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Found 13 results

  1. Hello. I am having issues trying to pay an outstanding water bill to United Utilities, it's a final water and wastewater bill. I received this bill a few days ago at a property I gave as a forwarding address when I moved house back in May ( this bill is for the last few months that I lived at the property ). I have contacted the number(s) on this bill and they connect to a company called Orbit which is a debt collection agency. I informed them That I wanted to deal with this bill through United utilities and not Orbit but they weren't having it. I rang United Utilities on a general enquiry number to get some sort of answer but again the operator at United utilities said I had to go through Orbit, I made it clear to them that I would only deal with United Utilities and not Orbit and when pressed said that it has nothing to do with United utilities. The thing is does anyone have any idea how I can get through to the water company and get them to deal with this bill? Thanks.
  2. So a month ago, I recieved a claim form from united utilities claiming unpaid water charges. Incidentally i recieved IT on the day I was moving out, which was lucky. There claiming 460 including fees. Now the thing is the claiming up until March 31st(claiming before it's technically due?)I moved out of that address in January so they are claiming two full months be paid for the old address. In my defence I have admitted I owe them but the figures are incorrect. I have also stated I am in a position to pay in full once the two months are removed. Northampton wrote back to uu telling them to investigate this. I have today recieved a letter from uu saying the amount is correct and I have not informed them of my chane of address. This is not the case. I tried to change my address online several times on the day j moved but the website would not allow me to do so. I then rang and was told "j am unable to put you through to the correct department". I then emailed advising of what had happened and my new address (to the ceo).They responded to this so I know it was Recieved. There also stating that I have ignored letters from them. Again this is not the case I have emailed several times requesting a payment card/payment plan all of which were ignored. If they are not certain of my address as they claim why are they sending highly detailed documents to my new address? They are also sending demands to the previous occupant. They have also attached a a form saying " I hereby give notice of my intention to withdraw the defence submitted in this matter. I admit to the claim in full, as shown above, and offer to make settlement by payment of x per month. I understand that this will result in a judgment being entered against me and a fee of £40 will be added onto the debt, which has been included in the above balance" I have no intention of signing this! I have made it clear to uu I will pay in full once the balance is altered but they refuse to do so.
  3. Am not sure where to start with this but here it goes, hope one of you can be my saviour. I recently applied for a mortgage for purchasing our new home, my application was with HSBC. After doing the necessary checks I was told my application had been declined due to an adverse credit rating. To say I was flabbergasted was an understatement, as I have never missed any payments on my credit cards/council tax etc. After finishing the call I immediately signed up with Noddle to check. To my amazement I found a CCJ had been issued in March this year by United Utilities for what I can only assume is for an outstanding water bill. I checked my bank statements, as I pay by direct debit to UU. The payments were going out as normal. I then returned to Noddle to investigate further. I then noticed that a link had been made to my credit profile from my previous address, my deceased mother's home. I left that house in 2011. The water bill was in my name at the time and my mother was supposed to have changed it but i can only assume due to her poor health prior to her death in 07/2013 that she had not done it. I further assume after her death the bill remained unpaid, though I contacted all other parties after her death, I cannot recall whether UU were in that list. I did not receive any correspondence or contact at my current address to this date. The outstanding amount is GBP392. I have no issue in paying this off but the CCJ is killing me. My mother's house was in the care of the estate agent that was dealing with the sale. I had no reason to go there and to be honest I didnt want to go to that house (i'm sorry but i just could not bear to go to the house without my mum in it ) Is there any way I can get this off my credit file? Having this CCJ removed quickly is imperative if I am to purchase our new home. Any words of advice/guidance will be more than appreciated. I know if a CCj has is settled within a month it disappears, but i only found out about it when I have applied for my mortgage last week. As yet I have not spoke to UU, as I suppose it has been passed on to the courts. One of my friends recommended this forum as he had very good advice given to him, I hope yo can do the same for me Thanks in advance
  4. Hi guys, this is my first post and i need as much help as i can. I have been with Utility Warehouse since i moved in which was in November 2011 and i thought i was getting a good deal as i was paying £68 a month for both gas and electric but it was only till August 2013 when i found out that i was under paying. I then chose to pay for what i was using and pay the excess (£330) off in one go and was told that i would be charged for what i used. I was not told that i needed to supply them with a meter reading every month and with the meters being read by an external company and then me giving them a reading every so often. In July, i got a bill of £2200 for unpaid gas units in the post which i have been trying to dispute and decided that i wasn't getting any where and wanted to pay the bill off in small chunks. I have just got a new job and have been trying to get on my feet and i have spoken to them earlier in the month and an advisor said that i need to make a payment by the 10th but i didnt get paid till today. I was going to call tomorrow morning and sort it out but i have come home from a long day to find that my friend who is lodging with me allowed some so-called 'bailiffs' in on monday and they have changed the gas and electric meters. These new meters dont have the old meter readings or any writing on them what so ever, there was no paper work and no notice of entry from the court. I have been left no top up cards and the gas has been cut off!! I am extremely upset as there is no paper work and no nothing. Any advice would help as i need to sort this issue out.
