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  1. Hi citezenB, I have an update on this; I sent a Formal Complaint Letter in December. I haven't received any reply though - not even one of those standard letters acknowledging that they have received my complaint. I sent the letter recorded delivery. Should I send them another letter chasing them up and giving them a time limit to reply?
  2. Yep, it's a lot of information to learn on your first time. Yep, I think calling HMRC would be a good thing. Finding a way to get DVLA to cancel the previous export declaration would be the best way.
  3. misok, Something else, if your car has been declared as previously exported from the UK and you never registered it in Chech, it means that you have an unregistered car. DVLA won't want you driving it on the road if it is unregistered and it could cause you a big problem, if you get pulled over. It's probably better to keep it off the road for the moment, if that is possible.
  4. When you import a car into the UK, you have to get a reference number from HMRC - and this reference number has to be given to DVLA as part of the registration process. The problem is, that if taxes and duties are due on the import, these will need to be paid, before HMRC issue the reference number. However, sometimes taxes & duties aren't due, it depends on certain things. HMRC still need to give a reference number, even if taxes & duties aren't due. I'm not sure how the car initially got exported from the UK, if VAT was reclaimed and/or if VAT was paid on it in Chech. Ge
  5. Peevedostreetly, do you have any updates regarding this? My wife is experiencing something very - where DVLA literally couldn't drag it out any longer if they tried.
  6. misok, Is your friend's car a Chech car or was it from the UK originally. How old is the car?
  7. Cheers Klandestine. I made notes of the conversations I had with them. The people I spoke with in Edinburgh did confirm to me on different occasions that the bank could restore my credit history, if it was the bank's fault. This makes logical sense to me as well. I couldn't have tried harder to talk to them about paying it and when they did enter dialogue with me, they dragged it out for months, thus damaging my history. If they had wanted to purposely do this, they couldn't have done a better job. I'll get the formal complaint of and see what happens. By the way, do y
  8. Great, I'll send the letter and will keep you updated
  9. It looks like this could be a good way to go. How would I go about bringing a BCOBS claim against them - threatening them with one first?
  10. Hi citezenb, I guess I could try writing to him again and then onto the ombudsmen afterwards. I was wondering if there were any technicalities, that would help me deliver a quick knock out blow? i.e. no default letter sent etc? In my experience, there are always 2 balances as well. There was too on this NW account until about day 3/4, then it looked cleared because both balances were the same and I could draw on the funds.
  11. Dear fellow members, Some advice on the following saga, which has been going on for years, would be appreciated. I'll try and keep the explanation as short as possible. In 2011, I deposited a cheque into my NW account. A few days later, it appeared to have cleared because I had available funds showing in my account, so I withdrew some money. The day after I withdrew money, the cheque bounced, which left my account significantly over my overdraft limit. I speak with Collections and suggest that we speak again in a month's time, by which time, I'd have done some figures and wor
  12. BankFodder, I think I will have to sue NatWest, under BCOB. Please can you let me know how I go about this? Is this a tried and tested thing. Also, other threads have suggested compensation etc. How do you calculate this and include it into a claim?
  13. Hi clondon, I might take this route soon. How did you get on?
  14. Hi Citibloke, are there any developments on how you got on with this?
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