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Found 10 results

  1. Afternoon, Can anyone please help, i was driving home last night and crossed a swing bridge on Chester Road Warrington, when i crossed the joint between the bridge and the main carriageway i felt a crack from under my car. i inspected the car and found both coil springs have snapped at the same time. I have looked into the joint on the bridge and found they are not level and in fact found the bridge road 22mm lower than the main carriageway, i have reported the issue to the council who have replying stating its not there bridge and pasted me to Peel Ports, i have reported the issue to them as well. I have had my car inspected by my local garage and they have confirmed both from coil springs have snapped and need replacing, the cost of the work will be £180.00, my question is can i claim off Peel Ports ?
  2. Hi, hopefully this is the right place to put this! today I received a letter from the BTP with a NIP asking for name and address of driver. It states 'This offence can be supported by photographic evidence from an offence detection device. The driver of vehicle *my vehicle* is alleged to have committed an offence contrary to one or more of the following offences under the Road Traffic Act, 1968. Failure to comply with a red traffic light signal at Nutbourne Level Crossing' I was driving with my boyfriend in the car also, as we were approaching the level crossing the light turned orange but it would've been too dangerous to stop (I was driving within the speed limit). We both only saw an orange light and no red light. I have never had any driving convictions etc, am a mental health nurse and points on my licence would not be great for me, especially for something that I do not think is fair as I mentioned, stopping would've been more dangerous. Just looking for any sort of guidance/help with what I should do! Thanks!
  3. Hopefully this is the correct forum, didn't know if it should go here or in the train section. I just got the following email from my work regarding the company car I drive: Background info about crossing: You drive down a small lane to the level crossing, which has white wooden farm style gates across that you have to open the one side, walk across the tracks, open the other side gates, walk back, get in car, drive through both sets of wooden gates, get out, walk over tracks, close far side gate, walk back over tracks, close near side gate, get back in car and drive off. On said date and about that time, I did this. I did not see any signage saying I need to phone anybody. After opening all the gates, I started driving towards going over the track, slowly nosing forward until I could see a train approaching, so I then rolled back into the road again (rolled slowly, not drove as train was far off). Train passed me at about 30-40mph with horn blaring (I assumed as warning he was approaching) and stopped about 100 yards further down the track, with what looked like a red signal light ahead of him in the distance. So now the NIP states I caused the train to brake by crossing the track. How? I crossed the track behind the train. At no time did my car cross the track infront of the train. Also, do not recall the signage, so I'm off in a few hours to take photo's of the crossing, as area is rather overgrown with bushes. Any advice further what to do when I receive the NIP?
  4. Has this exemption always been in place ? https://www.gov.uk/dartford-crossing-fees-exemptions-penalties
  5. Apologies if this has been posted before, I couldn't see it. The way of paying charges will change as of Monday and anyone heading around the M25 from the north or east into Kent or towards the Channel will need to pay remotely rather than at a toll booth or machine. https://www.gov.uk/government/news/dart-charge-dartford-crossing-remote-payment http://www.theaa.com/motoring_advice/cost-of-motoring/dartford-crossing-dart-charge.html HB
  6. Hi guys, Just curious as to the legality of the road markings on a nearby zebra crossing - not sure of the exact length of the zig zags either side but lets says they're 8 metres in either direction... ..except one of the four sections of zigzags is several metres shorter in order to accomodate a bus stop (ie. one side of the road has zigzags one side of the crossing running to around 2 to 3 metres, the other three run to around 8 metres). I thought the idea of these markings was to limit the risk to pedestrians and yet people can cross behind a bus whos rear end is only a metre or two from the crossing (assuming another bus isn't behind it which is straddling the crossing (as I have witnessed on more than one occasion!)). Yet if I park opposite the bus stop I'll be on zigzags and so risking a fine and points. Techincally perhaps not double standards but does seem to smack of it, can anyone offer some clarity please
  7. Got a note in my car tax renewal about the new cashless charging for the dartford toll crossing. As an infrequent user how am I supposed to find a shop miles that will sell the new prepayments and I also note that you will be fined if you fail to pay. like the London congestion charge. Now, the Highways Agency are spending about £65m retarting the toll area when the simplest thing would be to do what the governemnt promised years ago and that was scrap the charge. The charge was supposed to be temporary until the cost of the engineering works had been recovered. This debt ended 2 years ago and the "temporary" charge was continued again as a temporary measure. Now they are spending an absolute fortune to continue the robbery of the users but want to make it harder to pay, possible to spy on every user by having a new database of payers and the vehicle they are paying for and worse than that actually having a charge at all when it cannot be justified. When do we get to be consulted on this? never. All too late for making a complint to your MP, the work will start soon and your MP will be booted out next year at the election so they arent going to get anywhere bringing it up in parliament anyway. Grr.
