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  1. First letter was from jobcentre she handed it to me at the jobcentre not had letter yet from Decision Maker when i get that going to appeal it through my local cab
  2. Will i get my jsa payment due 21st july ???
  3. do i have to go into jobcentre for an appeal form or can i phone up for one ? i am currently living at home so do not claim housing benefit but pay parents £20 per week instead
  4. last week when i went to sign on i got put on a 4 week sanction all i got was this letter they know i am mentally and physically disabled i have aspbergers and mobility problems i look on indeed and the jobcentre websites and keep a written record of my jobsearch activities what do i do next ???
  5. My disability advisor at the jobcentre put me on the work programme with ingeus had a phonecall yesterday to arrange an interview
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