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  1. And here's another one. Name of the Claimant - Lowell Portfolio I LTD Date of issue – 16 JUL 2018 Date to acknowledge) = 03/08 Date to submit defence = 17/08 Particulars of Claim 1) The Defendant opened a Simply Be Regulated consumer credit account under reference xxxx on 10/02/2015 ('the agreement').xxxx 2) In breach of the Agreement, the Defendant failed to maintain the required payments and the Agreement was terminated. 3). The Agreement was later assigned to the Claimant on 12/01/2017 and written notice was given to the Defendant. 4) Despite repeated requests for payment, the sum of £4XX.XX remains due and outstanding. And the claimant claims a)The said sum of £4XX.XX b) Interest pursuant to s69 County Courts Act 1984 at the rate of 8% per annum from the date of assignment to the date of issue, accruing at a daily rate of £0.089, but Limited to one year, being £32.58 c)Costs Have you received prior notice of a claim being issued pursuant to paragraph 3 of the PAPDC (Pre Action Protocol)? I don't think so, she has been keeping that comes in now instead of throwing it away and she does not have a copy of that. What is the total value of the claim? - £5XX.XX Is the claim for - a Bank Account (Overdraft) or credit card or loan or catalogue or mobile phone account? A Catalogue When did you enter into the original agreement before or after April 2007? After Has the claim been issued by the original creditor or was the account assigned and it is the Debt purchaser who has issued the claim? Debt Purchaser. Were you aware the account had been assigned – did you receive a Notice of Assignment? Unknown Did you receive a Default Notice from the original creditor? Unknown Have you been receiving statutory notices headed “Notice of Default sums” – at least once a year ? Unknown Why did you cease payments? Payments became too much, the Catalouge kept increasing her limit every month so she spent it, despite being unemployed. What was the date of your last payment? Early 2016 Was there a dispute with the original creditor that remains unresolved? No. Did you communicate any financial problems to the original creditor and make any attempt to enter into a debt management plan? Yes, offered reduced payments to clear but they kept adding interest on it which made clearing impossible. They did not respond to further contact through the account portal. Marked as defended and CCA/CPR will be in the post.
  2. Hi, so I really don't know what my options are (if any) In 2014, when I was 18 my mum asked if she could open a catalogue in my name... I agreed as she told me it would help build up my credit rating. I specifically told her not to get in debt with it.... I had thought she'd stopped using it after that year. Background: My mother has C-PTSD and due to this is absolutely appalling at handling money- sadly for me I've only just realised how big an issue it is as she always seemed like she was dealing with any debts she has. She is not receiving any help with this at all as any health professionals involved in her care have never enquired and she's never admitted it as a problem (even now she's acknowledged it but not... if that makes sense?) The only professional she sees (she's just started another block of therapy after so many years) is a psychotherapist. Credit Rating: This month I went into my bank to ask for an increase in my overdraft. I'm a student and my loans are just about enough to cover my rent and placement travel this term, so finance wise I'm not in the best situation myself at least until the nee year when my term rent is a bit cheaper. I found out that the bank wouldn't increase my overdraft, literally not even by £100...due to my poor credit rating. This was confusing as I have 1 credit card and I always pay either the full amount or more than the monthly minimum. Went on and got my credit report from Equifax. I have a 404 credit rating and 'my' catalogue debt is £1500 now passed onto lowell with a default placed in March. My mum has said she must have had a default notice as she set up a monthly payment to lowell in July and has been paying this ever since. She was under the impression that the default would be removed if the debt is paid in full. That's obviously not the case. It lasts 6 years. My score has tanked and considering I will be qualified next year and want to start saving for a mortgage... it would be pretty impossible! Right now, I resent her for getting me in this as I didn't want to have debt like her (although this is my responsibility as well and I've been beating myself up about it) I don't know what to do Main Points *I had no knowledge of the default until obtaining my credit report... 1) The catalogue is in my name and I live at the same address as my mum 2) I've used my current bank card on that account to pay some money towards it (before it was passed to Lowell and had a default added to it) 3) 'I've' already acknowledged this debt as per the repayment plan with Lowell so there's no chance of the 'i didn't know' loophole working. 