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  1. Hi Dx Yes they sent me through a full breakdown yesterday. N
  2. Would anyone have a link to the initial letter and spreadsheet detailing charges that I need to send to GE. Thanks N
  3. Same situation as us Martin. They took us to court about 9 months after we had arranged a repayment plan and stuck to it. Added to untold amount of stress and adfitional worry. I'm following your thread with interest. Good luck N
  4. Hi I am hoping someone will be able to help me or provide some advice on this. In February 2007 we took out a secured loan with GE Money for £10,000. My husband was made redundant a short time later and we ended up falling in to arrears. This culminated in GE Money taking us to court and getting a suspended repossession order. All arrears were eventually paid off. A few years later my husband was made redundant again and we incurred further arrears which have again been dealt with. The loan is due to expire next February I have noticed that there are large charges on the account. Based on the charges it would take me a further 2 years to pay back the loan. I wrote to GE Money asking for a breakdown of the charges which I received today. They total £1819.11 which is made up of admin fees, 765.50 of solicitor fees, debt councils and additional interest. I am hoping someone can tell me if I can claim all or any of these fees back? And if so could you help with sending me a template letter or offering advice to do so. Many thanks N
  5. Hi I am hoping someone can offer some advice. My husband submitted paperwork to the CMS to allow the maintenance claim to be calculated. It included his 2015 tax return and a 2016 projected return. He was made redundant in 2015 and the tax return included paye earnings as well as self employed earnings following his redundancy. Cms then spoke to his accountant who confirmed he was now solely self employed. Yesterday we received calculation paperwork based on his gross paye earnings and not the current subcontractor earnings. He phoned to appeal this as the figures would be very different and was told they can only use his 2015 tax return. How can we appeal this decision as the next set of returns aren't due until April and he simply can't afford to start making the current payments as the calculations are wrong and he will never be able to retrieve this back. Any help would be appreciated.
  6. Glad you got sorted. Hope Folle gets sorted too x
  7. Any news Folle? Did someone phone you back? Thinking about you hun x
  8. Well if she said she would do it from April 10 then that's what you should be looking at.
  9. You will not end up in prison. Please put that out of your mind. Worst case scenario you will get a slapped wrist and have to pay back the full amount. They will agree a payment pan with you that you can adhere to. At least with this you can put it behind you and move on x
  10. The lady I spoke to told me I couldn't offset what I would have been entitled to against my overpayment. She told me the only way I could do that would be if they had given me inaccurate information which led to me incorrectly claiming in the first place. Folle, I really think you should try and muster up the courage to phone them. I can't tell you the relief I felt immediately after speaking to them. Although I know I still have a way to go with resolving and repaying the overpayment, I am much less stressed and anxious.
  11. Thanks guys for all your support over the past few days - means a lot! Hope you all get sorted soon x
  12. She's just phoned. Shaking so much - can hardly type. Put my hands up to it and agreed it was from when I made the new claim in june 2009. She said as I admitted it they would do it from april 2010 to now and she would send it out in the post. Really nice and helpful. Just waiting for letter now. Feel ten times happier x
  13. Sitting in work with phone beside me and no call yet. Bricking it!
  14. Well lady is meant to phone me tomorrow as she has been off all week. If I don't hear anything tomorow I'll write to them and deal. With it that way. Can't keep living this way and not knowing
  15. There can be no harm in trying and explaining the effects all the waiting is having on your health. Even if they were to give an indication then at least you know what you are dealing with x
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