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  1. Cheers SP Looks like I will have to take this one on the chin.........1-0 to the dark side.. thanks for your efforts though... Mjack
  2. Im not sure what the damages would consist of-maybe a portion of the blame/loss of amenity etc........Im just not happy of their total arrogance of suggesting a rogue trader then trying to absolve themselves of any responsibility..I didnt follow up with any independant research as a large builders merchants refferal was"acceptable"to me at the time.
  3. Hi... I recently went to a builders merchants to research a roofing material. The company when I asked if they knew of any good installers gave me the name of one,whom I rang and got him to do the roofing job. Subsequently the roofer was more cowboy than John Wayne and after botching the job(which I am taking him to small claims court for)I went to visit the merchants and told them about the issues. They pretty much said unlucky ...now...p**s off...! Of course I am extremly mad aboutt his and am wondering does any legal resposibility lay at the merchants door for recom
  4. Hi There... I have a really abusive tenant who is on a AST in my property.She is now over 4 months in arrears and is incredibly abusive when i try to chat to her to sort out her issues. In the end Ive had enough and issued her with a section 8 notice. I need some advice relating to how I need to proceed with court papers now. Any help would hopefully put an end to all this stress this horrible person is causing my family. MJack
  5. Hey Fulham.. your right mate....Ive read lots of threads and eventually they kinda spiral out of control and in the end a simple question turns into 10 complicated discussions,each one cross over themselves....I understand they are entitled to "some fees"however surely only proportionate to work carried out.........right/wrong? Cheers
  6. Hi... I have now had 2 occasions where marstons have turned up on my doorstep,the 2nd being only yesterday when they tricked my 81 yr old father in law(whos had a stroke and recent heart attack)to let him in and got him to ring me... I have paid the 300.00 twice now...and would like some clear layman advice as to what to do.....fight it..lor let the **** walk away with my money... cheers mjack
  7. Good Morning next instalment- marstons have replied and have sent a general letter..stating that the charges have been calculated in accordance with the Mag Court act 1980,and agreed with the ministry of justice... they havent really ans the question.... any suggestions....
  8. cheers...I will wait for the set time,but I can only imagine you are right,I would like to therefore like to get ahead of myself with advice for the next move....
  9. Fulham boy.... yes,I paid the fine when they sent me the initial letter stating fine plus costs.. so,they turned up demanding costs plus doorstep fees.... TT-i have given them 14 days to respond,29/05/13.
  10. TT It was a very simple letter to the bailifs asking them what legislation they where seeking payment of fees under. should i have sent to courts etc too?
  11. Ucle Bulg..I have written to them requesting under what legislation they have collected the fees..I have given them 14 days to respond to my recorded delivery.
  12. so,are you suggesting that a letter to the bailiffs requesting that they pursued the fees under a "misundersanding" of what they are legally entitled to do would suffice.
  13. tomtubby...i dont have the link to the thread that had the advice from 2yrs ago..i just copied and pasted it...sorry.
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