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  1. Thanks for reply I am with noddle, but i can't see any info on the claimant. Might check out trustonline then.
  2. I don't know.. can't see where it says on file
  3. Thanks for the replies. I believe its for a Grattan Catalogue debt 2009 - CCJ 2012 That's the only debt on my file. i have blocked their calls and text messages. so i'm expecting to receive letters soon.
  4. Hello for the first time ever i recently checked my credit file. All seems pretty good except that four 1/2 years ago someone obtained a CCJ for a catalogue debt (that is not in my name) at the address i lived six years ago I was not living at the address at the time so was unable to submit a defence. They would not have had a signed credit agreement I am concerned as recently i have received phone calls from Capquest asking me to contact them urgently. if their inquiry is in relation to the above how should i proceed? Thank you.
  5. Thanks, Andy. i think i am just going to see what happens next.
  6. Hi Andy. Firstly i received letter of acknowledgement from the HM Courts dated 31st July 2014 in response to my defence. the letter stated that if the cliament wished to proceed they had 28 days to respond, if not the claim would be stayed. Today 27th August 2014. i have recieved documents from cabot which they claim meets the requirements of the CCA they have sent me a few pages of photo copied statments of my account along with a photo copy of a credit agreement bearing my name and old address (which is not my hand writing) and is unsigned Cabot basically say in their let
  7. Thank you Andy, i will do that today and keep you informed.
  8. Ok thanks, Andy. i will wait to hear from you.
  9. oh well. just spoke to them and unfortunately she said i paid £5 on 22/9/08 what now? thanks.
  10. surprisingly managed to log in. but it wont display any transactions. the balance is less than what cabot claim. i'll give it a shot at calling them. thanks.
  11. Hi Andy. I didn't know they would still have that information on file? and if they do would they just tell me over the phone without asking a load of questions? i probably did have an online account.
  12. i know..i don't have a clue to be honest. i moved house 4 years ago and never heard anything for a long time. i stayed debt free. so to be honest they prob dont even know if i am in fact who they are looking for.
  13. Hi Andy. would possibly have been 2008 no later than that. thanks.
  14. Hello. after much stressing i've come up with this based on other peoples defences. Can i submit this online? Thanks dx Particulars of claim 1.By an agreement between JD Williams T/A Viva ladiva.com(VLD) & the defendant dated 10/06/2007 (the agreement) VLD agreed to issue the defendant with a credit account upon the terms & conditions set out therein, 2. in breach of the agreement the defendant failed to make the minimum payments due& the agreement was terminated. 3.The agreement was assigned to the claimant on 27/01/2011 the claimant has complied with sectio
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