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  1. Well If thats the case I won't be posting here again in a hurry. If I wanted my queries broadcast to Twitter I would have done so.
  2. This new layout is so confusing and just plain horrible. The idea you have to go back two pages just to see any new posts is ridiculous imo. Also why are posts here being altermatically posted over onto Twitter? If I wanted them there I'd post them there. Utterly ridiculous.
  3. This forum seems to have disappeared yet agin for me. Anyone got this problem?
  4. So did I and I experienced the issues i described above. *eta* Ah for some reason the forum is showing now, so I don't know what happened yesterday??
  5. Can you give us a link then please because the version I found had no access?
  6. Well thats all a bit rubbish. I found their new site but It can't be viewed publicly and there doesn't appear to any way you can register?
  7. Disgusting ignorant crap. This government just gets worse every day, and once we're completely cut off from Europe it will only get worse.
  8. Imo these ideas aren't meant to actually help people into work, but just help reduce the social security budget by making it harder to claim/stay on it.
  9. Things are looking grim... https://www.theguardian.com/society/2016/oct/31/sick-pay-and-work-assessments-to-be-reviewed-jeremy-hunt-reveals
  10. I saw this conversation on Rightsnet today... So I'm guessing more pressure to be placed on those in the support group to find work or do work related activities?
  11. I'm afraid it will be a waiting game, but If you said the letter did not mention fraud, then maybe thats a good sign?
  12. Yes imo they are. I've read of some councils doing this and sadly succeeding.
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