  5. Hi folks, I'm new here, so apologies if I've posted in the wrong place, although debt collections seems about right! We've had 2 letters from EOS solutions. One trying to trace us and today's demanding payment for a united utilities debt from our last property. We are 99% certain that all of our debts were cleared when we moved out - the property was a rental and we only lived there for a year. Bizarrely, we have been with United Utilities for 2 years at our current address, have paid on time and never been contacted by them about any debt. Surely even the most feckless of collection officers at United Utilities would have been successful in tracing us, since we provided them with our new address and continue to use their services. Now, normally, I would blank these clowns and think on it no more, yet the stakes are a little higher at the moment. We will be applying for a mortgage in a few months time and I am concerned about rolling the dice with our credit rating on this one. Any thoughts on how to proceed? Is a CCA request appropriate in this situation? Do they have the power to make any entries on my credit file? Needless to say, I have not called EOS to discuss Any advice/assistance gratefully received! Thanks, Joe.
  6. Hi, On the 13th May I received a payment reminder from United Utilities. The bill was dated on the 24/04/15 and strangely arrived on the 13/05/15. I double checked to see if I misplaced the first bill and it appears I have not received no bills from United Utilities since my last payment in January. I did not think much so I paid the full amount online. Today I receive another letter from United Utilities legal department demanding that I pay £157 which is double the amount what they were initially asking. I never have issues paying on time, I am very angered by the late arrivals of their letters and threats. Is there anything I can do to challenge United Utilities. As far as I am concerned the bill is up to date and I am being punished for their errors and delays. Kind Regards
  7. Will try and keep this short, I owed United utilities £500 for water which they sent to scottcall. I worked with them (regret that now) and set up a £50 a month plan. I made the first payment via standing order so I didn't give them my details, it never arrived on my account. I loaded with UU who said they had resolved it and I had paid it wrong so scottcall kept it in a holding account. I have proof I sent it where they told me. I've kicked up a fuss been verbally abused by scottcall threatening to call at my house, so I informed UU i will pay them direct online but they are refusing to accept that and will only deal with me via scottcall. I've paid online anyway this month but UU are adamant that they won't be accepting any further online payments to my account. I've offered to set a direct debit up for £88 a month, 50 for debt and 33 for new year
  8. Last year around May June I switched bank accounts from Barclays to Santander. I changed all the direct debits over myself (yes i sat on the phone for over an hour but was so paranoid about something going wrong if i left it up to the banks to do so for peace of mind I did it myself). Turns out I shouldn't have bothered! The only 1 that I had a problem with was United Utilities. I received a letter early September, followed by a phone call the same day saying I was in debt of around £120. My direct debit had apparently been cancelled by the bank. No chance I said, why would the bank cancel a direct debit. I was assured it was the banks fault, set it up again over the phone for my new account and thought no more of it. Just before Christmas I got another phone call saying my direct debit had been cancelled and the last payment I had made was in May 2014. I told them again that I had already had a phone call and set it up over the phone, Then told I was wrong and nothing had been set up at all. I checked my bank statements (I've learnt my lesson the hard way to keep checking more regularly) and its true they haven't even set up the dd. Let alone have the bank cancel it. Again I spoke to someone on the 8th Jan and again gave my details to set it up, its due out 1st Feb so time will tell whether its been done. More recently I tried to get a new credit card and was declined, not sure why as I have never missed a payment on purpose in a long time so just got my credit file today. United Utilities have added a 6 next to missed payments. they have messed up my credit file because they cannot set up a direct debit themselves and would rather blame the bank. I have contacted the bank who have told me they would not be able to cancel a direct debit without my say so. therefore I'm left thinking it is United Utilities who are in the wrong. Sorry this is turning out long How do i go about getting them to remove this on my file. This is the only negative I have on my file and I've worked so hard the past 10 years to get my credit to good standing and out of debt, and now this happens for something thats not even my fault! Any advice appreciated, thanks for reading.
