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Found 18 results

  1. Hello Last year, me and my girlfriend joined an X4L gym on a monthly contract basis. We paid the first month on the spot when joining (28th Oct) and shortly after had a bad experience. I went online and saw how bad this place is and we decided to cancel. I wrote down all the things I had to do and when, hoping to avoid this. I sent the cancellation request on 9th Nov online as instructed, saved the 'receipt' and also have the confirmation email that came through a few days later. I allowed the final payment to come out on the 27th Nov and then cancelled the DD on the 28th Nov. That's 48 days before the following payment would have been. I've stuck to the terms, yet here we are. As I mentioned, we both joined. I did everything for us both at the same time. I haven't heard a thing from them, but they are chasing my girlfriend. So far, their demands are 2 months membership plus x2 £25 penalties (sorry, 'admin fees'). Most threads around here are people cancelling DD without letting them know, etc. I can't be bothered to write a letter and post it, considering it's obvious they don't care and will just continue. I just wanted to check, am I OK to bounce their emails and forget about it? I know they have no powers... Or, shall I send a letter with the dates in, anything else?
  2. Hi All Its been a long time since my last post, but i do visit regularly. my question is, do credit card co have the right to a financial statement ? I know the court has but who else. i would rather not have to send my financial information to any one. hope everybody had a good xmas and looking forward to a good new year. Shedder101
  3. Hello, I have written before on this forum concerning my mental illness and the debt, successfully writing off debt from MBNA. I had a mental breakdown in 2005 and a relapse in 2015 when I fell again into a deep depression. For people who do not suffer with mental health issues, it is hard to explain how things effect you. It’s not I am another person but, I can appear changed and not myself. When I am suffering these episodes my moral compass, well it isn’t there I care not a jot and do things I know can be destructive. I have had great help from social services to help me cope and as I said in a previous post, https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?489343-tesco-credit-card-amp-freds&p=5142374#post5142374 I do have outstanding debts with Tesco Credit card £7700 owing, still haven’t heard anything from Frederickson or Tesco for an age. PayPal credit card £2200 sent me an email, I have attached that email. This is the first I have heard from them. I noticed I still had a direct debit set up for Tesco I have no idea what it was for so the bank recommended to cancel it, so I did. It was over a month when I got a phone call from Tesco, saying I was default on my loan, what loan, I had no idea. The person asked me several security questions that I couldn’t answer all of them, then they finished the call stating they wanted their payment. I have searched high and low to find out what the loan was but I have no paperwork at all. I vaguely remember clicking on a link on an online statement from Tesco about something. Now I still get monthly statement emails from Tesco but cannot access the account on line. Looking at my credit report I can see a loan over 5 years that I had paid for 3 years and a part account number. I have written to Tesco with the part account number as well as my old credit card number explaining my situation. Since the letter I have had 3 calls a day all blocked, I told them in my letter do not call as I can be very offensive so I don’t answer to any one I don’t know, the phone is there for me to get in touch with my doctors. I have no paperwork for Tesco, I have asked for my information by post and still nothing, when can I say this is getting to be harassment? Your help as always is appreciated edit paypal 1.pdf
  4. Asking for a friend and any advice appreciated. She is on universal credit with her partner(female) and two young children and had a job working early morning shifts whilst also trying to earn money self employed (all declared). She has suffered bullying, humiliation in front of colleagues and sexual harassment from her boss, the owner of the business. She is also disabled and in receipt of mobility DLA. One of the children is also disabled. Yesterday she had enough and, in tears, walked out and refuses to go back to work. They have been trying to contact CAB for advice but are worried that she will now face sanctions for leaving her job voluntarily, although, as I understand it, she seems to have good reason and will be pursuing legal action against her boss. (Sanctions are only imposed if you leave your job WITHOUT GOOD REASON as far as I know). Can someone advise, is she likely to be sanctioned? How difficult is it going to be to get redress for the harassment and bullying? Thank you.
