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  1. Good morning. Few days ago I urgently drove my friend to A&E and I unawarely made a prohibited (right) turn. 40 minutes later I drove my friend back home and committed the same contravention. I didn't see the "no right turn" sign at all, so it is completely my fault. I could also add that the road was quite deserted (although I imagine is not an excuse). I am just checking with you if there is any possibility I can only pay it once. I am quite shocked as it is my second (and third) penalty charge in over 40 years. Not mentioning the costs!! Thanks for any help or suggestion. Have a good day.
  2. hi guys just hoped i may get a bit of advice on a situation that has occurred today. i sub let an office from a company on the floor above. they have decided to leave in 2 months and i have subsequently been notified. My question is this . I have no contract of lease, it expired 2 years ago we have nowhere to move to and in the forseeable future. Of course i will speak with the landlords about renewing a lease as a sole trader but how long could i feasibly stay in the office after the notice period if we have nowhere to go
  3. Just a quick one guys if you can help. I have just bought a new Laptop with 1TB Storage. The main storage is on D: Drive (934GB) and not C:. Now C: drive is nearly full. Can someone tell me how to transfer space from D to C please. I am using Windows 10. Thanks SOD'EM
  4. Hi Everybody. I'm new here so please go easy on me if I've missed anything. I live in the Olympic Village and pay £75 a month for a number allocated parking space in the underground car park which is managed by Gemini Parking Solutions. Last Monday (Bank holiday Monday 17th) I found a Parking Charge Notice on my windscreen and a ticket attached for £100 or £65 if paid within 14 days. I also found that my parking permit had fallen off of the dashboard onto the footwell. I emailed my managing agent who asked for a photograph of my permit + a photograph of my ticket and they would ask Gemini to cancel the ticket. I received an email back today stating that because the permit wasn't on display they can't cancel the ticket. I've filled in as much of the information below as possible and would really appreciate any advice on how to proceed. 1 The date of infringement? 17/03/2017 2 Have you yet appealed to the parking company yet? [Y/N?] N if you have then please post up whatever you sent and how you sent it and the date you sent it, suitably redacted. [as a PDF- follow the upload has there been a response? please post it up as well, suitably redacted. [as a PDF- follow the upload guide] If you haven't appealed yet - ,......... have you received a Notice To Keeper? (NTK) [must be received by you between 29-56 days] what date is on it Did the NTK provide photographic evidence? No NTK 3 Did the NTK mention Schedule 4 of the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012 (PoFA) [Y/N?] 4 If you appealed after receiving the NTK, did the parking company give you any information regarding the further appeals process? [it is well known that parking companies will reject any appeal whatever the circumstances] 5 Who is the parking company? Gemini Parking Solutions 6. where exactly [Carpark name and town] did you park? Venetian House, Olympic Park, Gemini Parking Solutions
  5. Hi all, I'm hoping someone can help me. I purchased a house 5 years ago which as part of the deeds includes a single parking space in an open carpark (of approx 14 spaces). Of these 14, 5 are visitors Spaces and the rest are allocated to the houses in the street. My neighbour is constantly abusing my space. I rerturn home and often find her with her possessions (from gardening, house clearance, charity shop runs, decorating in her house etc) stacked up in my space. I often have to sit and wait while she moves it all so I can park in my designated space. This has been going on for several months, and is compounded by the fact that I come home and find her visitors parking in my space (as it is conveniently opposite her house & next to her car). Today they only got out to move the car when I went to leave my car blocking them in. We have no parking enforcement, management company etc, as all the houses are privately owned (as ar the parking Spaces). I'm just wondering what legal rights do I have to stop her using my space? Can I actually "threaten" her with anything from a legal standpoint. Apparently the fact I have a number on my parking Space isn't enough to deter her from using it as she feels like it! The irony is the space on the OTHER side of her car is a visitors space and NEVER used by anyone as it's on the opposite side of the carpark to the other 4 so no one realises! Yet she knows this, and just keeps using mine... Asking her nicely has failed, today I just scowled and told her to hurry up when her guest moved the car () I've given up with being polite and asking nicely - it seems like every other day when I come home I have to wait for her so I can park up. I'm actually at the point where I'm going to just start parking in the the visitors spaces, but at the end of the day, it's my land??? What legal rights do I have?
