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  1. Hi Thanks for responding so quickly. Would it be an idea to get the CCJ set aside as I have proof I had left the address the CCj must have been delivered too? I have a few questions regarding CCJ set aside: Would I have to appear in Court? Would I be ordered to pay it all at once as im on benefits? Would the court costs that were put on top of the debt be taken off? Thanks again.
  2. Hi guys I have an old Kays catalogue 2010 that is on my credit report and has had a CCJ applied 2014. I took the catalogue on from my mum originally but never signed an agreement. I then ended up moving house twice and knew nothing about the CCJ until now. What do i do? I could either get the ccj put aside which i think i have to do a n224 form for and comes with a fee. Question will i have to go to court to set it aside as im a nervous wreck. My other option would be to challenge the debt because its not signed. I dont have a credit
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