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  1. So after arguing with them over the phone I got a brand new Nexus from them. It came with Android 4.2 however I've just updated to 5.0.1. Everything seems OK so far *touch wood*.
  2. Thank you I'll explore this avenue. Great reply & many thanks again. I'll look into purchasing the cables too. Just to let you know, I booted into recovery and wiped the cache, and devlik cache however this made no difference to the headphone issue. I also downgraded to KitKat and again, didn't fix the headphones I have now upgraded back to Lollipop. Headphone issue remains.
  3. Thanks mate. I should have checked here before phoning Google this morning. They have arranged for another replacement (refurb) to be sent out but I haven't went through with the process yet. So my latest Nexus which I have in my hand came from Google last week with KitKat on it. I upgraded to Lollipop and didn't notice any problems other than the headphone jack not working, however I'm not sure if that was down to the firmware upgrade or not. Yes I am charging from mains using the USB port. I wasn't aware you could charge using that other port lol. I have seen reports of slowdown and lag after upgrading to Lollipop however the only thing I experienced was no headphone sound. Was purchased using debit card from the Google website.
  4. I purchased a Nexus 10 two years ago this December and I am now on my fourth device. The 2 year warranty is almost up and I have developed another fault with the one they sent me 3 days ago (Headphone jack isn't working). Previous issues have been intermittent wifi drop outs, and slow charging. This is becoming a bit of a joke now. It's got to the point where I've not really used my device extensively and hence haven't had anything stored on the device because of the constant wipes and reset to factory settings etc. The first 2 replacements were brand new however the latest one was a refurb. I'm not really sure if I have any ground to stand on here? I need to call them tomorrow or Monday but can I demand a brand new device from them this time instead of a refurb and just hope for the best after the warranty expires?
  5. Thanks for the tips, will write a letter and see where I go from there.
  6. Thanks for the reply - however I'm not 100% sure if that was an actual offer at the time. The only reason free servicing was brought up was because I was trying to get myself a good as deal as possible (as you do). They went as low as they could on the price so I did say I wanted 2 years free servicing and the sales rep said ok.
  7. Hi guys, wondering if anyone can give me some helpful advice. I purchased an Audi last year around 8 months ago - It is an Approved Used car and I have Audi finance. I was told (verbally) that I would get free servicing. I never thought anything of this until today when I went to book a service at my local Audi garage and was told that there is no free servicing on the system. I contacted the dealer I purchased from and have been told that the finance agreement didn't include free servicing, and that I would have signed papers related to servicing when signing the finance agreement with the lady who organised it. At the point of purchase, I wasn't to know that a free servicing offer/agreement is tied in with the finance agreement. Anyway - it appears I have no leg to stand on even though I am 100% sure I was told that by a salesman. I even remember having a conversation with regards to where I can take the car to for servicing ie. does it have to be the dealer I purchase from or will any Audi dealer suffice. Also - while looking at the order form today for my car, it states that my car should have cruise control. My car definitely doesn't have cruise control and to be honest, it's not one of the extras that I thought I had and it's not something that I was looking out for however having noticed it on the order form, it's come to my attention that it's definitely not on there. Can this be used as some sort of leverage? I agree at the end of the day it's my fault for not following through with checking if I have paperwork for 2 years free servicing but a part of me just thought that it would be on the system somewhere. Talk about being naive. The sales rep is checking with the advertising company that their Audi garage use so they can check whether the control cruise was on the advert. I've not heard anything back yet but if they do say that it was't - does that change things? I know it's been 8 months and I haven't noticed the cruise control issue but surely if they're using paperwork against me to say that I can't have free servicing then surely I can do the same?
  8. I have been on the phone to DWP and their Debt Management dept and will be writing a letter to them asking for the customer statement. Will keep you guys updated.
  9. when does the time start ? From the date I receive the initial "note of overpayment" letter from DWP?
  10. Nothing official but i called them and IQOR so many times and just went round in circles.
  11. Having looked at the replies so far, im not sure what action to take next?
  12. thanks - i guess a simply worded letter will suffice?
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