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Found 11 results

  1. Hi All Had ROP on a Vanquis credit card between 2007 and 2011 of almost £400. I defaulted in 2011 and the debt was sold to Lowell in 2012 and is still outstanding. Can I claim back the ROP as it is over 6 years old? Can I claim from Vanquis even though the debt has been sold to Lowell? If I can reclaim would Vanquis pay me or or pay Lowell to reduce the balance)? Is there a standard letter to claim? Do I need to calculate interest or will Vanquis do that? Any advice gratefully received. regards Steve
  2. So for a quick recap, I had an account in 2009 with Vanquis. Account was sold to Arrow and Rectums put in a claim form. they never responded to my defence so claim was auto-stayed. Full thread here if anyone wants to read: https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?477307-Arrow-restons-claimform-old-Vanquis-Card-debt-statute-barred Now I don't know where my head was, but only found out a few days ago that Vanquis are refunding people. Looked on their website and they state if you owed Debt purchaser money, it would be offset, etc. This can be found here: https://www.vanquis.co.uk/existing-customers/repayment-option-plan-refund Now I have a spreadsheet where I listed all my ROP as well as charges they put on my account and was wondering if I should get reclaiming? It is statute barred. I've attached spreadsheet for info. According to Arrow I owed them £700 (from a £200 credit limit on the card) VANQUIS-CAG.xls
  3. Hi All. As the title say's is Vanquis Bank (Credit Card) Repayment Option Plan (ROP) the same as a PPI & Can it be reclaimed. Today I've received my SAR. I've typed up all the Charges and ROP's so far but yet to put into the CAG sheet's as I'm unsure which of the following can attempted to be re-claimed & which CAG sheet to use: (Date range of values is 03/08/10 to 04/10/15 - My credit Limit is only 250) 337.45 Billed Finance Charges Trans Type Purchase Interest 15.34 Billed Finance Charges Trans Type Cash Interest 30.42 Billed Finance Charges Trans Type Default Fee Interest 0.96 Billed Finance Charges Trans Type Default Fee Plan Int Free 188 ROP Payment 420 OverLimit Charge 36 Unpaid Item Charge 132 Late Payment Charge -36 Refund Late Payment Charge -108 Refund OverLimit Charge 11.33 Billed Deferred Finance Charges -7.4 Refund ROP -19.04 Refund Billed Finance Charges -0.65 Interest Credit Adjustment (Yep the Over limit are labeled Interest Free - yet I get Default Interest) The letter that is attached to the SAR states that in relation to the CCA - they have said "The Documentation that you appear to be requesting is under Section 77-79 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974, and not the Data Protection Act 1998, please note a statutory fee of £1 is required for this service" - Is this correct? Surely the SAR should cover everything? No statements have been included as "these are charged at £5 per copy as stated in the Terms & Conditions" but they have supplied a list of transactions - is this all I would require for any support of claim? I'm awaiting the calls/transcripts - to see how this was sold and if I did accept it.... Will post these once received.
  4. A few months ago I was delving deeply into my finances and noticed that I had ROP added to my Vanquis account. As with other people I didn’t know that I had this on my account, but after speaking to Vanquis over the phone I have done so since June 2012, so nearly 4 years and apparently agreed to this. (must have cost me at least £2000 just in the ROP never mind interest. I sent them a SAR requesting all correspondence and sent my £10 cheque in. They rang me soon after to tell me that I could just have a copy of the recording for free. So I haven't got all paperwork. I have just listened to the recording which is of them ringing me to offer me this garbage. The call is 9 minutes long. I refused the ROP twice during the phone call and after a last ditch attempt the sales person offered it to me for 1p for 3 months and I finally said yes just to get her off the phone. Obviously I forgot to cancel and only just realised I was paying it. I have life cover that would cover me in the event of unemployment, sickness etc, which I did say in the call so I don’t this ROP. Do I have a leg to stand on or do I have to accept being robbed of over £2000 for nothing in return?
  5. Hi, Has anyone ever reclaimed this con that Vanquis Bank call ROP. I have been paying it unknowing for years. I know i would not have signed up for it and should not have been given it. I was on a fixed term appointment within the civil service (HMRC), I never claimed or used it when the contract ended. Because I was on fixed term contract surely that means I should not have been offered it. I have been in touch with couple of companies that said they have been successful, but they lied! Once I had given them all the info, they said they could not pursue claims against Vanquis. Has anyone ever actually claimed it back successfully? If so, please can you advise me how. I have been paying for over 4 years and its only recently I discovered what i was i was paying. i thought it was some monthly charge. thanks in advance
  6. I have had an account with Vanquis for a few years (opened originally as I had a poor credit rating) and i am looking to close thsi and balance transfer to a 0% account. I never check my statements (bad, i know) as i get a text each month with my balance and the min amount payable. When looking at my statements toady (i can only see back about 6 months) i noticed a Repayment Option Plan payments of about £14 each month. My questions are: I know i did not agree to any sort of protection on my payments, what can i do to claaim this back? Should i do this before balance transferring and closing the account with Vanquis?Thanks
  7. I am going to be putting in a claim with Vanquis for the charges and ROP that they charged while I held the card with them, I have looked and am finding it difficult to see if there are any recent(ish) claims that have been won so I can try and swat up on the likely tack. Anyone know of any claims that have been won against Vanquis?
  8. Hi Guys, I could do with some advice please. I apologise now, this is long winded!! After having a card for several years, I ran into financial difficulties & couldn't keep up repayments, I tried to come to an arrangement, (I also asked for ROP to be stopped, which they did not do!). In January 2012 I sent a SAR which came back along with a letter about ROP stating I had agreed to it & they record phone calls etc & if I was not satisfied, complain to FOS within 6 months. I have been trying to get copies of phone calls (to no avail) & finally went to FOS this year and complained that Vanquis miis sold ROP, or at least broke their terms & conditions. The reason for this is that in T&C's it states that ROP is charged as a transaction & taken from available credit. But as I had gone over my limit, I had no available credit, so how could they charging me for ROP? FOS have sided with Vanquis, they say Vanquis complained that I did not go to FOS within 6 months of January 2012, but as I was not making a complaint last year, why should I? The upshot of this is I am now looking at court action and would appreciate any advice in how to go to court, or should I appeal to FOS? Many thanks James
  9. Hi, had a claim for mis-selling ROP against Vanquis. It has been turned down by the FOS. The basis of my claim was based on the fact that I received full pay for sickness for 6 months and half pay for a further 6 months. Also redundancy pay. I work for a large public sector company. I was never asked for this info when I took out the card and have stated in my claim that the policy was of no use to me. However the FOS have come down on the side of Vanquis. I received this info earlier today. Do I draw a line under this and move on or is it worth pursuing further
  10. Hi everyone, I have just been going through the other half's vanquis account and found out that she has been paying for ROP, she never asked for this and I am sure that when she spoke to them on the phone she said that it was not needed. I have written the letter below, and was wondering if anyone has been able to claim it back. Thanks JJ Dear Sir or Madam; With regards to the account I have with you I would like to raise a formal complaint. After checking my last couple of statements I have been charged for Repayment Option Plan. I have never asked for this and when I spoke to one of your representatives a little while ago I said I did not want this on the account as it is not needed and not applicable to me. With this in mind I would like all payments that I have made refunded to the account including all interest charges as well. I would this cancelled from the account immediately. If you are unwilling to do this I will have no option but to take the matter up with the financial ombudsman.
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