4) Even if my mum admitted to the debt, with her abysmal credit there's no way they would transfer it over to her 5) Even if she admitted to the debt, it's fraud. I would be utterly terrified of her getting into legal trouble about this! She's ill and yeah it's not an excuse but it's an explanation for her behaviour. She has a lot of trauma and controlling her money and spending money is a very big comfort to her. 6) I am not my mums carer my dad is but honestly, he's useless with money as well and just gets stressed and confused with it. My dad and I have just been ... I don't know, ignoring it kind of? And now I really can't and have to try and get this fixed. Questions A) Is there any way at all, or has anyone had any success with writing to Lowell and offering to pay the full amount owed immediately if they remove the default? B) I know if they won't remove it you can ask for an explanation for the default on your score but I wouldn't have a clue what to write on that? Or if it would make any difference C) Or if they won't remove it on offer of the money. Would it be worth writing to them explaining the situation as well as still offering to pay.. would that have any luck? *if I explained the situation to Lowell would it have to be reported as fraud? D) Does persistence work? If I kept writing and emailing them asking them to remove the default? How persistent, I.e: a letter every week? Emailing the CEO every week? Recorded phone calls? Or would they just claim harassment... E) If they don't remove it and I still pay it in full so it says it's a paid default on my account... There's differing opinions as to whether that will improve your credit score or increase likelyhood of lenders approving you for things like cc/banking/mortgages/finance. ? Not sure whether it would change anything on my credit and make my bank more likely to increase my o.d. my mum is under the impression that it would... So yes... I fully am more than aware I messed up as well. I didn't bother to keep track of something in my name and it was a big mistake I'm clearly paying for now. I'm just very anxious. I'm 22... I really wouldn't want this hanging over my head til I was 29. It's one blip on my credit score compared to the past nearly 2 years of good credit and now it's totally ruined. I still have my credit card and obviously I will continue building up credit ect... but it all feels for nothing knowing I'll have the default hanging over my head. I just feel so depressed and anxious with it all and I can't talk to either of my parents cause my dad doesn't know or want to know and my mum already feels awful enough as it is about it.. Hopefully maybe someone can please start pointing me in the right direction.. . I'd be very grateful. Thank you...
  3. Hi I have received a county court claim form from Lowells for an old catalogue debt of £186 and I dont know the first thing to do , can anyone help me please? I cant even remember having the catalogue they say its from December 2011
  4. Is it possible to reclaim catalogue fees from Littlewoods/Very on accounts over 8 years old now and have subsequently been sold to DCAs? i would like to know if its likely to be successful.... so i can get some money back and use it to pay off some other debts If so i understand i send them a subject access request but i havent' got a clue what the account numbers were etc? any way around this? what do i do?
  5. Hi there, I wonder if anyone can help me with a small problem I have a littlewoods catalogue that i have had for a few years, Me and my wife only use it when they have a sale on or send us discount vouchers, We usually pay it off fully before the payment date The latest balance was £25 and i meant to pay it in time but forgot I suddenly remembered it today and logged in to find it should have been paid Friday, I have cleared it today with a card payment online and now it shows 0 balance Though it is the 13th today it actually shows payment made on the 12th which will be 1 day late Does anyone know if they will mark my credit report with a late payment, It took me a long time to get a perfect credit score and i would be devastated is all that was ruined by a day late payment
  6. I am helping a relative with a claim that has come through MCOL. After requesting documents, we have finally been sent the Claimant's Witness Statement which includes a schedule with some further information. I want to get a supplementary witness statement prepared plus a skeleton argument. I saw one thread that seems to cover the situation http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?443519-Lowell-claim-form-old-shop-direct-CAT-debt-***Claim-Dismissed*** However the links to the relevant documents are not working and I have seen some mention of the documents being lost following a hack. Post #149 onwards seems relevant http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?443519-Lowell-claim-form-old-shop-direct-CAT-debt-***Claim-Dismissed***/page8 Can anyone help me find these or similar documents that I can use as a guide? Thanks
  7. I need help/assistance regarding a Simple Procedure claim that was posted through my door on Thursday 5th October by Sheriff Officers. The claim by Capquest/Shoosmith is regarding a catalogue debt which I believe should be statute barred as the date that a default was issued was 10/07/2012. I suffer from a long term illness and also depression and around that time was in and out of hospital frequently and for one reason or another, ignored the debt! Capquest/Shoosmith are now pushing to recover the debt which was initially owed to shop direct for the sum of £449.37. As I rely solely on benefits, I am unable to pay this without putting myself in further financial difficulty. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!