  5. I took out a Unsecured Personal Loan with Halifax online in December 2011. I was NEVER asked questions like, can you afford the payments, are you employed/unemployed, and I certainly was not asked about my income. This have got so bad I am currently on an IVA - Halifax increased the IVA from 5 years to 6 years forcing me to pay for longer. I am now wondering if bankruptcy is the best option. Do I have a claim that Halifax lent to me irresponsibly without going through my finances first?
  6. I have been harassed by a neighbor because I wont be his friend. I am from a domestic violence background came out of a refuge and I am an attractive woman in my 20s with mental health issues of anxiety and depression (also recently diagnosed with PTSD due to current events) The HA placed me between two older men, this wouldnt usually be a problem but they both became obsessed with me. I had to tell both of them to please stop knocking on my door, I am private. This is when the false noise complaints from downstairs firstly came however I wasnt the victim because he was elderly means he automatically will be believed despite having noise recorders with no evidence and me going out my way to put thick underlay and carpet which nothing in my tenancy states I must do so still I was apparently harassing him with noise. when I told upstairs to leave me alone and not knock on my door he would purposely make noise. He use to pretend to be someone from outside by ringing my doorbell because I never answered when he knocked on my flat door. I found this really weird and after he knocked on my door for about 20mins I told him to leave me alone, he was only knocking to ask me personal questions. After I complained about upstairs noise this is when his counter claims came to avoid prosecution. Said I threw things on his door and slammed doors. Agin he has noise recorders and nothing. I however had noise recorders and it stated he made loud bangs like I said however the HA did nothing and suggested rugs. The neighbor upstairs was also caught liasing with the one below me to make up complaints about me, which was admitted by the one downstairs to the manager (now the manager hates me she is denying he ever admitted this to her) the manager was fine with me until she spoke to the man above then suddenly she turned against me, I have no idea what I did to her but she started to ignore my complaints and be really rude to me on the phone. She also denied he not allowed laminated flooring and cannot provide me with the apparent previous tenancy which states he can have laminated flooring. the HA have been blocking me from going to the Housing ombudsmen by longing out my complaints and not allowing me to escalate or give me replies. This neighbor however went on to key my car, write die on my flat door, push me (when I was pregnant), kick my door whilst threatening me, put dog poop on my car handle and make several false complaints about me. I got the police involved who were useless to the point I made a complaint about them this they did not like then their harrassment against me came. I asked for the neighbour to be issued with A Harrasment order and the police reluctantly did so. However around a week later i was also issued with one based on his false complaints. I have challenged this, how is this proper procedure? The police gone on to make false claims I making reports to crimestoppers about the neighbour and told the HA this. the police also have come to my address several times banging on my door and invited me for an interview on neighbor false allegations. The police tried to bring charges against me for court. However when it got to court even the CPS said it is clear I am the victim due to the amount of calls and dates ect and they told the court they did not want to pursue the case against me as it is very one sided and seems like a witch hunt. Even the prosecution saw what was going on. of course the police did not like this because I still have a complaint against several officers with strong evidence of harassment and breaches of the law and data protection. However now after some weeks the police have again come to my address this morning to "deliver" me a letter from the housing associaiton, since when are police used as personal post men for housing associaitons? I know the HA manager was .... I never got convicted or it even went to court, she hates me and wants me out and I know the police are also .... I do not know what this letter is but I am guessing an ASBO because they can issue these based on the police word and HA word alone. If it is this how do I challenge this? The HA manager I have a complaint against her with several organisations due to her breach of data protection and harrasment against me so she is also trying it with me. The HA or the police wont even let me present my strong evidence or prove my innocence that this neighbor is a liar, they dont even care they just want to shut me up for complaining about things they have choosen to do which are against the law and human rights rather then just deal with the case against the neighbor. I know they are trying to break me but I cannot lie it is working, I am broken. I feel like maybe I should of just given into this mans advances because then I wouldnt even be going through this and despite sending them proof of my medical evidence they refuse to move me, they want me out. It is bullying and I do not know where to turn because they are blocking everything. (there is another thread on here from 2011 which someone else complained about this HA and their bullying tactics so I know I am not alone) I know I need to stay strong but it is hard, they are now trying to issue with me an ASBO which means even on medical grounds I cannot move because before i couldnt move because i had "court proceeding" against me, now I dont they need to make something else so i cannot move and the complaints about me keep coming or I break and leave and be homeless. I hold a lot of paper evidence, witnesses and recordings. I have several complaints with the professional standards with police. I have a complaint with the housing ombudsome who obviosuly cannot help until The HA complaints has finished I have a complaint with the ICO due to data protection breaches By them issuing me with an ASBO I can go to prison and since the man makes false complaints it is likely i will so another way to get me out and ruin my life.