  6. A car park has 2 spaces for electric car charging. The charge port is there and the spaces are painted green. There are no signs up in the car park. There are no restrictions for time etc, I think it is a council car park. Can I park or wait in them with a non-electric car? The only thing I can find that could possibly cover it is the Highway Code: Rule 241 -"You MUST NOT park in parking spaces reserved for specific users, such as Blue Badge holders, residents or motorcycles, unless entitled to do so". But without any signs to say so, I'm not sure if they could say it is "reserved"?
  7. I took out a Unsecured Personal Loan with Halifax online in December 2011. I was NEVER asked questions like, can you afford the payments, are you employed/unemployed, and I certainly was not asked about my income. This have got so bad I am currently on an IVA - Halifax increased the IVA from 5 years to 6 years forcing me to pay for longer. I am now wondering if bankruptcy is the best option. Do I have a claim that Halifax lent to me irresponsibly without going through my finances first?
  8. Hi, I have been given permission to use a fellow residents space while they are away and my permit must have slipped off the dash and landed on the floor. So UKPC have given me a ticket. Do I just need my neighbour to inform UKPC that I was given permission to park in their space?
  9. Horizon are incoming at my flat. I have been informed that only one permit will be issued to my space. I give my space to a girl I know, while I'm at work for free. I'm not in it and it's never been an issue. I have phoned the management company who hgave informed me that the block management team have voted on this. ( We have a development residents association, which have voted this ) I'm not on it nor ever wish to be. I know that by parking my own car in the space, they would have to ticket me and go through the process of chasing me on multiple tickets. Ive never paid one before, thanks to this fine forum. I just cant deal with the grief of it all. It stresses me out and it's a lot of messing around for something I gain nothing from except a favour for a mate. It does make her life much easier and cheaper and I'd like to carry on. I own the flat. I have owned the flat for 12 years. I was there before the current management company and multiple parking companies. Is there a straight forward legal issue with someone telling me what I can do with something I own a lease on and will until I'm long dead? Apologies if this is in the wrong place.
  10. Two days ago my niece asked me to look at her 9 year old daughters laptop as it had locked up and was asking for money to be unlocked. She said it happened while she was watching a YouTube video of Britains Got Talent. What she had was a particularly nasty virus known as 'Ransomware'. It locks the computer and demands money to 'unblock' the computer so it can be used again. Like most, this one came in the guise of an official site with lots of police badges and the name Metropolitan Police, it accused her of distributing child porn and wanted £100 to be paid by Paypoint. Luckily at her age, she isn't aware of what kiddie porn is but the police references and the menacing voice demanding over and over that she must pay £100 fine did scare her. I class this as Fraud and Blackmail, but the authorities aren't interested. There are at present a couple of men in the North in prison for doing this sort of thing. On contact with the Police, they weren't interested and said 'we don't have anything to do with that any longer and to ring Action Fraud. I rang Action Fraud, who is the government sponsored department that deals with cyber crime and was given a crime number and then bye bye. No attempt was made to ID the culprit nor any questions asked or requests made to send them details. That brings me to make the statement that this, (like most other Government departments), is useless and not worth the money they are costing us.
  11. Hi, Some advice please. I live in a small cul de sac where we each have 2 parking spaces and also two visitors spaces which are jointly owned by all of us. One of the visitors spaces is at the far end next to a neighbours garden and the neighbours there have always used it as their own private space. They are aware it is a visitors space (because they have told me they are aware) and the deeds state this. No one has ever complained as we like them and didn't want to cause any problems. Also, most of the residents are tenants so unaware of the fact it is a visitors space, it is only those of us who own the properties who are aware. Now though, they have decided to make vehicular access to their garden across this visitors space and put vehicle gates in across the far end of it. They have not asked anyone if they agree. If they then park in their garden, and someone parks in the visitor space they will be blocked in which is tough luck. but, really, no-one will park there as by putting gates in they are inferring it is their private driveway. If the space needs maintenance then I am as responsible as they are even though I cant ever use it. When I asked what they would do if someone blocked them in they just said that no one has ever parked there before (probably because they couldn't) I cant put a bollard up as they own the same amount of the visitors space as I do. I am concerned long term they they are taking ownership of shared property which could de-value property. Any thoughts or suggestions please? Im annoyed as they are the ones in the wrong and yet I feel awkward about addressing it!
