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  1. Currently fighting them myself, £800 repairs on a VT vehicle valued at £1100. I have photos they have a hand written report with no details. So far they have refused all my attempts to deal with it including a letter where I sent copies of some photos showing no damage. I've sent them a complaint and then will contact Financial ombudsman if that goes nowhere.
  2. I recently won against PRAC financial in a claim they made against me for a disputed PDL. (The dispute is still awaiting FO decision). Exact reasons the judge quoted were no evidence of assignment of the debt to PRAC and no evidence of a Default letter sent. Also their default was in the wrong company name. My other thread regarding the claim... https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?484274-PRAC-BW-claimform-old-PaydayUK-PDL-Debt-***Claim-Dismissed*** Today I had an email about a change to my credit report. Turns out the change is PRAC report
  3. I've just defended a similar claim, they lost because of no proof of default or assignment being posted (no record or proof of posting) and also their default was a template for the money shop not PDUK. Things to double check. Is the daily interest doubled on any day in the statement of account. The maximum interest is I believe .8% per day if they have charged twice in one day then this would be 1.46% for that day and in breach of the FCA cap for PD loans. https://www.fca.org.uk/news/press-releases/fca-confirms-price-cap-rules-payday-lenders Secondly on their printout sheet
  4. Judge dismissed the claim on two main points. No proof of either notice of assaignment or default being posted. Also template default was in another business name. He did say he'd have ruled against me if my arguement was soley that the default was a template as their advocate quoted a case (something vs kate someone sorry didnt note the exact case quoted) where a template was shown to contain the relevent terms. Right at the start he almost dismissed due to them sending the docs late, perhaps he would have if I hadn't poked holes in the other evidence. He didn't rule
  5. Quick question are they allowed to submit template default letter. According to their advocate they are legally allowed to.
  6. So far I can eliminate their default letter, account statement, theres no proof they posted assignment letters and there may even be proof they have faked up that statement, (I need to check figures when I get home). Hearing tomorrow so I'll post an update then.
  7. Anyone know about the above? Still no reply from FOS really taking the mick here.
  8. How can I phrase that when in the hearing? I've been looking but cannot find the exact regulation to quote regarding it.
  9. The header just says payday uk account statement in their evidence docs and does have interest errors. I have however had one just like that sent out to me seperately from them.
  10. Is the lack of copy of DN a defence or more of a technicality? So far I can rip their statement of account to bits as it has mistakes, point out they failed the CCA in time, the 31.14 request in time (theoretically still not fulfilled without a default notice) and point out the agreement is just a reconstituted copy. Then I have the fact the entire PDUK account is in dispute with FOS although in their statement they state the loan in question was not loaned irresponsibly and should form part of the dispute. I'm putting together notes for the hearing, what else can I include? Ar
  11. My Scanner has decided to pack up so photos it is. jpg.pdf
  12. Update. I sent off witness and evidence pack, (on time). They sent them as well (4 days late) Their witness statement says lots about the usual stuff entering agreement etc. plus about 3 pages attempting to undermine my defence as its a defense posted on the internet (They quote the CAG website). They state my ongoing complaint has little to do with the loan they are claiming despite my complaint covering all loans with PDUK. Also they mention about me asking for the docs (CPR 31.14) but state they do not help my case so are unsure why I asked for them. They have s
  13. More or less complete just tweaking it before printing and sending it later today. xxxxxx = date to be added 2. The payday loan account in question was, and still is, in dispute. The defendant has an ongoing complaint regarding irresponsible lending with the Financial ombudsman and the original creditor. The claimant has been aware of this complaint within the first week of the claim. They have been unreasonable in pushing this matter through the court system before the complaint is resolved. Evidence docs 1-3 3. The Defendant denies monies are owed to the Claimant as allege
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