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Found 20 results

  1. If a couple have a joint JSA claim and the one who doesn't sign on (i.e not the lead claimant) goes abroad for a few weeks does this trigger migration to UC, either on leaving or returning?
  2. Thank you for your time and advice. We're looking for some general advice on this issue regarding my partner who is off work with depression caused by her workplace. The employer has told us they will visit this Thursday to "discuss her absence". Here's a bit of the back story: Mt partner is a Cleaner. She is off work due to depression, this was caused by her undergoing treatment for recurring miscarriages and her Manager moving her from a job she was happy in to another part of the company where it is very quiet, no interaction and a totally different world than where she had been. My partner asked to be moved back but was told it is not possible. She thinks she was only moved because her Manager had to cover 6am to 7am as she couldn't get into work for 6am. Funnily enough, the person who took my partner's old position starts at 6am (!) Events and Mismanagement that has led to my partner's Depression: 1. She was late for work twice when the buses here were effected by a huge amount of roadworks (which was front page news). Her bus simply didn't turn up two days in a row and she had to wait for an alternative bus (the following days she caught a taxi rather than lose her job). Both times she rang the Manager and let her know. All seemed okay until over 2 weeks later when her Manager issued her with a stage 2 warning for absence (not even a 'late'!). Luckily I was able to speak directly with the city bus manager who kindly emailed a letter explaining the missing buses and her Manager took the warning off her record. It was like a letter from Mummy for not having a PE Kit! 2. A few days later (revenge?). My partner received a printed warning document detailing things that would need to be improved in her cleaning duties. These included a set of stairs that experience 24-hour high traffic from hundreds of staff which she was warned were dusty and dirty. She was told another inspection of her work would take place on 4th April and if it wasn't satisfactory a PIP Procedure (warnings that can lead to dismissal) would be put in place..skipping the written warnings stages completely! Two weeks later she had the Thursday 23rd and Friday 24th March 2017 off as holiday. My partner went back on Monday 27th March 2017 and was called her into her Manager's office and told that the showers had body-fat in them, even though she had worked hard to make everything A1 before her days off. Her Manager then said "Just because you signed that warning, doesn't mean you can F?cKing slack off anywhere else!" (Bullying?). 3. Two days later (29th March 2017), My partner had a small operation to investigate the fibroids the hospital believe have caused her recurring miscarriages. She was not allowed this as unpaid leave and had to work before going to the hospital. She had to go work the day after the operation too. On the day after the operation she was taken home by the people she cleaned for in FOST and they phoned my partner's Manager to complain; which no doubt will be mentioned in the absence meeting and my partner blamed for it! Anyway, that date was 30th March which was the last day she worked and has been off with depression since. 4. On 24th April we received the letter saying they'll be coming to our home on 4th May 2017 to discuss her "illness, current health status, long term diagnosis, current abilities and when you might be fit to return to work. And also to gain authorisation to contact your GP for a medical report." - We appreciate any advice you can give and for reading this long post. If you can advise on what we should do at the 'Meeting to Discuss Absence' and whether we should print off this post and discuss it or if that would probably mean them finding an excuse to get rid of my partner? She has had depression all the time she's worked there (10 years) and never had long-term sick so could they sack her for depression knowing she has it anyway (last year she had a miscarriage and went sick with depression) Would she have the right to be asked to be moved and, if so, would they have to move her to a post that has the same hours/amount of hours? Staff who have complained in the past have always ended up sacked Finally, their letter says she can have a member of staff/Union Rep (unfortunately not in a union) at the meeting but I intend to be their. It is our home so can they say I can't be there? We will also be recording the meeting, as it is our home do we legally have to tell them so?
  3. Please can anybody advise how i can start a CCJ thread? i really need help but not sure how to post my story on here
  4. My wife is employed in the public sector at a school. She has a term-time contract (fixed hours per week, employed over 2 years). Recently she collapsed at work as she was being bullied by her line manager. She was advised by her doctor to take the rest of the week off work, which she did (self-certified). These events were reported in writing to the employer, and my wife returned to work. Related to the stress illness, her mother, who lives in a developing country (where my wife comes from), has become quite severely ill, and has lost lots of weight, and may die sometime in the near future (whether that is 1 month, 1 year, or maybe longer I cannot say, but she can no longer walk or move herself). My wife has requested a week off work (the last week of term), however authorisation for this has been denied. According to the employer's policy this would only be agreed in 'exceptional circumstances', however they do not consider her mother's illness to be so. Thus if she takes the time off then it will be marked as 'unauthorised', and disciplinary procedures 'may follow'. What should we do? Obviously I can reply saying that I disagree on their interpretation of exceptional and say that she is taking the time off anyway. (Note that there is no issue about this being unpaid, we just don't want to get into the situation where they can exploit the situation where they have been bullying my wife and turn it around so that she can be dismissed or something ) She is going to see her (sympathetic) GP next week - I don't know if she could ask him for a sick note in terms of her ongoing illness, but it obviously would look a little odd in view of the leave request!