  12. Hi All, I have recently moved to a quiet village and live in a block of flats in the middle of it. We have allocated parking space for one car and there are additional parking spaces marked as 'visitors'. My partner use the marked space while I was parking on the visitor space. Mind you there are more than enough spaces for visitors there left, so thought this wouldn't be an issue. The reason I don't park on the street is that it is very narrow and if I park there some of the drivers will struggle to get passed, hence I rather to park on the visitors. There are no other signs such as 'private land' or anything like that, just says numbers on some spaces, and 'visitors' on the other. I just had a nasty letter placed on my windscreen by one of the neighbors, saying that I have just done trespassing as there are some 'regulations of the estate' that allow only bona fide visitors to park there and even that not longer than 2 days in any 14 days period, and if I am not a visitor I am not allowed to park there at all. Have not seen any 'regulations', notice boards, road markings other than that 'visitor' sign. Can they do anything to enforce it? It only is a printed letter not a PCN but I don't want to park and block anyone if I don't have to. (BTW road has no markings, sings or lines on it either). Many thanks for your input,
  13. Hi On 8th December I moved into a flat in Brentford. The lease for the flat includes reference to two specific parking spaces, but it makes no direct reference to Parking Control Management, who patrol the car park. On 16th December, in the post, I receive a welcome back from the Management Company. In it, it mentions how to obtain a parking permit, and I emailed the MC and asked for a form. At around 0730 on 17th December, I received a PCN whilst parked in one of the specific spaces. There are signs in the car park, but I had not read them; I had not understood that there was a requirement for a parking permit until the letter received the previous evening, it is not mentioned in the deeds (only what might appear to be a reference to regulations). I did not believe I was in any way contravening any rights. Later in the day, I received the form from the MC, completed and returned it the same day. Permits have now arrived and are affixed. I (perhaps too hastily) appealed the ticket, on the grounds that I own the parking space and am entitled to park there. I forget the exact wording. In a letter dated 21st December, the appeal was rejected as per the attachment, but in summary, regardless of my ownership position, I "parked in a manner whereby agreed to pay a charge". At this point, before deciding whether to appeal further with the IAS, I'd like to understand my position. I've got the following questions: 1) Who OWNS the space, or has legal right to own it? Me or the MC or the freeholder? I understand this is not black and white, but I don't know where the line between it being in the deeds and therefore my not having granted any permission for PCM to issue tickets, or otherwise. 2) Am I too late to pursue getting the ticket cancelled now that I have already corresponded? 3) If I want to lodge an appeal with the IAS, do I have to do so entirely within the 21 days since the letter date, or can I notify them if it is not complete in that time? Any suggestions how to proceed? I'm happy to dig through the lease documents, but it's some 44 pages. Thanks, Matthew
  14. Hi all, Firstly, apologies for starting a new thread. I have read all the sticky threads and as much as I can on other websites/forums, but I'm still not clear on the best course of action. Any advice would be massively appreciated. I rent a flat, which has an allocated parking space. Unfortunately, I was not provided with a parking permit badge by the letting agent or landlord when I moved in. There are UKCPS signs in the car park, but as I was a tenant and had an allocated parking space, did not really pay them any attention. UKCPS have since issued three charges (charges on the windscreen and NTKs all received). These were issued in August and September 2015. I wrote in response explaining that I was a tenant (and providing a copy of a utility bill and lease agreement), but there response was simply to state that any time for appeals had elapsed and the charges stood. I did not bother with an IAS appeal, based on the comments on forums such as this. I am now at the stage where I am receiving letters from Miah Solicitors stating that unless payment is made "...we will take our Client's instructions regarding how they wish to proceed which may include considering issuing legal proceedings." The main questions I have are: 1) How likely is it that this will proceed to court? 2) What action should I take now? I have asked the Property Management Company to clarify their arrangements with UKCPS and asked them to request the charges be cancelled, but they have not been especially helpful so far. I have read my tenancy agreement and unfortunately it does not specifically refer to the parking space (but it is numbered, i.e. specifically allocated to the flat. Sorry for the long post and many thanks for any help!
