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Found 16 results

  1. I got myself into a spot of bother with the cops. Easy done it seems. Long story. I'm not here to discuss that. I didn't do anything wrong. Idiots calling the cops over nothing resulting in me getting arrested. Anyway, I've had the first hearing and the next hearing is on Monday. My legal aid has not gone though yet. I haven't heard from my appointed solicitor as promised many times, either by phone or to arrange to meet. I expected a call at least today. Nothing! So as far as I am aware they have still not been presented with witness statements and evidence from the prosecution. And in any case I know nothing about the details of the prosecution's case and there is now exactly zero working days until the hearing. Apart from the fact I am considering going with another solicitor recommended by a friend and not WSA... ... where does my case stand with regards to this? Three charges. I'm looking at potentially resisting arrest and verbal abuse to the police as a worst case scenario. As I understand it it's good practise to have the accused, or their lawyer presented with the evidence 14 days prior to the intermediate hearing, or else how can I be expected to reconsider my plea? Anyone know of any nice little loop holes in the legal system I can throw at the judge on Monday and walk out the building for the last time, and extend my middle finger up to the whole thing? p.s. Scotland
  2. Hi I am asking for advice please. My husband who has worked at a company for 5 years is facing disciplinary hearing on Monday (I have been allowed to be his companion at this hearing as he is disabled). He had an exemplary work record up til 2 weeks ago and is due to retire in January. He felt he needed to bring a grievance against a colleague and attended a meeting with his line manager for an informal chat about this. His line manager came to the meeting with the HR person and together they bombarded/interrogated him about his grievance. Can i say at this point he had not slept for the previous couple of nights due to serious health issues. He did tell them he felt unwell and was indeed asked if he would like to adjourn the meeting. He declined that offer as he wasn't going to feel any better anytime soon. The interrogation continued and he flipped. He didnt swear or direct his anger towards anything personal but shouted No, No, No and banged his fist on the table. His line manager immediately burst into tears and left the room and in fact left the building for the day. Fact finding statements have been taken and a disciplinary hearing is arranged as I said for Monday. What i would like to know is does this constitute gross misconduct and would be a sackable offence?
  3. Good morning All, Birmingham city council bailiff came to my door on Monday morning after clamping a car outside. AS of the end of March this year I owe £35 council tax balance from last year and have not even received the bill the new financial year yet. I pay my council tax on monthly basis by internet transfer. I have had contact with Equitax for a few years now and have spoken to them on number of occasions and explained that I really don’t owe the council anything. They usually stop contacting me for months and then start again. Basically, the bailiff said that the count was handed over to them ones in 2014 and 2015 and that I should have being paying them and not the council so now he want over £700 in their charges. I have lived in this house since 2000 and have always paid my council tax be it with some straggle but I do pay it, so I don't understand how the council can hand my account over to equitax when I have being paying. I went to the citizen advice service yesterday and they told me to write a complaint to the council. I have also read few forums posts to figure out what to do but I am at lost at the moment. I'll be calling the council this morning to try to find out how this happened. Any advice will be much appreciated. Thank you
  4. In court monday with a really dodgy private parking company. It's been a long drawn out fight where they just refused to be reasonable. THe Landowner has a managing agent looking after the site , the PPC are the agents of the agent... I Contacted the Landowner on late monday afternoon , i wanted to find out if the PPC had authorisation to take people to court. Eventually i spoke to a lady in Admin , explained to her what happened , how the PPC havn't been agreeable at all and she said she would find out which dept manages the site and get them to call me back to be honest i thought i was being fobbed off. about 30 minutes late i got a call from the managing agent , who told me he was calling the PPC and instructing them to drop the case. I was driving at the time and told him i would call him back in 20 minutes. 20 minutes later i'm on the phone and was told that the ppc have been instructed to drop the cas e and i would have an email in the next 2 mins to confirm this. i was also told to ignore any correspondance from the PPC i have this email... for what it's worth the email is an official company one. this all happened on monday late afternoon , it's now thursday and i haven't heard anything , i checked the court listings and my case is still there.. so my question is.... do i go to court and take the email with me? should I wait to see what happens and if the case goes ahead then appeal or have it set aside???