  5. Looks like Jon Platt has been found guilty https://www.theguardian.com/education/2017/jun/23/school-holidays-row-isle-of-wight-man-loses-legal-fight-over-daughters-absence
  6. Dear All My wife works for a local authority, in a school, as a midday supervisor. It has just been half term but prior to this she was off for two days due to sickness. Also, when my wife was due to return to work, I was rushed into hospital, in an ambulance, with chest pains. Fortunatley it was not a heart attack. However due to test etc my wife was up all night at the hospital and as a result not fit to go to work. The business manager has now sent her a text saying that the need a sick note as she has been off for two days before half term then a day after. Is this correct? I feel that it is not as technically my wife was only of sick for two days prior to the half term but is not free to pick her own annual leave, so she cannot even choose to convert her holidays into sick leave as other employees are free to do, even though she was not sick. The other day should fall under a familly emergency. Am I right in thinking this? Thank you in adanvce
  7. Hi all, I've been asked to go to a disciplinary on Monday: This is part of the letter emailed to me, I've accepted the meeting but now I want to refuse it. -------------------------------- Evidence of this is a Bradford factor score (based on absences in the last 12 months) of 238. You have reached this score following a 5 day absence in February 2014 and then 4 short term absences in the past 6 months – August 8th – Migraine September 10th – Sickness December 8th – Cold/flu January 18th – Stomach ache/sickness -------------------- 1. The bradford score he's worked out is wrong. 2. It was 4 days in Feb not 5 - so not accurate, which is should be as this is the only sickness I have done a return to work interview for. (before he started work here) 3. no return to work interviews at any of the other sickness dates, I made him aware in September I've not been getting return to work meetings and he just told me that my score isn't bad and there is nothing for me to worry about. 4. September says sickness because there is no record of it anywhere, I can't remember what it was either at this moment. 5. I feel like he's wasting my time, and doing it for alternative reasons other than concern about me/my team, he's already decided what he's going to do about it before we even get to the disciplinary. I am going to call Acas on Monday as well, but I start a 7pm, the meeting is at 8pm and I have an hour when I get here, which I am planning on emailing him, and the CEO of the company and refusing to attend this disciplinary, but inviting him for a meeting with me? I don't want to seem like I don't care about my sickness, I do, I work around 250 - 300 hours a month and I have more than covered the lack of staff situation - including the massive mess over xmas/new year, I do other peoples jobs for them and fill in where needed and I feel like it's all meant nothing. I have been here 18 months. Please anybody with any advice, thank you!
  8. Hi, I am currently being taken to a disciplinary at work for absences at work. I have had time off last year to look after my wife when she was having a bad pregnancy following us miscarrying previously in the past, this is why we had been in and out of hospital prior to our daughters birth. once our daughter was being born i had to use my holidays for paternity leave as i was not entitled to paternity leave with pay at the time. After the birth my wife came down with very bad postnatal depression which she has been under her GP for and on medication to aid in her dealing with it. work have had me in back to work meetings when i have returned from time off and said they need an improvement; which they have stated to me that there has been an improvement. Now they are taking me to a disciplinary stating 40 days off last year in which they have included holidays from my allowance that they have accepted from my statuary allowance, time off to look after my daughter when my wife has been ill and time they have sent me home when i have gone into work. Within the staff hand book that has never been given to me whilst i have been there, it states "Any absence for parental, paternity, adoption, maternity or dependant leave will not be taken into account when reviewing absences" if this is followed by the company like it states it makes my actual time off they take into account as 14 days for the year not 40, which is the whole reason they are trying to discipline me even though it clearly states they should not. Within the documents they have given me from notes of return to work meetings they have changed items and missed their own comments out to make it look better for them on their part and items have been added after i have signed paper work and no paper work had been given to me until over a week later. what do i need to do to aid myself?
