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  1. That 23.724 was the highest. Should it only be 4 digits?
  2. Are you sure I don't want to take up to much of your time. I went through a company called ashworth law back in 2011 and reclaimed £440 plus intrest £63.38. bal cred £460.64. Cheque issued to ashworths £51.74. (got this info of SAR) so I don't think any more £12 charges were put onto the account after that. as for the highest arrears do you just mean the highest arrear (1) ? If so it was 23.724. I tried to send you this in pm but I still cant. My personal email is emmapucka97@hotmail.co.uk Thank you for your help.
  3. Hi Andrew, thanks for the links my computer doesn't support xls is there any other way you could send e the links please. Thanks Emma.
  4. Hi Andrew, Thanks for your help. I have gone through all the paper work littlewoods have sent me and wrote all the arrears down I have also gone on the link you sent and worked out the compound interest. Could you send me a link with the spread sheet and also tell me what this is for please. sorry to have to post again I tried to private message you but as I haven't posted 30 times it wont let me. Emma.
  5. Hi Andrew, Thanks for uploading a copy mine is exactly like yours. I really appreciate it . I am going to sit down after work and go through it properly and use the link you gave me. I think they try and confuse you with the way they print it out. Sorry to be a pain but could you give me the link for the spreadsheet i cant seem to find it. Thanks. Emma.
  6. It does have a sheet with it telling you what the codes mean. It's just the way it's been printed as if they have limited space on the computer as to what they write. So they don't put much information on and you have to use these codes to understand what it means. If only I could show you what I mean. It's hard to explain.
  7. Hi all, Hope everyone has enjoyed the christmas period. I received back everything littlewoods have on me and to be honest it's not like a normal catalogue statement they send out every month it's computer screen shots & whatever computer software they use with codes explaining what people have written on screen about mean. Short abbreviations of what I ordered & how much it cost. How much my balance was brought forward ect. It doesn't show any interest they have added or charges. Which I know is on there as I have had statements in the past
  8. It is a form asking me to fill out with question they already know the answers to. Account number/DOB/Address/ I have just sent them a letter reminding them i have sent the required amount. And that there is no need for me to fill out the DP2 form as they know all my information.
  9. Yes I sent them recorded delivery & I have kept the receipt that I bought the postal order. What should I do about the DP2. Fill it out and send it back?
  10. UPDATE!! I sent of the SAR on 27/10/14 to littlewoods recorded along with a 10 postal order. I have receive a letter this morning with the following. Thank you for your letter dated 27th October requesting information, which is held on file by our company. I presume that you are making a subject access request under the data protection act 1998 and so this attracts the statutory fee of £10.00. Please forward this to me, via cheque or postal order, together with the completed DP2 form at the address above, and I will progress your request, please not
  11. Ok. I will get that sent of in the morning too then.
  12. Would it not be better to send SAR and get every bit of info on the account with them?? I thought an CCA just tells you if the company have the loan/hpi/catalogue/extra agreement against you.
  13. Started the ball rolling finally!! I have sent of for SAR today on the account. Thanks for your help guys. Should I send a CCA to cap quest or not bother now as I have sent the SAR to littlewoods?
  14. Hi, Will that show if I paid ppi as I'm not sure if I actually had any to start with.
  15. I got a car on finance in 2012 I paid £202.36p per month. I never missed a payment. After 18 months (half way period) I got out of the finance agreement. Is there any way I can find out if the agreement had ppi on it. Any help is much appreciated. Regards Emma.
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