  5. Hello all I'm self employed, and got into difficulty last December with my mortgage (due to ill health which effected my eyesight) Won't pretend I didn't do a bit of burying my head in the sand also!! The last few weeks, I've been able to get back to work full time, and now have the money to pay my mortgage arrears in full, and can keep up to date in the future. However, my lender wont accept payment from me until they hear from their head office, and charges are being added daily. Also the repossession hearing is next monday, and I'm out of my mind with worry. What, if anything, can I do? Help! Thanks for your time
  6. Hi all, I've been asked to go to a disciplinary on Monday: This is part of the letter emailed to me, I've accepted the meeting but now I want to refuse it. -------------------------------- Evidence of this is a Bradford factor score (based on absences in the last 12 months) of 238. You have reached this score following a 5 day absence in February 2014 and then 4 short term absences in the past 6 months – August 8th – Migraine September 10th – Sickness December 8th – Cold/flu January 18th – Stomach ache/sickness -------------------- 1. The bradford score he's worked out is wrong. 2. It was 4 days in Feb not 5 - so not accurate, which is should be as this is the only sickness I have done a return to work interview for. (before he started work here) 3. no return to work interviews at any of the other sickness dates, I made him aware in September I've not been getting return to work meetings and he just told me that my score isn't bad and there is nothing for me to worry about. 4. September says sickness because there is no record of it anywhere, I can't remember what it was either at this moment. 5. I feel like he's wasting my time, and doing it for alternative reasons other than concern about me/my team, he's already decided what he's going to do about it before we even get to the disciplinary. I am going to call Acas on Monday as well, but I start a 7pm, the meeting is at 8pm and I have an hour when I get here, which I am planning on emailing him, and the CEO of the company and refusing to attend this disciplinary, but inviting him for a meeting with me? I don't want to seem like I don't care about my sickness, I do, I work around 250 - 300 hours a month and I have more than covered the lack of staff situation - including the massive mess over xmas/new year, I do other peoples jobs for them and fill in where needed and I feel like it's all meant nothing. I have been here 18 months. Please anybody with any advice, thank you!
  7. I think I know what I am doing but just need it confirming. I have a CCJ against me for £1007 issued 9/9/14 Yesterday I received a letter from a HCEO it says Sum Outstanding £1118.75 Interest £3.09 Compliance Stage Fee £90 Total Sum £1211.84 I am going to my nearest County Court that deals with High Court Matters. It is my intention to make an application for a stay of execution (N244) and also an application for a variation of the order as it was a forthwith judgement. Just to murk the waters a little, I received a letter from a DCA after the CCJ was issued telling me to contact them within 14 days. I havent nor can I for the love of me find this letter. Couple of things, is that correct. Fill a N244 for the stay and N245 for the variation of the order. I will try and take them first thing and have ask for a Judge to do it their and then. And other advice received with thanks Sorry, any idea why the amount owed has gone from £1007 to £1118.75 within a month? Also if the value is incorrect on the writ, can this be grounds for it to be nil and void? Thanks
  8. Apologies if this has been posted before, I couldn't see it. The way of paying charges will change as of Monday and anyone heading around the M25 from the north or east into Kent or towards the Channel will need to pay remotely rather than at a toll booth or machine. https://www.gov.uk/government/news/dart-charge-dartford-crossing-remote-payment http://www.theaa.com/motoring_advice/cost-of-motoring/dartford-crossing-dart-charge.html HB
  9. Channel4 Dispatches programme on the new pension rules. http://www.channel4.com/programmes/dispatches
  10. Hello I also have been hit with failing to meet the insurance requirements under the Section 144 (1) of the Road Traffic Act 1988 the DVLA say I didn't inform them of the sale of the car. I say I did and have some proof to that fact. My question is I entered a Not Guilty plea by post and asked for the DVLA witness to attend in person as I believe I can not dispute their evidence if their statement is read out in Court by a third party. I was advised by a friend with a little legal knowledge that the case will be adjourned and a new date set and rang Swansea Court today to confirm that. A lady in the listings department confirmed that was correct and not to bother turning up. Now I would very much like not to make a 500 mile 7 hour round trip for nothing but as the lady concerned would not give her name and I don't know whether I should go or not. I e-mailed the court at the same time asking the same question and I hoped I would get something in writing back. I didn't get a reply. Any advice from someone who has been in the same position would be appreciated. I am determined to fight the case but don't want to take a day of work and spend a fortune getting down to Swansea if I don't need to be there. Thanks Pat4
  11. Hi In July my son was travelling by train from Bolton to Manchester to go to work. He had a monthly pass which he showed to the ticket inspector before going to the platform and catching the train. It was only when he got off the train at Manchester that another ticket inspector noticed the pass was two days out of date. My son explained that he had not noticed it was out of date as he had not used it for over a week as he had been off work for a week and offered to purchase a ticket. He was told all he needed to do was give him his details and the reason why he had not noticed the ticket was out of date which he did. He thought nothing more of it until last Thursday a letter came here for him (as he was living with me at the time) because he was working away he asks me to open any mail that may come here instead of his own address which I did and it was a court summons stating that the case was to be heard Dec 1st. I've spoken to him as he is still working away and he is not sure what to do. He can pay a £100 fine and it doesn't go to court, plead guilty and receive a fine of up to £150 or plead not guilty and if found guilty he could receive a fine of up to £1000 (the original fare he should of paid is £4.10). We're both really angry because the letter states he had received two letters in August one asking for an explanation and the other informing him of the fine because he had given them my address they would of come here and I definitely know they didn't. Also the documents are stamped 4th November and it didn't arrive until the 20th November! The documents have two witness statements the ticket inspector and an admin women who states two letters were sent and has them as exhibits. We both had a discussion on one hand should he just pay the early settlement fee of £100 he has until tomorrow to do that or should he plead not guilty as it was a genuine oversight and not as the charge states an act to intentionally avoid paying the fare. Any advice would be really helpful but we really need advice quickly as he only has until tomorrow to make a decision and send the documentation back for Thursday.
