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  1. 4 years. The default was added this year in March... So 6 years. I'll be 28/29 when it's removed. My mum started a payment plan in July and has been paying monthly. I'm going to try to write to them asking... I'm pretty desperate and at least if I'm told no, I know.
  2. Thanks. Would it be worth me paying the default in full anyway just so it says paid on my report... Or asking the companies to write a note on my account explaining the debt... I'm gutted that there's nothing I can do to even make this slightly better, even if the default doesn't go away.
  3. Hi. I have the exact amount owed to Lowell £1500 ... thought I made that clear. There are no added extra charges that is literally what I owe them. Is there any point in requesting a SAR as I know what I have to pay and that the debt is in my name. So to clarify there is 0 chance, regardless of any of my explanations or options or persistence that they would remove the default sorry but your advice is telling me things I already know and it hasn't really answered any of my questions at all.
  4. Hi, so I really don't know what my options are (if any) In 2014, when I was 18 my mum asked if she could open a catalogue in my name... I agreed as she told me it would help build up my credit rating. I specifically told her not to get in debt with it.... I had thought she'd stopped using it after that year. Background: My mother has C-PTSD and due to this is absolutely appalling at handling money- sadly for me I've only just realised how big an issue it is as she always seemed like she was dealing with any debts she has. She is not receiving any help with this at all as any health
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