  15. Hello, Firstly, I live in flats with my own space. We have a Right to manage arrangement with a company that deals with our day to day. We had problems with the old company and used RTM to remove ourselves from their management. Thought i'd say as it may or may not be relevant. I went on holiday for the few days and took my permit out for my dad to use while i was away. I got back and forgot to put it back on display. I got a ticket for ' not displaying a valid permit '. They now want £50.00 which has now doubled because of a failed appeal. I checked in the forum and sent an appeal that stated. ' To whom it may concern, Invoice number: Pxxxxx As the registered keeper of the vehicle index EUXX XXX, I wish to invoke your appeals process due to the fact that I am not liable to pay the amount invoiced or any other amount to you. It is my own space and therefore wish for you to provide me with a pre-estimate of loss. I'm giving you this information to save you the effort of continuing this. Please cancel this charge immediately or issue me with a valid and correctly issued POPLA code. You cant and wont win, so your choice. Signed Registered Keeper. To whom it may concern, Invoice number: Pxxxxxx As the registered keeper of the vehicle index EUxx xxx, I wish to invoke your appeals process due to the fact that I am not liable to pay the amount invoiced or any other amount to you. It is my own space and therefore wish for you to provide me with a pre-estimate of loss. I'm giving you this information to save you the effort of continuing this. Please cancel this charge immediately or issue me with a valid and correctly issued POPLA code. Signed Registered Keeper. I have received a letter back denying my appeal. See attached JPG. ( hope a JPG is ok ) I knew they would deny the appeal. I expected and long drawn out mission but the principle of the matter really annoys me. We were requested to provide number plate details to the company. I asked the owners association person in our flats to see what he could do. He said they can do it and can't or wont help. I'm a stress head of a person at best and now I'm a bit concerned that I'm getting involved in something I perhaps shouldn't. How should i proceed? I know the ignore it option but they seem more organised than a UKPC which i had the same issue with some years ago. In that case, I just replied to every letter with ' I dispute I owe you any money ' and eventually a 'cease and desist ' letter. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  16. Hi, I've only just discovered this forum and wish I knew about it before! If anyone could help me in my situation I'd be really grateful. We have been renting a flat with an allocated numbered parking space. My partner parked the car, went in the house without realising the permit had fallen off. He said it was on the seat and still visible. CPM issued a parking charge notice. The pictures show the parking terms which are in the car park about the charge, permit must be displayed in the windscreen etc. In the pictures you can also see the permit holder on the dashboard, having come unstuck. The car's in my name so I wrote back as asked in the notice to appeal. I included a copy of the permit (also numbered), our tenancy agreement showing we have use of the space, explaining that it had fallen but also stating that my partner was in at the time and the bell for our flat is about 10 feet from the space, if they'd rung the bell he would have come down and reattached the permit. Didn't really think much of it, kind of assumed it would be fine. We're now moving out and I just received a letter saying they've rejected the appeal because the permit wasnt displayed, and that it's our responsibility to ensure its on. It also gave a POPLA number and web address to appeal to them. Maybe stupidly, I phoned both popla and cpm. I was a bit emotional but didn't really expect anything to come of it. POPLA told me i should have been sent a paper form, but i wasnt. I can try to do it online but only have my phone and 4g at the moment, it took me 10 tries just to register for this forum :/ Is it worth appealing to POPLA as well? We're not living at the old address and I didn't particularly want to give them the new one, especially if they'll just turn around and reject again. Thank you for any insight! Please let me know if I need to provide more info.
  17. Hi all, I haven't been on here for a while but thought I would put this on here in hope of some advice. My father who is the owner/keeper of the car that received the PCN and my mother who are both holders of Blue Badges and in their late 70's/mid 80's. I was the one responsible for parking in the disable bay which as far as I am concerned had a perfect right to do so, but inadvertently forgot to put the badge on display due to having to physically lift a mobility scooter out of the car and help my mother into it. My father in a panic over this PCN started to fret about finding the £100 to pay it. I told him not to pay and write and tell them what happened and to give the details of the Blue Badges. As you have probably guessed they still want their pound of flesh. I have now received a letter telling me I can appeal to IAS. Any help will be greatly appreciated. WIDYCHI
  18. My wife has received a PCN from a Harrow Council civil enforcement officer, saying she was parked outside the parking bay markings where she parked. This was because a van had been parked similarly before the other drivers arrived and parked. The other drivers arriving to park were also having to park ouside their bay markings. None were grossly over their bay markings to take out a parking bay or to cause a danger to other drivers. Only my wife's car received a PCN. No video or photographic evidence is included with the Council's PCN record so there is no visual evidence from the Council to back up their officer's claim. My wife has a photo of another car similarly parked that did not have a PCN fixed to the windscreen and a witness statement confirming the details of the whole situation. What are the reasonable grounds for an appeal and is it likely that the PCN will be cancelled?
  19. My wife entered a private pay and display car park in Blackpool, and drove around looking for a free space. After about 20 mins of waiting for a space to come free, she gave up and drove out. Some time later we received a parking fine for £100 (£60 if paid in 14 days). Their evidence was a photo of the car entering the carpark and leaving 21mins later. We obviously felt this entirely unjust as she never actually parked! We apealed in the first instance directly to Parking Eye, who rejected it and said we should appeal to POPLA if we wanted to take it further, which we did. We have just now received a rejection from POPLA saying that as there is proof that she spent 21mins on the car park, and that "it is more likely than not that the appellant deliberately stopped the vehicle for a significant length of time. This means that the appellant parked, whether or not they left the vehicle." They say that we must now pay £100 within 14 days to avoid any charges. We are furious about this and are determined not to pay for Not being able to park. Any ideas what we should do next?