  12. I had a letter today from the Respondents demanding £800 by Monday for the bundle cost. The Employment Judge agreed to my request there be a £500 cap on the cost, although it is not in the Order from the Preliminary Hearing. I believe the Respondent has deliberately made it as expensive as possible. The are a quasi-legal firm and produce hundreds of bundles every year in the normal course of work. They have a photocopier machine contract which makes the cost a fraction of a pound for each copy, plus teams of administrators who routinely collate them. They have already turned up on my door extorting £2,000. This was from a costs order at the EAT from a previous case where the panel said I did not have to pay it until I could afford it. I paid it as they threatened to bankrupt me. They are saying they will apply to have my hearing struck out if not paid by Monday. What should I do?
  13. Have a look and let me know what you think. Any help will be appreciated. http://s911.photobucket.com/albums/ac318/zentrix9/MR%20VIRGIN%20MNBA/ I will be sending a SAR request tomorrow to see what I get back
  14. I am about to walk into a preliminary hearing without any representation next week. I returned to a previous employer, and began struggling with mental health issues because I felt my senior manager was neglecting the department. Not being able to progress and develop my work streams was really frustrating, and it began to make me sick. I asked for help and was referred to OH OH made recommendations of reasonable adjustments. Negotiations with my senior line manager in trying to implement the advice broke down 3 times (as she tried to change my contracted hours from 37.5 to 40, refused to accept i had a disability, questioned my capacity, capability and performance alongside. My employer was also trying to discipline me for time keeping without making any effort to adjust.) It got worse: I was overlooked for a development opportunity that lots of people in the organisation assumed i would act in my line managers role. I applied for the secondment under the two ticks guaranteed interview scheme - but didn't get an interview. My senior manager looked at my pre-employment health questionnaire and accused me of lying on it. I grievanced, and was told my complaints wouldn't be upheld and I should put up and shut up. I was told my opinion didn't count because I had a distorted perception of reality. After OH held a case conference to ease the implementation of the reasonable adjustment - i received a six page letter trying to change my terms and conditions and only achieved excluding me further. Within 3 months of being back at work (working to their rules, and with them still failing me) - they started disciplinary action on me for three offenses. Only two complaints were attained - one was linked to them ignoring OH advice. When OH found out about the disciplinary's he advised them to deal with them swiftly - Feb 2012 - Jan 2014 and not dealt with. Finally, I took annual leave and went on holiday. Part way through I liaised with my line manager and add an extra day. It was granted. That day my middle manager rang me screaming that I had failed to report, and refused to accept I had a days leave granted. I was going to be disciplined for that too! Very upset I emailed the person I sent the original grievance to saying that the bullying was still happening. I was suspended in July 2013. I've been suspended ever since. So whilst subject to sanctions of the suspension, and the ?three disciplinary's hanging over me I was encouraged ?(harassed) to apply for other jobs with the employer. On my third application I queried if I should be applying as technically I was subject to sanctions. I was then told, it had all been a terrible mistake and as I am probably going to be sacked I shouldn't be applying for anything afterall. Two days before Christmas I was emailed to pick up a 6 volume report into why they should sack me. And I should anticipate a letter in the new year inviting me to a meeting to terminate my contract. I have complex PTSD after being abused as a child, and delayed sleep phase disorder. Can someone reassure me they can see a pattern of behaviour that displays disability discrimination? Can anyone tell me where I can find a lastminute.com legal eagle to support me at the tribunal? (I've tried CAB, their person who does 'employment' is on annual leave - and they can't get someone from another branch.) Thanks for your time.....
  15. Hi - wonder ifanybody can give me some advice. I had a congestioncharge penalty that i was disputing, and CCLondon took it off hold without meknowing. A slightly separate point. I received a letteron Friday 18th January, from Equita, telling me I owed them £200.44 and warranthad ben issued etc.. and i needed to pay. I was unable to call on Friday so wasplanning on calling Monday. Monday at 6.15 am,I, and my wife and 4 kids were woken by a bailiff demanding £573. As I was halfasleep I paid this, and questioned the breakdown, he said he'd drop one round. The breakdown hegave me was - £200.44 – initial debt £11.20 – first letter £57 – first visit £195 – enforcement attendance with intent to remove £60 – visit £1.50 additional charge I know - something is missing too, I dont know what. Now, given that theletter was dated the 15th January, and received on the 18th January, how is itpossible to rack up the additional bill over the weekend? And is that £195 alegitimate charge for 'enforcement'? I'm about to write a letter to Equita, so all advice gratefully received. Jude
  16. hi all iv my tribuneral on monday and i feel il probley get turned down for my esa , the original turn down date was november 2011 , thats 9 months ago so if i get turned down on monday can i reapply for esa or tell lies and claim job seekers my prob is i have a job still but cant do it as i only have use of one hand as my other has a badly broken wrist and after 2 operations it is no better im waiting to see surgeon for another operation as im in pain all the time with wrist and have limited movement in wrist an poor grip , my job is a fitter with heavy manual work iv been there 20 years but i dont want to resign id rather be paid off, plus iv a claim in with my work for my accident
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