  8. Hi My husband has had an account with JD Williams for the past 6 years, 4 years ago we experienced difficulties and they accepted interest free payments of £20 per month which we have paid religiously ever since. Last week he received a letter saying the account had been sold to Lowell and that all payments should now be made to them. I have no issue doing that but they have now started calling our landline (my hubby works nights so we could do without that really!) and we don't want to start being harassed when everything's been fine for 4 years. Is there anything we can/should do? My son answered the phone and is now worried sick :-/ Many thanks Maudy
  9. Hello for the first time ever i recently checked my credit file. All seems pretty good except that four 1/2 years ago someone obtained a CCJ for a catalogue debt (that is not in my name) at the address i lived six years ago I was not living at the address at the time so was unable to submit a defence. They would not have had a signed credit agreement I am concerned as recently i have received phone calls from Capquest asking me to contact them urgently. if their inquiry is in relation to the above how should i proceed? Thank you.
  10. Hello, I hope I can get some advice please. I seen an offer on Littlewoods website for 20% cash back on all laptops , I said to order and select buy now pay later at check out and that 20% credit would be applied to acc, I did not have to enter any codes at all. Recd laptop but no credit to acc after 3weeks I called them today and was told that i ordered on 4th june and offer ended end may! This offer was on the website and i followed instructions for the offer. Can you tell me where I stand as seems they are not going to honour the offer. I have no proof as didnt take a screen shot but would like to know where I go from here ? Can I return the laptop ? it has been used but I would think under the credit acc I have been missold . I am happy with the lap top and happy to keep but not without my cashback offer and the lap top was over £900 so it is alot of cashback that is due to me. Any advice appreciated.
  11. Hi guys I have an old Kays catalogue 2010 that is on my credit report and has had a CCJ applied 2014. I took the catalogue on from my mum originally but never signed an agreement. I then ended up moving house twice and knew nothing about the CCJ until now. What do i do? I could either get the ccj put aside which i think i have to do a n224 form for and comes with a fee. Question will i have to go to court to set it aside as im a nervous wreck. My other option would be to challenge the debt because its not signed. I dont have a credit agreement so i cant check whether there are any loop holes. If i do this has anyone got a draft letter they could provide me as i havnt a clue about laws and stuff like that. if anyone chooses to reply please bear in mind im not very good understanding legal stuff Thanks for looking x
  12. Please can you help me? My sister bought my son a Play Station 4 (PS4) games console complete with 2 games from Very Catalogue of which she is a customer. She bought the PS4 April 24th 2015 to give to him on his birthday June 9th 2015.She kept the present unopened at her home and gave it to my son on his birthday. Unfortunately on opening the PS4 and setting it up, the PS4 is faulty and does not work so we would like to return it. My sister contacted Very so that she could return it to them but was told,that because the PS4 is out of the 28 day guarantee period that we must send it back to the PS4 suppliers.My sister told them that she bought the PS4 from them as a present and it was not opened until his birthday when we discovered that it was faulty. We contacted PS4 and they said that if we send it to them, that they would probably repair it or send us a reconditioned model.This we find is totally unacceptable! PS4 also gave us a reference number and said that it is easier for Very to send it back to them via their distributors. Very are refusing to accept the faulty PS4 back. My sister called Very again yesterday and is now awaiting a call from one of their managers. The PS4 cost £409.00 ( £412.95, included 3.95 postage) of which she is paying it off over 3 months interest free £137.65). The first payment has already been paid. My sister will pay for the console as she does not wish to have any credit problems. If necessary Very will have to refund her later on. From reading other threads about this company I fear a long and protracted battle ahead. So I would like to know how best we can move forward. Also in the meantime I have an unhappy son and a useless games console that doesn't work. Any advice would be greatly received,many thanks!
