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  1. Hi Fkofilee, Here is the draft copy of my email, to H&M Dear Sir/Madam, I am emailing you in regards to a debt I incurred, with a monthly payment H&M account which was open in 2011; the account went in to default in April 2013. The outstanding debt is £120.00. I am only prepared to make the full and final payment of the outstanding amount, on the condition that H&M removes the default marker off my credit report; I want this condition to be verified by written communication. I would be grateful if you would please, forward my email to the releva
  2. Oh thank you ��. I will email H&M today. I will post the draft email here, I would appreciate it if you could please read it and tell me whether it’s appropriate. Many thanks
  3. Hi Fkofilee, Thank you for your response. I appreciate it What is a F+F?
  4. Hello, I signed up for a noddle credit report, I have one default maker on my report. I had an H&M credit account which I stupidly defaulted on, the amount is £120.00 and the default date is 11/04/2013; it’s been sold to Arvato Financial Solutions. I do want to pay the debt off in full but I really don’t want to pay it to Arvato Financial Solutions. I was going to write or email H&M and ask them to buy the debt back off Arvato Financial Solutions, so I can pay them (H&M) directly. I will also inform H&M that full payment will be made on the
  5. Hello, Advice needed, I emailed 1st Credit Lt on Saturday to ask them, whether they have bought the debt from Shop direct Ltd or working on behalf of Shop Direct Ltd. I also informed them that; I would be sending them a letter and a request for a CCA (which I did yesterday) I just received an email from 1st credit Ltd, saying "To enable us to communicate with you via email, we would appreciate it if you could confirm the following information with us: > > * Full Name > * 1st Credit Ltd reference number > * Date of Birth > * Postal Address > *
  6. Hi Sabre Sheep, Thank you for the advice, I will be requesting a CCA and A SAR. I will keep the forum updated Thanks
  7. Thank you MIKE770 for your reply, I'm grateful for it. Should I write to Very or 1st Credit, offering them a payment plan? I opened the Very account on 2011 and I have incurred many charges, for example in April 2014 Debt collection letter fee £12.00 , Account interest £13.48, Missed minimum payment fee £12 = £37.48. I was not aware these were recoverable, I will need to obtain my statements from 2011-2013 as I only have 2014 statements. Is a template of the spreadsheet available on this forum? Many thanks
  8. Hello I have a very account, due to financial difficulties I fall behind on the payments and then stopped making payments ( I know, not smart) I have decided that its time to face my debt and I can see the debt on my credit report as "default". I don't want this effecting my credit rating I want to pay the debt of £382 (with a reasonable price plan £10.00 per month). I recently received a call from First Credit Ltd, I told them that I won't speak to them via phone only via written correspondence. I believe I will start receiving their letters very soon. I have logged on
  9. Thank you for your quick reply. I completely forgot that Barclay's took part of my backdated DLA, ( a lot has happened in my life, family illness, dad got hit by a car, my dad having 3 strokes, I started having other health issues) but it yes it was for my over draft. So I don't get what Barclay's wants from me but I do know 6 years have passed. I did send a SAR but after a 7 weeks of waiting, I only received my postal order back. Then other stuff happened in my life and I had to focus on those issues, instead on this whole Barclays issue. I will post a SBD letter to Mckenzi
  10. Hi everyone, I was wondering if any one could please, help me with my question? In June 2007 I owed Barclay's Bank £1800, ( regret getting or over using my student overdraft), I never contacted Barclay's about the debt. I did a credit check in December 2008 and the debt showed up in my credit report. In June 2008 the debt got sold/ passed to Cabot, I choose to ignore their letters and phone calls. I never arranged any type of payment plan with neither Barclay's or Cabot, I just ignored them ( I know it was not a smart thing to do but I was a teenager and at
  11. Thank you's all for your response, I'm really grateful. Silly Question but how do I pay for the Subject Access Request? I haven't got a check book. Is Postal Order ok? Who should the payment fee be made payable too? I am now starting on the letter using the Draft Letter from this website. thank you
  12. Hello everyone. I’m new here I registered a few weeks ago and I think this website is great and you all are so very helpful. I need advice in regards to an old matter with Barclays Bank which isn’t so old anymore, so please excuse the long back ground story. In 2005 September I started university and Barclays changed my current account to a student account, I was given a £500 overdraft. I remember telling the branch manger who I was dealing with that each time I get my student loan and grant that I want them to take what I owe them (for example if I have used £200 in my o
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