  7. Previously loyal disabled customer harassed, bullied and ripped off by Amazon Unfortunately our trusty old laptop was failing and needed replacing.As this was a desktop replacement we required something of a suitable size and standard.This does not come cheap. As this was a considerable investment for us and having been a previously loyal Amazon customer for many years, we decided to purchase from Amazon based on (an apparently incorrect) perception that if there was a problem with the purchase then we would have good support and come back if required.We did however have reservations due to Amazon’s seemingly increasing controversies (taxation, employee treatment, PRIME etc). We decided on a particular laptop model and specification but unfortunately it was out of stock new.It was however listed as available from Amazon Warehouse in ‘very good’ condition with ‘original packaging’.Having not purchased from Amazon Warehouse before, we were concerned by the low customer rating of 89% but could not access any actual reviews of them.The website did claim that the purchase came with ‘all the benefits of Amazon.co.uk fulfilment and customer service’ and ‘All of our products are backed by Amazon's satisfaction guarantee’.Unfortunately we were mislead by these false claims and made the purchase. At time of purchase a ‘not before’ delivery date was agreed in writing with Amazon.According to logs this was ignored/not actioned and attempt to deliver was apparently made by Amazon’s contracted courier Hermes. Because we were away, Hermes apparently proceeded to trespass around the property and attempted to gain access to various locked outbuildings. Apparently after failing to gain access, Hermes abandoned the expensive and fragile laptop in an outdoor area at the back of the property – exposed to the winter rain and cold.A crossed out ‘Next Directory’ calling card was later discovered through the letter box (despite this being an Amazon purchase). When I learnt of this attempted delivery through online tracking, I emailed Amazon customer service but they did not seem to understand and instead attempted to send Hermes around to trespass again.With considerable concern for both the security of the property and of the expensive purchase, I had to write a formal complaint to Amazon ‘complaints’ in order to stop this.We received a basic response from a Paul Grech of ‘Executive Customer Relations’. When we later returned to the property and located the abandoned delivery, it was completely soaked through with water and just collapsed when we tried to move it, and all the loose items fell out.At this point we realised that the item had also been falsely advertised.It was not in its original packaging at all (with the extras and value that entails), just the basic laptop loose in a brown box. An update to Mr Grech was supplied with photos and evidence (including the ‘Next Directory’ calling card).We reasonably expected the matter to be suitably resolved. To our disgust instead of a resolution, we received a rude, sarcastic and dismissive response from Paul Grech.He did not take the matter in any way seriously (ignoring the facts and evidence) and seemed to show an utter contempt for us.He also apportioned blame to us for only selecting ‘economy‘ delivery in an apparent attempt to up sell PRIME.He refused to allow us to return the item by suitable means, he refused to provide any replacement or alternative, he then attempts to bully us into keeping it as is. Paul Grech either has no knowledge or no concern for statutory rights, property rights, or disability rights. I then attempted to escalate the matter to the respective heads of Amazon; Mr Christopher North [email protected] and Mr Jeff Bezos [email protected] both Mr North and Mr Bezos did not feel that we warranted a response.To my surprise all we received was another dismissive email from Paul Grech claiming that ‘Chris and Jeff have requested that I respond to your letter and e-mails’. It is not clear why Paul Grech has directly targeted us, whether he has a problem with all disabled customers, or whether this is Amazon’s attitude to all customers now.Either way, as Paul Grech is apparently the highest level contactable person at Amazon, other potential customers should be aware of the terrible level of service to be expected from him. Due to these problems we still do not have a replacement laptop and have had to stop all courier deliveries due to security concerns.This has caused us considerable difficulties and will need hundreds of pounds spending to stop unauthorised access again. I hope this serves as a warning to other potential Amazon customers as we have not received any refund, let alone redress or ‘goodwill’.We received no redress or apology from Hermes management (if Amazon ever contacted them at all).All we have for our huge investment is worthless, unsafe, falsely advertised, unusable junk. Any help or advice appreciated.