  9. Hi Everyone, Apologies for jumping straight on here with a problem I am after some advice/guidance/help. Back Story (quick) I am an employee of COMPANY as a delivery driver (yes I do make sure someone is in before leaving a card). In January 2013 I fell and hurt my back whilst at home. I was in a lot of pain both in my back and sciatic pain in my leg. After several weeks off work I was referred to a specialist who arranged an MRI. The MRI took place in May 2013 and it was found that I had two disc bulges in my lower back, most probably caused by the nature of my work. I was then referred to the local Pain Clinic, who I eventually saw in August 2013 and I was booked in for caudal injections (pain relief), which I had in October. My Issue(s) In September, after seeing my GP, I was given a Fit for Work note stating that I could return on light sedentary duties as long as I didn't drive a commercial vehicle, lift heavy items and was able to move about when necessary. After so long off I was really hopeful of returning to work. However several problems arose: 1) COMPANY is part of SISTER COMPANY who use Atos Healthcare to judge employee's fitness to work. Due to this, my manager stated he would arrange an assessment with Atos to establish a return to work plan and would also attempt to find suitable work within the local area. 2) I chased this manager several times as no assessment was arranged and no suitable roles had been found (bear in mind a SISTER COMPANY sorting centre is nearby too). This manager then moved to another depot and I continued to chase other managers. Eventually I was contacted by Atos in November, 6 weeks after requesting to return to work. 3) The 'assessment' was a phone based assessment, hardly the best way to judge my capabilities, but I was later informed by a manager that the report from this assessment was not thorough enough to allow me back to work and another assessment would need to take place. 4) The follow up assessment was carried out in December, a further 4 weeks later, and within a few minutes the therapist doing the assessment stated the phone assessment was a waste of time and I would need a physical assessment. She then told me I would hear from someone within 10 days to arrange this. 5) Despite chasing, I heard nothing until the middle of January and finally had my assessment on the 20th January 2014 ... a full year from my injury occurring. I was informed by the Therapist that I could return to work with light duties, exactly as my GP stated in September and she suggested I would benefit from being put on a functional physiotherapy program. 6) Today I heard from the Physio company asking if they could get in touch to arrange a meeting yet I had heard nothing from Atos in the form of a report and nothing from my managers. 7) As of October my pay stopped though in my mind I should've been back to work by this point. What I would like to know is if there are any grounds for me to take action against my employer due to their and Atos' poor and slow handling of my situation? How can a GP who physically assessed me and who had been dealing with me for months be overruled by a company who had never met me? The past year has been horrendous but especially the past few months and I would really appreciated it if someone could either help me with advice or just let me know if I am wasting my time. Sorry of this seems a rather long message but I wanted to make sure the details were there straight away. Many thanks in advance for anyone who gives their time to help me. Kind regards Dave
  10. I am after advice on what I should expect from my employer and what they should expect from me. I do not wish to name my employer or the occupational health provider as anyone at my employers who may come across this forum would easily be able to identify who I am and I wish to avoid aggravating the situation by bringing the name of my employer into disrepute. The basics of the issue are that approximately three months ago I was the victim of a road rage attack that left me with damage to my sight in one eye. Part of the damage is permanent but is unlikely to cause serious long term issues with work and the remaining damage should in theory settle although it is currently not responding to treatment and is preventing me working. I was off work initially for a few weeks and then decided I did not like being off and wanted to return so I could establish a sense of normality after the attack. Before returning I voluntarily went into work and met with my manager to request a few simple adjustments were made to enable me to return. These were simply things such as adjustment to light level at my desk and extra breaks from screen use. It should be noted we are a paper less office so screen work makes up 100% of my work for 7-8 hours a day. It was agreed that these adjustments were reasonable and would be put in place. During this meeting I was told that my portfolio of work had been kept up to date in my absence. I returned the following week at the agreed time to find the adjustments had not been made and my work had been very badly managed in my absence resulting in me having to spend two days just sorting out the mess that had been made of my work. I was mostly ignored by my manager for the first 24 hours then he approached me to advise that they were still in discussion with HR about making the adjustments. A few days later I was informed they would only make adjustments if instructed to do so by my gp in writing. At the same time they pushed my work back up to the full level I had been doing before the attack making it impossible to keep up with my work whilst working at a reduced capacity caused by my injury. The next day I contact my GP and booked the next available appointment, which was a week away. Working without the required adjustments had by this time caused my vision to deteriorate to a point where I could not use a screen for more than an hour. I again approached the management to request the adjustments be made now with the GP letter to follow. At this point I was told that as the attack happened outside of work what did I expect work to do for me. I was