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  1. Yes i did actually, i just told them that i had mixed up my dates(which was the truth) looks like i should have lied through my teeth and made up a ridiculous story.
  2. No idea tbh, i just filled in the form.
  3. Yes, but the words are practically unreadable, if you knew they were there fair enough, but it is only since this has happened that i even knew that my JSA could be sanctioned. I'll try to upload a picture of the actual letter.
  4. Thanks Mr.P Funny you should mention the paragraphs of text, as the following text at the bottom of my letter that states................ When you take part in the Work Programme, you are taking part in a scheme established by law under the Jobseeker’s Allowance (Schemes for Assisting Persons to Obtain Employment) Regulations 2013. If without a good reason you fail to attend or participate in the Work Programme your Jobseeker’s Allowance and National Insurance credits will be stopped (or will be paid at a reduced rate, depending on your circumstances) for: ......................is practically unreadable, due to it being photocopied on top of the European Union flag, The Jobcentre Plus sign and another sign with the word INGEUS that is printed. I rang the Jobcentre this morning, but cannot speak with anyone there about the situation. All i can do is fill out another appeal form. I will be ringing the CAB in a few minutes when their office has opened. Thanks for the reply
  5. I have had my JSA sanctioned for 1 month after missing just a single appointment in 18 months. This may make me sound stupid but i simply got my dates mixed up. I thought my appointment was on a Friday and on the Thursday i checked my appointment letter to make sure of the time of my appointment and realised i should have actually gone to my appointment on the Wednesday. I rang up immediately, but was told it was out of their hands and that a decision would be made as to whether my JSA would be sanctioned. A few days later i got a letter saying that indeed my JSA had been sanctioned for a month. I went in to the Job Centre that day and was told to fill out both an appeal form and a form for hardship payments, which i did. On Saturday i received another letter stating that my appeal was turned down, but that i would receive hardship payments of £43 a week until my JSA began again in 4 weeks time. I had recently learned from a friend of a friend also on JSA who completely refused to go on one of the Governments work programmes and had his JSA sanctioned for 3 months. I made a genuine error and missed 1 appointment in 18 months and believe this decision is monumentally harsh and basically wrong. If i had been missing appointments and/or turning up late now and again i would totally agree with the decision made, surely under the actual circumstances some kind of warning should have been given first? I now have nowhere near enough money to pay bills, many of which are set up as direct debits from my Bank, what am i supposed to do? All i can think of is applying for a "Pay Day Loan" i already struggle to pay my bills from month to month and often have to "Rob Peter To Pay Paul" to get by, how can their decision in this instance even be legal? I am about to contact the Citizens Advice Bureau and intend to re-appeal the decision, but if i'm not successful i have no idea how i can possibly get by(without going into a mass of debt via a Pay Day Loan and that's if i'm even eligible?)
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