  8. Long shot but I'll ask for some advicehere... I've recently applied for a dropped kerb and vehicle crossing. This was allabout to be approved by the council when they discovered the land has beendesignated as community trust land (I believe)and as such cannot be developed on. Now I can understand this if it was a park or other greenbelt land, but this isa 10 yard strip of land from my property to a busy road in a residential area.I've never seen anyone from the community use this land, although they do thepark just down the road. It's hardly appropriate for kids to play on. The council say they can't do anything. Is there anywhere I can appeal to havethis re-classified? Cheers
  9. Hi Guys I am in need for some serious advice. I will try to keep the story as short and as concise as possible Basically I manage a take away shop with around 20 employees. I have become very fond of one of the girls that works there, who is also in a position of management (below me,I am her boss). I have done things like indirectly telling her I like her. Giving her hugs. Getting her a small present when I am on holiday. She is a friendly type of girl also and likes to mess around and joke around. She is a lot younger than me,by around 10'years, and is in her late teens. It seems that, without my knowledge, everything that has been happening between us, she has been telling other colleagues at work. The things I have been texting her, what I have been saying (nothing overtly sexual or anything, just simple things during the course of text conversation like telling her I think she is a nice girl..that kind of thing). I have never come out and told her directly that I like her or want anything more. I thought everything we talk about would remain private but I guess this kind of shows her immaturity. Now this is where the story gets interesting.. There is another girl there, who is a friend of hers. She has been taking in everything that has been going on, but has never mentioned anything about it. Until now, when I asked her to do some cleaning in the store (which is normal) and she refused based on the fact that she has never been asked to clean before and it is 'not in her job description'. This set her off and she started telling me how ****ed off she was with everything and how she was going to complain to someone higher than me. She accused me of being a little bit 'pervy', and that she knows everything that has been going on. She thinks I am abusing my position and not drawing the boundaries as someone who is in charge. She is the same age as the other girl. I think part of the problem here is perhaps her jealousy, the fact that she hasn't received this much attention from me. I don't know. She is a little bit jealous that the other girl has progressed and she hasn't but to be honest her work standards are no where near the other girls. So my question: 1- can she make a complaint about me based on what she has heard I have said to this other girl or the fact that I have given her hugs? Can she complain on someone else's behalf? Bearing in mind the girl in question has never mentioned anything and we still have a great working relationship..? She was like I don't think this is appropriate behaviour for a person in charge and I feel you are crossing boundaries..but what's it to her? I told her that if I made this other girl feel so uncomfortable, then why has she never complained to me about it? 2 - what do you do when someone *believes* they are being mistreated, even though you know for sure you are not mis treating them, but it is their bad behaviour that is causing you to take action and reprimand them? People seem to play the "I am being discriminated against" far too easily these days, even when there is no grounds for it.. She was saying things like "you don't like me, you never have anything good to say about me, you always criticise me''.. And then she was like "it's the way you looked at me when you asked me to clean, the way you spoke to me..like I am a piece of s*%#$.".... I definitely didnt do either of those things..i am very careful about how I talk to people.. How do you tacle the 'I am being dicriminated against' argument.. 3 - she is threatening to go to my boss to "tell him everything that has been going on" ..as potentially she knows this will be bad news for me.. I am wondering where I stand legally.. Is there anything that could potentially get me in trouble here bearing in mind she hasn't made anything official yet? I dont know to act now.. 4 - how do you act when the girl in question is friendly in nature.. I.e, she keeps hitting me with things, play fighting.. Stuff like that.. Any advice you can give me would be really appreciated... I am worried about my reputation and position.. George
  10. Hi all, Interesting thing happened this morning. Me and my wife were approaching a zebra crossing and we could clearly see a group of old people showing no signs or interest in crossing it. So we carried on and crossed it, as we crossed onto the black and white lines a traffic warden very quickly stepped onto the crossing as if to walk into the side of my car. My wife was like WTF and was startled by it. I look in my rearview mirror and see that hes taking a photo of my car as we drive on. I now presume i willl get a ticket for failing to stop at zebra crossing. This traffic warden did this on purpose, he didnt stop or give any sign as too wanting to cross, he just jumped out as we were already on the crossing. Any advice as to how to procceed, can they give me a ticket for this nasty trick he played ?
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