  8. I have received 3 recovery letters from Indigo Car Parking (also known as PCN Admin, ZZPS) in respect of recovery of a parking ticket that has been cancelled. Every time I receive a new letter, I respond with the email confirming cancellation, but the letters keep coming. Does anyone known what I can do to stop this nonsense?
  9. Hello eyeryone, Im new here so I hope Im in the correct place to post. I had a small debt with HMRC. I was late in filing my tax return, I had moved house and during that time letters went astray. The first I heard of the late fees debt I paid it in full direct to HMRC. However, I am now getting harassing telephone calls, text messages and threating letters from a debt collection agency working on behalf of HMRC asking me to pay the very same debt I have just cleared. I have asked them to stop contacting me and told them that the bill has been settled but they still persist. They have threatened to call at my home and seize my posessions and take court action against me where all sorts of fees would be added. Is there anything I can do? HMRC account says my bill has been paid. Thanks for any assistance. juneberry
  10. Hi all, I received a letter from Lloyds in late July stating they had sold an account with a balance of 1590 to Lowell and that I must now deal with them directly. Lowell have written to me since, and I have been communicating with them via email. Having checked my Experian file, they have made several searches for me at my address. In my first correspondence, I stated I had no knowledge of, and did not agree to the debt being owed. I asked them to provide evidence of the debt in question. As the account was opened in 2001, I am pretty sure the account was closed outside of the 6 year statute barred period (but I am not certain). However to this end, I sent a letter stating in summary: "Please be advised, this letter constitutes a formal request that you immediately cease and desist from: 1. Any further unauthorized attempts to share or access my personal information through any licensed Credit Reference agencies 2. Any further actions or contact in pursuit of payment of any alleged statute barred debts In the case of statute barred debts the OFT Debt Collection Guidance states that: “Continuing to press for payment after a debtor has stated that they will not be paying a debt because it is statute barred could amount to harassment contrary to section 40 (1) of the Administration of Justice Act 1970”." Their latest reply states: I can confirm that the outstanding balance relates to a Lloyds current account which was opened on the xxx October 2001 with the original reference number xxxxxxxxxxxx. Whilst this account is a regulated agreement I would refer you to Section 74(b) of the Consumer Credit Act 1974, whereby any requirement to supply a copy of the agreement is exempt for current bank accounts. I have, however, requested statements from the original creditor which will show how the balance we have requested is made up. These will be forwarded to you upon receipt. Please be assured your account has been placed on hold until the requested statements have been received, at which point I will require your proposals for repayment. " Can someone please explain the point referring to section 74(b)? Any advice on how to proceed? Thank you all!
  11. Hi, I have worked for a company for under a year and I am being bullied and harassed by my boss, I have been undermined in-front of my staff that I manage and made to look stupid in front of other managers. Our HR department is not being supportive and they are closing ranks and through my conversations with them they make me feel that this is my fault. I confided in another manager about my concerns and he informed my manager, now my position is now untenable. I am currently signed off with stress and feel that I have no choice but to resign. I have no job to go to and I am worried about money. I need advice, should I resign?