  9. Hi My father in law died in FEb this year, he was in a care home with his wife who has alzeimers from September 2013, They have a house that no one lives in, however nothing can be done with this as we are waiting to find out if the house has to be sold to pay for his wifes care home fees. I check the mail regulary and we kept getting letters from a dect collection agency over the water rates, I phoned them and informed them that he had died (the letters were always addressed to him), they told me they would update sytem, Today I have received a county court claim in his name for unpaid water rates, claiming up until 2015, to be honest it had really upset me and I dont really know what to do, can anyone offer any advice please
  10. I have just recently checked my Equifax report to check that all is well and United Utilities is now showing the last five months status. I am up to date with my water bill but this account was opened in July 2000 and I have never signed a credit agreement with them or given them my date of birth
  11. Hi received a red letter from United Utilities the bill paid last week, payment over four quarters. I was surprised to see this at the end of the letter. Information about your payments behaviour will be shared with credits reference agency . This may affect your ability to obtain credits in the future as the lender will see this when you apply for credit. For more information see Unitedutilities.com/personaldetails On what grounds do they have the right to share this information.
  12. Hi all, I'm new to this site and it is 3am so I apologise for my writing.. I cant sleep I am so stressed over this!! :,( We moved into our home 4 months ago, tried switching to eon but it was denied as we owed Utility Warehouse £128. Eon told us that we could transfer the debt over so to ignore any letters as they would deal with UW. Anyway eventually found out the switch had been cancelled after enquiring about a letter from Grosenver legal services demanging £328 right away. (£200 security deposit inc) I phoned Eon and they admitted I was told in error and I have been sent a cheque for £150 to cover legal fees from UW. Ok fair enough.. But it gets worse. My Oct bill (Septembers usage) was £119 ( a little high I thought, so I cut back on the heating) Nov bill - £192 Dec bill - £240!!!!! We are on economy 7 and pay 24p per kwh for electric and 5.2p per kwh for gas. I asked to change tariffs but was told I cannot switch without a charge. Is my meter broken? Are those prices average? I am a 24 y/o female who has never paid attention to gas & electric prices before Ive just got on and paid my bills.. but this seems too much!! I use my heating 3 hours per day only. We habe an electric oven and are limited to a 5-10 min shower. I live in a double glazed mid rerraced 3 bed house. I have a demand for £720 (£268 of which are legal charges!) to pay by 3rd Jan. I cannot leave the company until i have paid up. Someone please help me. I am pregnant and have young children. I am stressed out and don't know what to do next... anybody?
  13. Hi, Please can someone help. We moved into a new property in Feb 2012 and we are on a water meter. As we are a family of 5, a direct debit was calculated for £61.00 per month. The meter has been read by U/U twice between February and November My account was showing me to be in credit by £320 approx, I took my own meter reading and submitted that (00001). It took £35 approx, so I called them to ask if they could return the credit to me. I was asked for the meter reading again (00001), and i was told : 'Has the property been empty?' I told her no. She said 'since november 11, the meter reading has never changed so the water isnt going through the meter. you cant have the money back as its a false credit, you need a new meter to start with. then leave it a month, we will take a reading and that will be the monthly direct debit, which we will backdate to April 2012' I was horrified that, 1) we may end up owing a lot of money and 2) during the past few months, my daughter has been in hospital for a month, we have been away, the useage would have been less during this time than it would be normally, so there was a chance we would have gone in credit. But with them having to calculate it from another months useage, this wont be a true reflection of water used. So i guess what I am asking is where do I stand legally? If this meter has been read twice since we took over, and then in november 11, and they can see there was no change to the meter, isnt that their error? The meter is at the bottom of my driveway, and not inside my property. Any help would be much appreciated, as I was trying to ask the woman at U/U about it and she was really rude. Many Thanks in Advance
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