  20. Good morning, I am new to this forum. I may well be asking for advise where it has already been answered so please forgive me for not searching through all the threads on here. I rent a property which has parking enforced by UKPC. We have permit and vistor bays with permit cards for both. This morning I came down to my car to find that I had been ticketed for parking in my own spot - the reason - 'Parked in a permit space without displaying a valid permit'. The cost of the ticket is £54 rasied to £90 if not paid within 14 days. I did have a valid permit in the car but unfortunately it was partly obsucured by a peice of paper, however, it was very evident when looking through the windscreen that there was a permit on display (i took a picture on my phone) - I need to know if this ticket can be enforced by UKPC. I have read some of the other threads and it would seem that it is not enforceable, but do I need to contact the company in the first instance and ask them to check with the management company/landlord to confirm that I have a valid permit and have a right to park in the space. Any help would be very much appreciated. Regards abs2222
  21. I have recently bought a house. It is an end terrace with parking to the rear (private land for which I pay an annual ground rent of £215). My house had been vacant for a few years before I moved in and the next door neighbour had used the space at the rear of my property to park a broken down car. When I moved in I approached the neighbor to move the vehicle he said he would have it removed within 2 weeks. 4 months have now passed, the car has not been moved and the neighbour refuses to answer his door to me. His car is parked so close to my gate that I cannot get my bins out past it and have to drag them out through the house to the front of the property. Where would I stand legally if I paid for a recovery truck to move the car away from my space (only a few metres of movement)? Any idea of another course of action? I had initially thought it could be towed due to expired tax but as it is private land I understand this is not possible. Please help.
  22. I just ordered some spacebags vacuum storage and I doubt I'll need any help as I phoned and cancelled the order. I just wanted to warn others. I'm in the Highlands of Scotland and these things are advertised at £29.95 + postage and packing of (I think) £6.95. (both of those could be .99 not .95.) So I ordered, my order wnt through (It's one of those websites that tries to add stuff to your order before completion) and I was shocked to see the total was £42 something. At first I thought I'd accidentally added something to my order then I saw that the postage was £12.+ So I phoned customer servicefor an explanation. I kind of knew what they'd say. I've not had the problem myself but there is a school of thought that can't access google maps and thinks that the Highlands are some kind of remote island. What bugged me was that there was no warning before I completed the order. It only told me the total afterwards. So the friendly chap asked whether I'd like to cancel. I did. He said they use interlink as a courier, and they charge the extra. I suggested that to avoid cancelled orders they might like to add a warning of higher charges. It may not be a lot but it added to my order. So, no vacuum packaging for me. The pile of quilts and clothes will just have to moulder away. I'm annoyed though and wanted to warn others. You can call and cancel the order.
  23. Hello all CAG dog owners/lovers. Could I ask that you spare a moment to click on the link below and have a quick read? www.yellowdoguk.co.uk This is a fantastic, international scheme to help everyone who has a dog needing space when out. Yellow is the internationally recognised colour for caution. If you see a dog wearing a yellow ribbon or bandana, the owner is alerting you to the fact that this dog needs some space. The dog could be unwell, getting over an operation, be unfriendly towards other dogs for a variety of reasons, most of which will be associated with fear, or it could be that this is a rescue dog and the owner and dog are getting to know each other. Anyone who has a dog that needs space will welcome this idea. There is nothing worse than the feeling of a dog bounding towards you and your unsociable dog when out. The Yellow Dog UK campaign is designed to make these encounters a thing of the past by alerting other owners and the public to give the dog the space it needs. The campaign is NOT about aggressive or dangerous dogs – this is only for dogs that need space. I do hope you feel able to support this scheme, I think its very much needed and should certainly help everyone to know when a dog needs some space. Thanks for reading
  24. Hi everyone , Im looking to buy a Neighbours parking space, We have agreed on a price and was looking for some advice on how to set the ball rolling and get some advice, It is a new build property and he has a split mortgage with the bank and the wimpy homes so who do i need to speak to and is it possible ? Thank you
  25. Does anyone know of any carparking in Belfast over by the Waterfront, courts area, that give a discounted rate if you pay by monthly fee. I will be using it Monday to Friday for work.
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