  13. Hello I have a very account, due to financial difficulties I fall behind on the payments and then stopped making payments ( I know, not smart) I have decided that its time to face my debt and I can see the debt on my credit report as "default". I don't want this effecting my credit rating I want to pay the debt of £382 (with a reasonable price plan £10.00 per month). I recently received a call from First Credit Ltd, I told them that I won't speak to them via phone only via written correspondence. I believe I will start receiving their letters very soon. I have logged on to my Very account today and its still active and still asking for payment. My question is, Could I arrange a payment plan with the originally creditor (Very) at this stage? If I make £10 monthly payments via my Very on line account, will it go towards my very account? or be refused? I really don't want to deal with the credit agency/collectors, I rather pay the company I owe the money to directly (If I can) Thank you in advance
  14. My friend has had a catalogue with account cover plus on (PPI) for over 20years. She has been in financial difficulty for three years and cant afford her catalogue payments. It was only when I got involved that I found out about PPI. She says she didn't want the cover but was pressured into taking it. She was either unemployed or on part time work at the time. I suppose that's how club books make their money from people who cant afford to pay outright. Having used the compound interest calculator using just £1 @ 44.8% it comes out today at £ 4,412.89 Now she has been paying them for 22years so this is going to be a huge claim? That makes me think it will be strongly contested. your thoughts please.
  15. Dear fellow members, Some advice on the following saga, which has been going on for years, would be appreciated. I'll try and keep the explanation as short as possible. In 2011, I deposited a cheque into my NW account. A few days later, it appeared to have cleared because I had available funds showing in my account, so I withdrew some money. The day after I withdrew money, the cheque bounced, which left my account significantly over my overdraft limit. I speak with Collections and suggest that we speak again in a month's time, by which time, I'd have done some figures and worked out how much I can pay per month, to reduce the balance. They were fine with this. 30 days later, they hadn't called me. 32 days later (only 2 days after the 'we'll have a conversation in a month's time date), I receive a 'Dear John, we have closed your accounts and give you 60 days to repay the balance...' letter. I call NW, to discuss the matter and nobody can discuss the matter with me, because the accounts are now 'closed'. I tried speaking with Customer Services, 2x Collections Departments, Customer Complaints, a Previous NW Business Manager, Business Customer Services etc. Absolutely nobody could discuss the matter with me, despite me trying in vain to discuss it with them. A couple of people gave me a phone number to call, which I did. It was an unmanned voicemail facility and I left a few messages, but obviously, nobody called me back. - I could not believe how hard I was trying to speak with somebody about me paying them money and how much they obviously didn't want it - phenomenal, I couldn't have tried any harder! After banging my head against the brick wall for a few weeks and getting nowhere, I sent a letter (recorded delivery) directly to the then CEO, Stephen Hester. In short, I explained my accounts had been closed, I was trying in vain to set up a plan for repayment, but nobody would speak to me and that I knew this would start having a serious impact on my credit history - so please get your skates on, find some common sense and speak to me so I can pay you! I then received a letter from someone in the CEO's office and opened conversation with him regarding the situation, via letters and phone calls (full conversation notes takes). He fully understood the situation, was sympathetic and seemed to be doing something about the situation. The fact that I had found his direct phone number and was regularly calling him seemed to help. He then passed me onto another internal department, that could deal with a repayment plan and rectify and harm done to my credit history. I spoke to the guy there, who seemed a bit vague because he had to constantly liaise with his boss on the matters. Eventually, I found the direct dial for his boss and also their mobile number and I was in constant communication with them. Now I was in communication with 2 different people in the RBS HQ offices (who seemed contactable, had common sense and enough clout to get things done)and things seemed to be going swimmingly well. I agreed to pay back the balance over 3 months and they agreed to rectify my credit history (because it was their negligence that had effected it). I asked them to put it in writing that they would rectify my credit history, because I didn't want to keep my end of the deal, only for them to renege on theirs'. One of them thought they should check with their legal department, before writing me email confirmation of this. Guess what, their legal department tells them they couldn't do it. I then receive a letter from them saying, you have to pay everything back and we won't rectify your credit history and that this is a ‘Final Response’ from them (in complete contradiction to