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  1. Well after selling this debt 3 times they have now sold it to Lowell and I've told them the long story but guess who they believe? I have question regarding OFCOM who fined Orange/EE £1M for failing to handle customer complaints satisfactorily between 2011 and 2014 right in the middle is my complaint January 2013 can I complain to OFCOM?
  2. If there are two 'witnessess' and one heard it. and yet the other who was positioned between Ashuus and the team leader didnt hear it surely its 2v2 and therefore a draw? No conclusive evidence as to whether she swore or not?
  3. Thank you. She was desperate because they have been bombarding her by phone and statements keep showing almost £1k in debt and I had to be really stern with her not to pay, don't answer phone, but we got there in the end.
  4. Pleased to say that my boss and I have got on well since and a colleague told me that my boss told him "that I have respect nobody more than hsbcfiddled".Which is nice.
  5. Update.... After having first request for PPI turned down in September 2013 then reporting ISME to ICO for not complying with data request (only 6 years supplied) and ISME feeling the wrath of ICO's tongue. I tried once more for my friends PPI only to be refused yet again. I had been told by Data controller that ISME hadnt got the agreement. So i started ombudsman on the case. Shortly after ISME asked us to fill in information forms to apply for PPI to which I told them already done and not doing it again. ISME said "we are looking into your
  6. whilst waiting to find out what Lester can help me with I will update you;All three DCA's empowered by Orange have long since given up chasing me. The last one managed to get Orange to send me statements which show a change on all five phones to less favourable contracts none of which I was ever informed would happen.Its only my credit file now that shows default.I have complained many times to Noddle but they keep accepting Oranges version and wont remove defaults.It doesnt bother me too much because I manage fine but I would like to clear that default all the same.As Lester no longer works a
  7. Well there is a surprise. Lester! I wonder if you can recall what happened with my account? If so without revealing any personal information please?
  8. Transcripts will only be needed if it goes to court yes? We arent at that stage yet because I am only about to lodge a defence.
  9. So just adapt this then do you think? Claim Number: [REF] BETWEEN: ParkingEye Ltd (Claimant) vs [NAME] (Defendant) ___________________________________________________________________________ Defence Skeleton Argument I am [NAME] of [ADDRESS], [postCODE], defendant in this matter. 1. My defence to this claim relies principally on three main points, as follows: a) Lack of Standing by Claimant: The Claimant is not the landowner of the car park, and has no prop
  10. Are there any example templates that I can adapt or any succesful defences? It seems that they use the same POC from what I have read and just adapt?
  11. I havnt replied to Parking Lie ..This was just an update so that I could get advice as the defence I put forward within next 14 days?
  12. sent off the reply intending to defend. The driver of the vehicle (similar to another post I have read) pulled into the services to take a break because of feeling tired. Not intending to be there very long the driver thought to 'just rest their eyes'. Next thing the driver recollects was waking and thinking OMG I am going to be late. Started the car and drove away. The driver had not seen to read any signage and does not state that they failed to comply with any signage. There was no thought of staying beyond any time limit as the intention was a short rest. Its entirely unintentional.
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