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  1. Thank you for the reply . I will sar the Halifax and then post up details as see where I stand .I am a bit frightened to stop paying the shortfall incase they start court action .I have cancelled the other payments to credit cards that have been sold on as no longer on my file .Thanks
  2. Can anyone give me info on my question please ? I have read back the threads and did say I was doing all I could to avoid going bankrupt and have no regrets that we didnt go down that path . We are based in Scotland and just need to know where I stand with Moorcroft and the shortfall . Should it show anywhere on credit file ? I also would like to add we do not intend having any debt as I think we learned the hard way! but would just like to have it all cleared .
  3. Hi DX, We actually did take advice and ignored the ones that had no paperwork . We part settled many and only made arrangements with a couple , The house was sold not repossessed and there was a shortfall which Im sure we had to pay . I have cancelled the payment to the other 2 as no longer on our credit file . I did not want to face the shame of bankrupcy and felt it was our own fault for taking on too much debt and have worked hard to get back on our feet . Not sure what you mean by statue barred the shortfall? there is nothing else on
  4. Thank you , There is no question that we owe the shortfall but as said we will be paying forever ! Do you know if this debt should be showing on credit file and for how long we will have to pay it ?
  5. Hello, In 2013 we sold our home with a shortfall of over 37k. We had an arrangement in place with Shoesmiths through the Halifax and had continued to pay £40 per month . In March this year the Halifax wrote to us and advised they had transferred the debt to Moorcroft group , No reason and no missed payments . We have continued to pay Moorcroft at same amount . My question is there is nothing on our credit file and mortgage shows closed and nothing showing anywhere for the shortfall . We will be long dead before this is paid ! Will we need t
  6. Hello, On the Archive dated 5th May it shows the Laptop offer, I am unable to open to see terms etc , Is there anyway of getting the details to show offer was still on the wedsite when I booked ? This was definately there when I booked the offer .Thanks
  7. Hello again, I use Google but not sure how to send a link etc
  8. Thank you for the reply. Unfortunately I dont have any link , I just ordered on the website as I normally do. There was no code to enter just nhad to order and select buy now pay later terms. I ordered on 4th june and stated when ordering the cash back credit would be applied to the acc. I would never had ordered the laptop if the offer had not been on their page but thought it was a very good deal.
  9. Hello, I hope I can get some advice please. I seen an offer on Littlewoods website for 20% cash back on all laptops , I said to order and select buy now pay later at check out and that 20% credit would be applied to acc, I did not have to enter any codes at all. Recd laptop but no credit to acc after 3weeks I called them today and was told that i ordered on 4th june and offer ended end may! This offer was on the website and i followed instructions for the offer. Can you tell me where I stand as seems they are not going to honour the offer. I have no proof as didnt
  10. Not sure if I should email as then they will have my name! I could always send a letter recorded delivery to him, what do you think guys?
  11. Hi, Can anyone advise what to do with regards to getting letters from a company called first utility. I have recd 3 letters addressed to the occupier at my address, we have never heard of them and currently have our electricity and gas from another company and have done for many years. 1st letter asking for £101 for supply of elec and gas from 2013, I ignored this and then a more formal letter demanding payment, I sent a letter and had no reply and just stated that we have not heard of them a nd advised we have proof of our supplier
  12. sorry for the late reply, there is no ppi or charges on the barclays account, we sent a letter and they have failed to respond although letter was signed for, we have until today to pay, called barclays and they say the letter they sent was stating they were accepting a full anf final settlement and the account would be marked as partially setl. ted and that this was normal they also stated account would not be sold on . should we pay?
  13. Hi , sorry for delay in reply, checked noodle report and debt showing in default, this was a refinanced loan and we owe the money, we asked for f&f and advised it was to prevent bankrupcy, we have sent letter asking for account to be marked settled in full and just waiting on a response. Thank you
  14. Thanks for reply DX, i just want to to do the right thing, not interested in my credit file as have no intention of ever repeating the debts . I take it we should write back asking for it in writing that they mark the debt fully settled on credit file and remove negative markers? The letter does say they would accept f&f settlement of the debt is that not enough ? k
  15. yes why? im happy to pay just need to make sure the letter is okay . thanks
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