also told that it was a high-pressure job and if I could not cope I should go home. I again stated I did not wish to take time off and that with reasonable adjustments I could try and continue working. The management again refused to make adjustments and ordered me to self certificate sick leave until my doctors appointment. After leaving the office I contacted the HR department directly and explained the situation and requested that they speak with the local management to establish what could be done in assisting me back to work. They subsequently involved an outside occupational health company who contacted me for consent forms to obtain my medical records. I returned these forms a month ago but I have heard nothing further from HR or occupational health and when I tried to contact Occupational Health directly they refused to speak to me. When I attended my GP I was signed off and referred back to the eye hospital for further treatment. Now two months later there is no change as the eye hospital are trying to establish the full extent of the damage to my eye and how best to treat it and I am still unable to work several months on. I have had no contact from my employers to check on my progress or to offer any support which has left me feeling very let down and isolated. I have made a point of calling in every couple of weeks to update them and remind them that I want to work with them to find a solution to enable me to return to work as quickly as possible. Whilst I am currently being paid in full under the terms of my contract this will end soon at which point I will not have sufficient funds to live on with a family to support and a mortgage to pay which is causing a great deal of worry. The employer is a large company employing in excess of 10k people globally with the majority being in the UK. I have been employed by them for over a decade. In the last 6 years I had only taken 2 days off sick prior to the attack. I have never been disciplined for anything and my performance is always graded as above expected level.
  11. Hi Everyone. I came home yesterday to find a hand delivered letter from Equita saying the bailiff will attend my house in 24hours. If i do not pay the outstanding amount in full and cleared funds, he will attend my house and MAY remove goods in my absence which they tell me will be distressing. I have been reading on here what to do and i have requested the information from the Council regarding the Liability order they got in Court. First i knew of this was yesterday, surely i must have received a summon or something? But nothing. The CT was applied when i was on benefits so i don't see how i can owe the council anything. I have queried this with them and they said there were a period of 2 months which im liable for ( Benefit took 2 months to be awarded). The CT bill was from a previous address. I am currently homeschooling my 9 year old son so he is in the house with me. I am also a single parent on benefits. How do i deal with the Bailiff when he turns up please? Im scared to death and i dont want my son upset. Any help gratefully received, thank you.
  12. Hi, I'm trying to get some historical absense records from my previous employer. I started working there late 2007 so the time is well within limitations. I've written to them twice asking for all dates, times and copies of all of the medical notes they got when I was ill. I even enclosed, on 3 occasions, a £10 postal order, for the SAR costs. On all 3 occasions they've ignored my letters, and on all 3 occasions, I've confirmed the postal orders were cashed. What would you recommend I do to get these records? It seems there was a housing benefit discrepancy which I need to sort out and I can without those dates and notes. Thanks, A
  13. help or advice much needed....... i work 16hrs per week but started off at 40hrs per week 3yrs ago..... due to work related injury and time off for surgery, i had to be moved to another dept on doctors recommendation and he had to write to my employers to request this because the occupational health lady refused to contact him saying " he just wants a big fee from us for writing a letter, all we need is your story and i take notes"..... Anyways, i got moved to another dept which happened to be chilled where i am up and down a stool for four hours stretching to back of shelves etc........ I ended up pulling a muscle in my shoulder and was off for a month.....Now previous to this, i had warned employers that my arthritis was playin up due to the cold and i asked if i could be moved again ( my arthritis was never a problem in other depts and i never knew it would present a problem in chilled until i got moved there)....... I had to go on sick leave again and more doc requests and more occupational health visits with same view that she wont contact my doctor because its all about money and collecting fees in any way that they can. So basically time off work with injury and warnings about arthritis, then occupational health not being helpful in least, I felt intimidated into goin back to work in same dept or i was gonna get sacked. I went back on reduced hours,. but had to work in same dept and i had to increase my pain relief to get thru each shift...... I spoke to managers with them all sayin they will phone me but they never, i requested another meeting with occupational health representative but that has never happened, and just the other day i went to work and was ambushed into a meeting and told my absences were goin to investigation. I was not asked until 20 minutes into the meeting if i wanted a rep with me and they could get one for me...... I was shocked at it all happening, and said somethin along the lines of " where would i find a rep at this time of morning at short notice and should i not have been given prior warning about this meeting to give me time to arrange a rep?" I went thru the meetin sayin very little and had no option but to sign the written notes which apparently i will be sent copy of with a date for the investigation. I have spoken to my doctor who reckons they have broken many rules when it comes to me returning to work because they refused to move me dept knowing i now had a disability which meant i was not fit for the job they kept making me do each day. They deliberately ignored his written requests to move me from chilled area due to arthritis getting worse and pain relief havin to be increased....... I asked to speak to managers many times wen at work and they always said " i will come see you before you finish your shift" but wen i went lookin for them they were always in a meetin. My last visit with occupational health was discussin possibility of comin back on 2 days per week because i was still due 46hrs holiday which i must take before end of march 2013 or i lose them ( each holiday request i put in was declined, i still have the forms....