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  1. sorry only just seen this reply, I sent in a covering letter with a spreadsheet and the interest added, they wrote back saying no and this is their final reply in relation to this matter, which is why i gave up Cabot are phoning several times a day and writing letters each week, saying they will continue to contact me until i pay my debt, do I do yet another cca? as i did one for the first debt collecting company and they wrote back saying they were passing it back to studio, who then obviously passed it on to cabot
  2. When I did spreadsheet it comes to over £1000, but studio were having none but of it!
  3. Have had another letter from cabot saying I need to pay balance off in full or come up with a repayment plan, if they dont here from me within 14 days they will be phoning or writing to me. They have been phoning a couple of times a day before I received this new letter and after anyway! Can i send them a cca?
  4. Cabot sent letter today, statement of account. Says they've recently reviewed my account and are informing me of all financial transactions, said I don't need to do anything!! Any payment made will be applied to outstanding balance Original sender studio agreement date 1997, when studio sent me info it only went back to 2001 and no agreement included Not sure what I need to do now
  5. Letter included from studio to say express gifts have assigned it to cabotts, letter from Cabot say they've bought the debt
  6. Sorry DX its cabots not lowells, senior moment!! ,letter from them says they are managing my debt now
  7. Update & some advise needed please I tried to reclaim charges, but studio were having none of it, saying they were legal etc., etc.,, now I've just received a letter from lowells to say my studio debt of £74 has ben passed on to them and all further payments need to be sent to them, I didn't think studio could pass on the debt without a signed agreement, studio sent through everything but a agreement when I sent a cca! Moorcroft passed it back to studio and studio have now passed it on to lowells, yet they have still not sent me a signed agreement Any h
  8. No ppi but there are some £12 charges on there etc., I'm assuming I now need to SAR grattan for all the information?
  9. I got into arrears with them in the last year and up until they passed it on to EOS I was getting monthly statements. I think it was 2007 I took it out but will check. Not sure what my next course of action is
  10. Hope I've scanned it correctly. I'm paying by standing order and to grattan. They blocked me from being able to view my account online but I set up a standing order ages ago so carry on paying it via that. grattan cca.pdf
  11. Hi I sent a cca to EOS on 21st January, I received a reply to say they have passed it to grattan. I received a reply from grattan on 13th February, letter dated 11th february, enclosing a reconstituted copy of my current credit agreement, saying this approach is consistent with the requirements of the consumer credit act 1974 as amended. None of my actual details filled in on the form. And that if I have not yet come to a payment agreement with eos please contact them immediately. I'm still paying my £10 a month, and have not yet contacted eos since grat
  12. I have now received a letter from eos solutions saying that they are contacting me as I haven't arranged a suitable payment plan with grattan. I have tried but every amount I ask to pay they say its not enough but have carried on paying £10 a month anyway. Eos say I either pay in ful or if I can't to contact them to arrange a suitable payment plan. Can anyone advise what I should do now please. Is there any point sending a CCA? I know there are alot of charges on this account so is it best to SAR? I'm still confused about the right way to go about this.
  13. Hi I posted on here before about my grattan debt. to give a brief outline I was ill 2013/14 and grattan asked for doctors letters, not fit for work forms etc which I sent them. They agreed to freeze interest for a few months but then wouldn't do it again. I have been paying £10 a month which on a debt of over £1600 isn't great but its all I can afford, although the payment have been coming off my account grattan wont accept this and asked for another doctors letter and for me to get a debt charity involved which I haven't done. I have two other catalogue debts they have both stopped all char
  14. tinki44

    Moorcroft Argos

    Yes it says its their final response to the matter but since then heard nothing so have cotinued to pay £20 a month
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