what we had been discussing for months) Maybe I shouldn't have asked them for it in writing, who knows. What I do know, is that while the whole saga had been going on, my credit history had been left on tatters (shows 2x defaults). Some advice on the best way forward would be appreciated. To pre-empt some questions; - They have not sent me any default notices - The amount of the defaults on my credit files are wrong - Having tallied up all bank charges I have had from them since I opened the accounts + interest, it comes to 2-3 times the amount owed to them - They have not been able to send me any T's&C's, overdraft agreements etc, following my SOR request - My credit history deteriated and went to defaults, whilst they were being negligent in not speaking with me and later on whilst people in HQ were speaking with me and were assuring me that they were dealing with things - I went over the OD limit, purely because they let me draw on a cheque that was showing as cleared I really look forward to some good guidance on the best way forward here and thanks in advance
  16. Hello, I have 3 accounts with Shop Direct and I lost my job in June last year. I tried to keep up with my payments to Shop Direct for as long as I could but other things had to take priority in the end - rent, council tax and utility bills. I informed Shop Direct of my problem but they said that there was nothing I could do expect set up a payment plan. "Fine", I thought, this will help reduce my outgoings a bit. But no. Shop Direct wanted £200+ pounds per month, which was more than what I was paying without the payment plan. This, apparently, was to cover interest and arrears, which by then I had missed a month. There was 'nothing else they could do" and I certainly couldn't afford that. I have sent letters (recorded delivery) to Shop Direct and they have yet to respond. I'm getting nowhere and the arrears have spiralled! It's now with NDR and I explained to them about how much I can afford, which is £30 per month to cover the three accounts (so £10 per month for each account) and they said that it is too low and that would be rejected and the account will continue to have further action against it even though I requested that they stop any further action until it can be resolved. They're flat out refusing to do anything and I'm close to have a default against me! I feel like I can't do anything else! Can someone help? I want to pay my debts but I can't pay what they're asking for! Thanks
  17. hi, am new to this site and would like some advice about how much i should be offering to littlewoods & very which i owe around £8000 once bnpl & charges are added, i am on benefits with 3 children & struggling to make ends meet at the mo ....& just dont no which way to turn, i have been struggling every month to pay them £204 which is taking me more & more overdrawn with my bank... ..thankyou in advance!!!!! hi, thankyou very much for the speedy replie, how do i go about offering them £1pcm do i need to put this in writing !!! thanks! ok, thanks dx, will send letter off today, what do i do if they say there passing it over to a debt collection agencie, will also start process about reclaiming charges!!! but as im only paying £1pcm they are just gunna add more & more charges thanks!! is there any template letters on here which could help me write up the correct sort of letter i need to send them!!!!!thanks again thanks, dx maybe be able to enjoy a good xmas with my kids now without the need to worry!!! very wont take offer of 5 pound pcm and say they are passing the debt over to nationwide debt recovery on the 15th, at wits end now just dont no what to do for the best thanks, but they say its being passed to dca on the 15th any advice on how to deal with these companys and what can they do just dont no which way to turn with this anymore, thanks thanks for the advice, but what can these dca do and how should i deal with them thanks once again. thanks, but keep thinking bailiffs are going to turn up at the door. thanks, for all the advice is there any sort of letter i could send to stop all the the rubbish im about to get from the nationwide debt recovery thanks. ok thanks ill try this and see how it goes just dint wont bailiffs banging on the door, these companys make me sick the way they treat you, always paid full amount on time but now i can no longer do that through not being able to work due to ill health, with 3 young children to look after they are slowly grinding me down thanks again for the advice on this. recieved letter from ndr this morning demanding payment, but yet very has still sent monthly statement out and took the £5 which i am paying every month but who do i pay now ndr or carry on making £5pcm to very ? or is ther any sort of letter i can send to ndr just dont no what to do.........thanks Hi could some one give me any idea if my partner will be able to claim working tax credits , I claim ESA contribution base have 3 children and get child tax and my partner works 27 hours per week will she be able to claim working tax or does my benefit affect it thanks any info would be fantastic Ok thanks Hi all hope someone can help , would like to no if there is anyway I can get very to stop adding interest to my account so that I can begin to start seeing the balance come down instead of going up and up any help on this would be great thanks Hi could anybody tell me how I could possible get very