(.i was declined because others were given priority) and just recently i had to put in holiday forms to try not lose my holiday entitlement but they were declined again.... i also told my manager that i never got after last occupational health visit so it seems her request for my 2 day return to work with my other 2 days being used up as holiday entitlement, was not acted upon and it now looks like i am gonna lose 46hrs holiday entitlement because my manager keeps refusing my holiday requests...... I am quiet shy person at work and dont make a fuss which is probably why they intimidate me and basically run rings round me......I go to work, do best i can then go home........ i enjoy workin there and have many friends but they all say the same, my manager is takin **** because i wont stand up to them. so basically my absences are up for investigation. I am scared im gonna lose my job..... I need a rep to help me as i dont know wat all this means or wat happens . I also want to argue about my holiday entitlement as well because it is their fault i have accrued so much and now may lose out on it all. And their policy on diversity which states " make every effort when colleagues become disabled that they are able to stay in employment - actively progress and/or any reasonable adjustment".... I probably veered off track several times but my nerves in tatters over this....... any advice or help would be much appreciated...thankyou
  14. If an employee with IBS is constantly absent from work, is it justifiable to discipline them, taken into consideration that all other employee's in the company are currently being disciplined for their absence. The DDA specifies that you cannot treat that employee less favorably than any other employee in the company, however this employee has been treated more favorably than any other employee, is it justifiable to discipline the employee with IBS. In the past 6 months the employee has had 24 periods of absence totaling 94 days, the company feel they cannot sustain this level of absence. Any help appreciated.
  15. Hello, I am a new user. I hope someone can help as I have a court hearing early November. I stopped paying my Credit Cards middle of 2010 after I lost my job. I could not reach an agreement with the Credit Card companies to pay a smaller repayment until I find a new job. Few months later, I was getting letters and calls from different Debt Collection Agencies. I ignored their letters and phone calls till they stopped. Earlier this year, a man came to my door and asked of me. My brother opened the door as I was not in as he was here on holiday from abroad. He asked the man who he was and which company he was from. As the man appeared suspicious and was evasive with his reply, he refused to confirm my name when he was asked and the man asked him to take a letter from him. He refused to do so and he throw it through the door and said he was served, thinking he was me. I usually do not open the letters and return them back to the senders. But I received a letter from the County Court. This I found out because it had the County Court address on the envelope and opened it to find out that I have been declared Bankrupt in my absence. Apparently, this was the second time the hearing took place which I failed to attend. To my surprise, the only time I got a letter from the Court was when I found out that I have been declared bankrupt. There was no letter from the Court to attend the first and the second hearing. There was no way I could have missed the letter if it was addressed like the only one I got, which had the Court's address on it. I found out from this website to contact the Court immediately and apply for a stay of proceeding and advertisement. I also said that I was not aware of the Court hearing or having any knowledge of owing the company that has filed bankruptcy against me any money. The Court has granted another day for the hearing early November. I sent 2 recorded delivery letters to the company. One of the letter I sent with £1 postal order giving them 7 days to provide original copy of the Credit Card Agreement. I have received a reply saying that they have requested it from the original Creditor. Another letter (SAR) I sent with £10 postal order requesting full information about the debt (used a template I copied from this website). I have received a reply saying that they can only provide evidence of purchase of the debt and any communication they have with me, but that I need to contact the original Creditor for earlier documents. Two things I will like to mention: 1. The original creditor was xxx Card which I signed the agreement with. It was later taken over by xxxxxxxcard when xxx Card pulled out and no longer providing Credit Card facility. 2. The Credit Card number on the Court paper is different from the number of the card I stopped paying. The only similarity is the first 4 digits, everything else is different. 3. I did not receive any letter from xxxxxxxxxxx that the debit has been sold to the company that took me to Court. Can anyone advise on how I should prepare my defense for the Court appearance. Should I send SAR to xxxxxxxxxxx request for a copy of the original credit agreement, even though I know that all the previous bills I still hold do not match the card number on the Court paper. I am worried they might contact the company that took me to court and inform them of my possible defense. Please help anyone. Thank you.