  12. The ex misses is currently dealing with a lowell stat demand, however they are hounding her for another debt not mentioned in their stat demand. The debt is off an overdraft on her old Lloyds TSB current bank account. She is recieving 2 or 3 phone calls most days and numerous letters. The debt is for just over £600 however she was charged over £1000 in charges on this account. Any suggestions regarding dealing with this one ??? Is their a particular template letter in the library to send to lowell when a debt is made up completely from unfair charges, or in this case the charges actually exceed the debt. Thanks.
  13. This is really starting to upset me and I've had enough. In November, I met someone at a local Autism support group. In January, he added me as a Facebook friend. A few months later, he started contacting me a lot and I thought nothing of it. In April, I said I wouldn't be at the group because I'm busy that evening and if I went, I'd miss my train. He moaned about this because he wouldn't be seeing me for 2 weeks. A notice was up put on Facebook by the branch officer saying that all meetings are cancelled until further notice and this person got angry and demanded to know why. He was told to stop it. This is where the problems start. We had some people organise some unofficial meetings. Due to my issues with noise in public, I declined to go, which he wasn't happy with. He wanted to meet up one Saturday and said that we should go for coffee. I explained that I couldn't go because I know it'll be noisy. He said it wouldn't be. He wouldn't stop contacting me about stuff. I then asked him to stop contacting me all the time. His responses were basically him saying that's what friends do, I need to look up the definition of a friend, I'm his best friend, he's obsessed with me and knows I'm obsessed with someone (how that's relevant I don't know - he doesn't know that situation at all) and that we (him, me, his 2 carers and someone else) need to meet up and sort this out. There's nothing to sort out. He then said that his carers and psychologist claim he's done nothing wrong and I'm the one in the wrong. I can't see how I'm in the wrong. Upon talking to my dad, he agrees with me and thinks this lad is lying. I was advised to block him on Facebook and report him on there for harassment, which I've done. The branch officer and another member of this Autism support group are aware of what's going on and have said that they will help me sort this out. By the sounds of the email I was sent, they need to get some advice from somewhere; but I won't be identified. I've purposely gone the long way when going out so I don't have to walk past his house and risk bumping into him. The last time I heard from him was a few weeks ago, until today. We're both members of website and forum set up by a few members from this group. I received an email this morning saying he wants to be friends with me - despite me telling him no a few weeks ago. Someone has suggested (and I've thought about it) that I go to the police. I am tempted; but am I overreacting by doing this? I have all the Facebook messages that were sent. He doesn't know where I live and doesn't have any other contact details of mine.
  14. Hi All, I am being harassed by Bailiffs and wondered what I could do about it. The Debt is in relation to outstanding council tax with Hounslow Council. Last year a bailiff turned up out of the blue at the wrong address although we are paying council tax at our real address and had been visited there by the council tax dept. The debt was from 2006. I asked the council for any evidence that a court order was issued and that they sent us this order. The council have said they have no evidence except an entry on their electronic files. I honestly cannot remember if 2006 tax was paid or not but I do have on record paying 2007 tax and confirming with the council then that all outstandings were settled before moving to a new address. 1) I rang the bailiff from Phoenix Commercial Collections. I said to the bailiff I dispute the debt. He said "When the Police come..." I said "What did you say about the Police"... he hung up. I called him back but he denied making the statement although I pointed out to him that I recorded what he said.... he hung up again. I have the recording. I complained to the council, they took the case back. After an exchange of letters and agreeing to a payment plan, they charge me double what was agreed. I missed the next payment, received a statement from the council then proceeded to make regular monthly payments. 2) Another bailiff turns up for 2012 council tax. Chandlers claim in their letter that it is a criminal offence to refuse to provide Chandlers my financial info. I ask them to confirm this in writing... so they did. I didnt provide any information but paid up anything owed to close the case. 3) A new bailiff from JBW turns up for the 2006 council tax even though I have made regular payments for the last months. The bailiff turned up at 6am and handed a letter to me. The letter said notification of attendance, however on the letter there is a levy charge for £29.00 and signed with an initial with the words (certified bailiff) next to it. I asked the bailiff for name & ID, he said "JBW"... I asked for his ID.... he ran away! I have complained to the Bailiffs. On the phone (recorded), that I want the bailiffs name and certified number, they refused, I asked for their complaints procedure, they refused. I complained to the council, but they refused to do anything about it. I am actually annoyed now from the harassment..... the lies and the bailiffs and council not following procedures. What can I do about this?