to stop adding intrest to my account so I can start to see the balance coming down instead of getting higher and higher any help would be really great with this as I just don't no what to do thankyou Hi all, Any help much appreciated. My little woods acct has now been sold to cap quest. I owe £5013.76 majority of this is interest and charges I am not disputing I owe them money but not wanting to pay all the interest and charges . I spoke to cap quest this morning and they are asking me what exactly I'm disputing as they will go back to little woods and tell them this as I have no involvement with little woods anymore. capquest are going back to little woods to get all my statements from 2008 (when acct was opened). I am disputing the fact that 1 month they would put interest on then they wouldn't and now my acct has spiraled out of control due to this matter. I want to know if they send me my statements out back from 2008 but don't send them all back do I have to pay all the debt even if there's statements missing or have no signature against them. Re: littlewoods & very!!! Hi all, Any help much appreciated. My little woods acct has now been sold to cap quest. I owe £5013.76 majority of this is interest and charges I am not disputing I owe them money but not wanting to pay all the interest and charges . I spoke to cap quest this morning and they are asking me what exactly I'm disputing as they will go back to little woods and tell them this as I have no involvement with little woods anymore. capquest are going back to little woods to get all my statements from 2008 (when acct was opened). I am disputing the fact that 1 month they would put interest on then they wouldn't and now my acct has spiraled out of control due to this matter. I want to know if they send me my statements out back from 2008 but don't send them all back do I have to pay all the debt even if there's statements missing or have no signature against them. Also is there anyway I can get some of the interest to of the acct. Regards mark. Hi thanks for your help DX100uk I have started a new thread.
  18. Hi this is for an old Shoe Tailor account from Dec 2004. I've checked my credit record and it's showing Lowells default date 4 January 2012. I have had no letter of intent from the Solicitors? I have made payments to this debt so pretty sure it is not statute barred. It has been to lots of different DCAs. I have now entered into a Debt Management Plan and Lowell have more than one account with me and do know this. I had passed accounts to Stepchange, which i informed all creditors of. Having checked my email I only put reference for the other account i have with them in the email i sent them notifying them of my move to Stepchange. I believe I last paid this account on the 23rd December 2014. The particulars of the claim are: The claim is for 3352.20 the amount due under an agreement between the original creditor and the defendant to provide finance and/or services and/or goods. The debt was assigned to/purchased by Lowell Portfolio Ltd on 20/12/2012 and notice served pursuant to the law of property act 1925. re: JD Williams account. What do I do now? As its a catalogue I'm guessing they wont have nor need a signed agreement? Also I can only see 12 months of my record on my credit file but believe this debt has become more than double the original value i had with Williams originally as although i was making payments they charged me more than my payments.
  19. I have been having problems paying a mail order catalogue for a few months now, due to being diagnosed with a incurable lifelong illness and being on steroid medication etc haven't been working as much as I would like, hoping to be in remission one day! I contacted littlewoods saying I was having problems and instead of the £100 I normally pay they would let me pay £50 for two months which I did, then as soon as the two months were up they went back to continually phoning and sending letters, I've written asking them to let me have reduced payments for 6 months but seem to be ignoring me. I did ask for them to refund PPI and charges on my account a few years ago which they did but I never sent a SAR or a CCA or whatever else I was supposed to send, just filled out a form they sent me and they paid a amount I was happy with. They are still charging £12 each month for either missed/late payments. I'm not sure what to do now? I also have a grattan account which I'm in the same situation with, they let me reduce payments for 4 months but still added interest on but not the £12, now the 4 months have finished they are adding the interest and the £12 each month and the amount is spiralling out of control, Grattan said they would only freeze interest if I go through stepchange or similar and sort out a monthly payment scheme, I don't know what to do next Thank you for reading this
  20. I have a Very mail order catalogue for many many years, have a huge credit limit and only every owe it £100 - £150 at a time at most. Maybe a couple of day late payments but NEVER been in default, never not paid etc etc. can they just send me a letter increasing the general interest rate from 14% to 26% a nd make it apply to the amount I have outstanding. I thought it would be on future orders but it appears it's on everything I owe. Can they just randomly put the rate up? I didn't order goods at 26% can they legally just effectively charge me what they like.