  16. Hey everyone, I was hoping someone could give me a bit of advice (that I can give to my parents). My younger brother and sister were absent from school for the last 3 days of the term in July (2 and a half really as the school closed at 12pm on the last day), because they and my parents went down south for a few days. This was the only time they were able to get off work and the only time they could afford to go away (they've had a pretty rough year and haven't had a real break in God-knows how long). They submitted a holiday form to the school, and were never told that they weren't allowed to go so assumed everything was ok. However, they got in from work a couple of days ago and had a letter from the school with a £400 fine (£100 per child per parent), and a photocopy of the holiday form with 'Unauthorised' written on it, stating that if the fine isn't paid within 42 days they they will be taken to court. Both my brother and sister have excellent grades and are in the top sets at school, this wasn't during an exam period, and in the last week all they do is watch DVDs anyway. This hasn't affected their performance in any way whatsoever. Obviously my parents can't afford to pay this fine, and all it is doing by threatening them with court action is stressing them out even more, which they definitely don't need at the moment. Is this fine allowed seeing as they submitted a holiday form and were never told that they couldn't have the time off? And is there any way in which they can appeal it? Thanks in advance for your help.
  17. Hi, I did a really stupid thing about 4 years ago. I wasnt in a very good place at the time. I was caught with a childs ticket before boarding the train. When questioned by the ticket inspector I panicked having never done anything like this before. I didnt know my new address at the time, the ticket inspector came down on me like a ton of bricks and to be honest I was very scared of him and the situation I found myself in. I gave him my name and date of birth and my old address I had no forms of ID appart from a medical note which had my details on it. He took the ticket off me and told me I would recieve something in the post. Obviously I never recieved anything as I was no longer at the address. I am so ashamed at my actions. I have read that if you do not respond to anything from them then they may prosecute in your absence. I am in a very different place now, and feel that I must sort this matter out. I now have a child and husband. I would hate to think that this matter would stop us from taking our child on holiday, stop me from applying for certain jobs, hold my husband back due to my stupid action etc. However I have no idea where to start. I have done lots of research however cannot find any answers. I had thought to ring the company and explain the situation, however I am affraid if they have dropped the case I may incriminate myself futher.Having left this for 4 years I feel that its not going to go in any favor of mine. Obviously I am not wanting to get off with anything. I am perfectly willing/happy to pay any fines etc. I am of the understanding that I would recieve a fine and a criminal record, Im concerned about this as I have no idea what happened with this. I know what I did was terrible and would never ever do anything like that ever again. I no longer live in the uk either so it does make it even more difficult to sort this out. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  18. Let me give you some background, I hit a trigger point when I was off for an extended amount of time due to stress, I returned to be told I was due a capability hearing - 7 month down the line this capability has still not been carried out and I have been off sick twice since then. What I'm concerned about is that could they use the 2 recent illnesses against me if the capability does go ahead? And how long is a reasonable time to delay a hearing? This is causing me more stress now having to think about it!
  19. Hiya all. Just after a little but of info. My company operates a policy of if you have 3 periods of absence in a rolling 6 month period then you are issued a verbal warning. Unfortunately, I was off for 2 days in November (11th and 12th) and again in January (25th) and again on the 14th of this month (May 14). On the face of it, it seems I am likely to receive a verbal warning. However, am wondering as it's a rolling 6 month period so 6 months from 12th Nov is the 12th of May and my 3rd period of absence was from the 14th (so 2 days after) does this mean it is outside the 6 month period? I hope that makes sense to someone Thanks
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