  15. Hello I am very distressed and unable to sleep since last two nights. My partner was travelling in a train on Friday night all by her self in great western train. Two males harassed her and when she asked them not to touch her, they started verbally abusing her. There were people on board but no one even bothered to raise their voice. She was frightened and was desparetley looking for the member of the staff. But she could not find anyone. As soon as the station arrived she got off the train and found the ticket checker and went straight to her. Thats where she wanted to get off the train anyways and I was waiting at the platform to pick her up. I saw her going to the ticket checker and talking to her. She was looking very distressed and I dint know what had happened. I went to her and I was amazed that the ticket checker was being rude to my partner. He said I cant do anything you have to complain to the police. She even pointed to those males that they are the one cant you do anything. He very rudely said no I cant and you can goto police if you want to. She said I am going to complain about all this and he said, "DO WHAT EVER YOU WANT TO" and went away. Obviously, I was waiting for her to finish the conversation, to fully understand the situation from her. But by that time it was too late as those two males have left the train station as well. We then went to police station and gave our statement. Now, I know train staff are not allowed to interfere but he was suppose to call the police. He could have seen those two males and given their description to the police as well. But instead he decided not to do anything and for no reason he was very very rude to my partner. I am very distressed and would like to know what my options are. I want to take the Great Western Train services to court as they aide the criminals get away. They must be on some other train harassing someone else's girl friend, daughter or sister! Could you guys please tell me what are the options I have. I also emailed great western trains yesterday and described the whole situation and said I am going to take them to the court! Please help, I hope you guys can imagine what pain I am going through at the moment. Thank you
  16. Hi everyone - this thread might be a bit long and confusing so I apologise in advance Towards the end of 2010 I made a claim for jobseekers allowance. I was successful in my application and received the usual amount every fortnight in my account. During the initial Q&A over the telephone when making my claim - I made it clear to the advisor that I will be working in my dad's shop, unpaid, for less than 16 hours per week. On my sign on days i'd take along a sheet of paper outlining the hours I worked for my dad during the 2 weeks. Until one day when I went to sign on, one of the DWP staff said I'm not allowed to receive benefits because I'm working for my dad and that voluntary work only counts if working for charities etc. After that no money came into my account and I never bothered going back to sign on. On 30th Aug 2011 I received a notice of overpayment from the DWP for the amount that I received from them since the beginning of my claim. On 29th Sept I received a letter from Iqor chasing the amount. I had numerous conversations with Iqor and they kept putting the claim on hold for a week each time. I tried to speak to DWP but was going round in circles. time went on and on 2nd Dec 2011 I received a letter from Geoffrey Parker Bourne solicitors chasing the amount. I ignored it and I didnt hear anything at all until.. .7th Nov 2012! This time it's a letter from Frederickson International chasing the same amount. I keep receiving phone calls from them but I am ignoring them altogether until I seek advice from you guys. I have just received a letter on 20th Nov 2011 stating that Debt must be paid within 7 days, It's a "Letter Before Action" letter. Can my credit rating be affected by this as I have spent years repairing it and i've only just recently now been able to take out phone contracts and apply for credit cards successfully etc. What do I say to Frederickson? I see a draft letter here in this thread: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?116083-Help-with-fighting-Fredrickson-International-Ltd Shall I use this? Looking forward to the replies!
