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  1. Thanks Ash for your prompt response. I am quite shocked as to how quick Very just wants to wash it hands of the whole matter!! I am used to good customer service from big companies and have never come across this before. I shall keep you all posted. Thanks again.
  2. Please can you help me? My sister bought my son a Play Station 4 (PS4) games console complete with 2 games from Very Catalogue of which she is a customer. She bought the PS4 April 24th 2015 to give to him on his birthday June 9th 2015.She kept the present unopened at her home and gave it to my son on his birthday. Unfortunately on opening the PS4 and setting it up, the PS4 is faulty and does not work so we would like to return it. My sister contacted Very so that she could return it to them but was told,that because the PS4 is out of the 28 day guarantee period that we must send it back t
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