it's not the end of the world Matt. Tell us wot's wrong?!
  6. When I ask for days off my supervisor says 'what another day off u keep having days off'. My reply is I'm entitled to my holiday leave... I get asked what I'm doing on my day off and I just either make it up or just say family things. Maybe it could be that he is interested in what u do on ur day off for a conversation? Mine does.
  7. I ordered something for a birthday present last wed and was supposed to go to a near by Halfords as a pick up point but I'm still waiting and it's not arrived! DPD said it would be in HALFORDS after 12pm thursday 31 dec.... IT NEVER ARRIVED! Called DPD up and said what the hell is going on and they said it will be in halfords after 12pm 2day (MON) gut feeling it won't be in though! Anyone else had/having probs with them?
  8. Sorry to hear :/ Did he have a contract with them? If so maybe read though that to see what rights he has if ever in this situation?
  9. HI GUYS Just doing this on the behalf of my bro who is 26. He has been off work for 6 months now. He has a part time job cleaning a school. He is still sending in his fit notes to his manager but wants to know if he can also have his holiday pay with it. The holidays restart from 1st jan next year. His contract says that he can't take any holidays over to the new year. So where does he stand? His manager don't tell him what's going on and mostly keeps him in the dark. Can he asks to speak to someone over this like HR? Any advice would help him lots thank you in advance!
  10. Thank you guys for ur advice and help grateful for it! I will take this further for me and for everyone else if this still continues (which I believe it will). I mean if me x kept calling me after we were over then she started doing this then I would call that harassment, JUST like this case! I never even gave out my number to the tesco's person who caught me so RLP [removed] - dx - must of searched for it and CLEARLY found it!
  11. Last year I got caught in tesco's and the letters came 2 weeks after. They stopped last year say, October and a year letter the letters have started coming again! They have been calling me about 10 times a week since october and they won't stop. So i want to know if anyone else is having this problem and if they are calling them AND how long it's going for them?
  12. Had last year a letter from RLP every month which USED to scare me but now I know they can't touch me lol! Then all of a sudden they stopped and NOW a year later they are back!!!!! Ruined my wkend but now realised when i looked on here again that they are doing this to other people 2, 3 YEARS on! They also phoned me 10 times last week!!!! How is this company allowed to keep doing this? This is NOW harassment! Surely something can be done cos i will NEVER pay them anything! I have never done any stealing since and have so soooo learned my lesson! Can i take this sumbags to court?! Cos I will if it's possible!
  13. Thank u for ur help grateful for that Also how will it be paid to me? As I usally get paid every 15th of the month and didn't recieve my payslip or my money. Very worried now!
  14. Her health is FAR more important then her job so maybe she should look for a less stressful job? Hope she's ok? :/
  15. If I was ur husband I would stick to the job while trying to find another one. Ur still getting paid but yes I get he maybe unhappy. Seriously he will feel worse if he goes on Jobseekers ( I was unhappy while on there but NOW got a VERY GD PAID JOB)! Atlas is right the Jobseeker staff don't give a toss but a few do but gd luck finding them lol. Indeed.co.uk is a very gd job website!
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