  17. Hi all, I had to leave my job more then two months ago as I was humiliated and treated unlawfully by my employer and couldn't take it anymore after one year. After leaving the job I went straight into looking for another job opportunity, not wanting to be a benefit leech I thought I wouldn't claim anything if I could find something in the first week since it was summer and I though I might have been able to, but I couldn't, so after one week I applied for JSA (it did take me a couple of days also to find info on how and where to apply since I had never done it before in the town I am at the moment, still one week only had passed, with a weekend in the middle it was still a total of 7 days). As I was grossly underpaid and didn't receive holiday payment nor sick payment for when I hurt my back and had to stay home 3 weeks and work with unbearable pain for more then a month only thanks to a friend of mine who would come over to work with me every single day to help me open and close the coffee shop, I was left with £20 in my wallet after paying the rent when I left that hell hole and had to ask for a backdating on the JSA. After more then 2 months, since JSA lost my application the first time and I had to follow up 3 times to get the first payment after one month (same happened with housing benefit) I starved for more then a week and I am still late on the rent as I have to rely heavily on JSA to pay for it. Now, after following up 6 times with JSA to get that backdating and had to wait one more week while I was literally starving because the adviser working on my case was on holiday ( I didn't ask for another crisis loan because I need to pay as much as I can for my rent otherwise I would get evicted if the landlord can't pay his bills [the government refused to give me a loan to pay my rent]) I finally received a call about my backdating and the call went like this: ---------------------------------------------------------- JSA Adviser: [-Introductions-] What are the motives by which you haven't claimed before? Me: [-breef version-] I didn't want to claim if I didn't need to and after that... JSA Adviser: That is not reason enough [yes in a rude tone, there was some more wording to this statement as well] Me: ... I haven't finished.. after that I needed a couple of days just to find out how and where to apply JSA Adv.: You have to go to the Jobcentre and fill a ?JsF..? form then send it through Me: I have filled such application more then 2 months ago and I was told this was going to be taken care of a number of times and I only keep getting put aside, my economic situation is down the pan, I need you to sort it out as you said you would, I am getting evicted and starving to wait for the adviser on my case to come back from holiday because you keep losing my details in the first place... this is getting ridiculous. [i was actually more polite then this I even apologized for complaining but I can't recall the exact words] JSA: You need to go to the Jobcebtre and fill a ??? form. Me: ...ok then, let me write that down, how is the form called? J..S..F....... JSA: [Hangs up on my face] ------------------------------------------------------------------- So, after having decided that I do not qualify for a backdating without even listening to what I have to say, forcing me to countless days of eating a handful of plain pasta a day as I couldn't afford anything, speaking to me like I am an animal and hanging up on my face in the middle of a sentence asking for information which I shouldn't be needing to at this point in time, I feel like I have no clue on what to do next, I do want to file a complaint because I feel humiliated, harassed and mistreated, but I have no idea if it is actually possible or useful. Is there a way for me to retain my dignity or do I just have to accept being treated like a dog by employers and the government? Thanks.
  18. I was hoping someone could give me some factual advice. I moved into a flat mid-February, 2012. From the start I had a problem with an old man neighbour telling the landlord I had 4 men living in the flat. The joker, I had 3 men help me move in fridge, washing machine etc. The old man concocted all sorts of stories and told the landlord. To cut a long story short after 2 months I gave in my notice to leave on the last day of the 6month AST agreement. The landlord text me last week and wants to visit the property, I said I hadn't found anywhere yet to move to and if I hadn't by the end of the notice period/last day of tenancy agreement then I would have to stay on a periodic tenancy. He text me that he could do me new 1 month contract. I've never heard of it but I suppose it's feasible. Now he wants to bring round an estate agent to take photos etc. on Saturday. Basically I would like to know if legally I had to give any notice at all. If i didn't then it strikes me that I can stay up to the last day of the contract and if i don't then move out the perodic tenancy will kick in. Is this correct? I told him 11am Saturday is not suitable but he keeps insisting he's coming round. I'm thinking of changing the lock. i don't want him or estate agent taking photos or looking at my property. Your advice would be greatly appreciated. I told him he is harassing me and that i am turning my phone off and won't put it back on until i have found a place to move into. I intend to do this as i don't use that phone much so no big deal really.
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