  21. I ordered a pair of Ladies Lt. Grey Norvel trousers among a 3 item order with 'Gift of grey wool skin coat' 6th Dec. 2013 which arrived soon after, other items fine but Norvel trousers were in packing labelled Lt. Grey but trousers inside were Beige I emailed the Support section immediately also including my landline number but no reply, I also phoned their Expensive 0871 number and informed that I was returning this item, which cost Me £2.60 post and because I was returning on 19th Dec and wanting to avoid Xmas parcels for Exchange of item I re-ordered (big mistake - I hadn't secretly marked Return Item) When I received Item Re-ordered it was exactly same. When I sent back the 2nd time on 5th Jan 2014 I marked the item pack on the incorrect label and taped onto the pack complete set of papers including copies of both Emails and sent another complete set separately regarding non-arrival of 'Wool Skin Coat' It then cost me over £9 in calls to 0871 to get the Return Items Credited on the Personal Account which they started without my consent and more phone calls to get the Faulty Item Return postage eventually shown on Account as Misc. Discount all the time adding Service Charges because I would not pay the order in full before the Returns were credited. Since Dec.2013 I have been asking for the Account to be sorted out which only Supervisor can do. I have paid £14.99 which is the cost and p & p on correct items, the Account now is only showing amount of Service Charges on the Account while they were doing nothing about my Complaint which I am not going to pay. Since Fri. 13th June by EU and Our Government Law All Retailers have to provide a 'basic' phone number ( 01/02/03) all of which are included and cost the same in all types of Telephony incl. Mobiles which Afibel have not done and the 3 calls from Fri.13th June will be costing THEM £4.95 which I will be claiming. I was told on the last call on 24th June that a Supervisor would call me, but as nothing has happened since my first Return and they are still putting Service charges on the Account each month. I am now going to send to their actual address Afibel, Columbia House, 1 Apollo Rise, Southwood Business Park, Farnborough, GU14 0GT not their P.O Box 341 Farnborough, GU14 0ZQ (which is probably a shed) a Letter of Account in Dispute by Signed for Mail. which will stop the Account dead until they contact me. I will also be reporting them to Consumer Advice and Citizens Advice Bureau. I have also found that they have got a 'True Certificate' award which I will now try to stop because they are not an Award Certificate worthy Retailer.
  22. Contacted Stepchange, considering DMP, afraid of Shop Direct etc continuing to add on interest and late fees, have been charged hundreds over last few years, if I can get any back that would help. DEBTS: VISA 5300 no missed payments ISME 1600 (570 in arrears, not making min payments at moment) FIFTY PLUS 440 (100 arrears) KandCo 60 CAP ONE 200 CAP ONE 190 TSB 500 CO-OP 400 Income 1150 mthly. Basic outgoings 900, min payments 320. Am thinking of paring food, etc right down to £25 week just to try to get rid of the catalogue debts. They are already phoning every hour or less, not answering at moment. Letter from one asking me contact Reliable Collections. Would just go with Stepchange if not afraid of cat debts going up instead of down. Any advice much appreciated, apart from anything else I need to figure out how to do SAR to them. Thanks.
  23. hi first time post.Dont know if it is valid,but is it common for Very to up its prices by !00s of pounds? To give an examplewe were going to order an american fridge,we saw it in currys for the same price, £699, we put it in our basket, and left it there, when we came back later it had changed to £959......i emailed them but they sent back a standard email saying it was a rare pricing error, i know for a fact it had been like that for a few months, and now they are annoying me with the fact they can shunt prices up...to quote them it was a rare occasion,but i know for a fact they have done it to a similar product.Is there anything that can be done or do i just have to look for the product else where? thanks to anyone who can help me
  24. Hi Really need some help on claiming the PPI back from Shop Direct on 3 different accounts along with charges. Went through few links available here but not very clear on what exactly to do. Can someone guide me through the steps in going ahead with the claim pls? Many thanks in advance
  25. Does anyone know if I can reclaim the service charges that Studio keep applying to my account? I make a payment every month and my account isnt getting paid off because they keep applying service charges!! frustrating is not the word! Thanks
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