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  1. Called court yesterday as i#m working away and been told a hearing is booked in for 2 months. The hearing will hear the case for permission to appeal and then the appeal if successful. One step closer to actually getting some justice
  2. My argument for permission to appeal is based on 2 main points. 1) evidence was put to the court and put before the judge. court Admin have admitted to this error 2) Claimant lied and misled the court
  3. I understand that you have to get permission to appeal . my question was regarding the need to get permision to submit New evidance in the Application to get permission to appeal
  4. I was asking about permission to submit new evidence and you kept bringing it back to permission to appeal , it was very confusing lol
  5. I have no idea , i knew i was on bad footing as soon as i walked in. from the moment we started the hearing i felt like i was being punished for representing myself
  6. i asked for permission at the hearing , permission was refused as "i had no chance of success" The Judge has not filled in a N460 Ive made so many called to the Court regarding the N460 that i risk being Arrested for harrassment. if i say "evidence has come to light or become available since the hearing which was not available at the time" , do i included it With the n164 as supporting documentation or wait for the appeal
  7. Really not sure where Your going With this. N460 is for the judge to fill out when he refuses an appeal. He didnt fill out an n460. the N460 does not exist in my file i can ask for permission to appeal. i can show grounds for an appeal and give evidance that has already been used I CAN NOT SUBMIT NEW EVIDANCE WITHOUT FIRST ASKING PERMISSION TO SUBMIT NEW EVIDANCE Nowhere does it say how to ask for permission to submit New evidance I think Your confusing asking permission to appeal With asking permission to submit New evidance
  8. Sections 6 and 7: Grounds of appeal and arguments in support An appeal must be based on relevant grounds (reasons for appealing). An appeal court will only allow an appeal against a decision of a lower court that was either: • wrong; or • unjust because of a serious procedural or other irregularity in the proceedings. The appeal court will be unlikely to overturn a decision where no real difference would be made to the outcome of the case, or the appeal would involve re-examining the factual investigation undertaken by the lower court. Set out briefly and on a separate sheet your reasons why you think the judge’s decision was wrong or unjust. If possible, list 8 your reasons in short separately numbered paragraphs and indicate you have done this by ticking the relevant box. Remember that you must not include any grounds for appealing which rely on new evidence; that is evidence that has become available since the order was made. You may not produce new evidence in your appeal without first obtaining the permission of the appeal court. (See the notes to Section 9) So i can only put in an appeal on grounds that require me to supply New evidance if i ask permission first. No where does it say how this is done
  9. and use supporting evidance to gain permisssion. i can't just say "Cliamant lied" , i would have to demonstrate how they lied
  10. II PERMISSION TO APPEAL - GENERAL Permission to appeal 52.3 (1) An appellant or respondent requires permission to appeal— (a) where the appeal is from a decision of a judge in the County Court or the High Court, or to the Court of Appeal from a decision of a judge in the family court, except where the appeal is against— (i) a committal order; (ii) a refusal to grant habeas corpus; or (iii) a secure accommodation order made under section 25 of the Children Act 1989 or section 119 of the Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Act 2014 or; (b) as provided by Practice Directions 52A to 52E. (Other enactments may provide that permission is required for particular appeals.) (2) An application for permission to appeal may be made— (a) to the lower court at the hearing at which the decision to be appealed was made; or (b) to the appeal court in an appeal notice. (Rule 52.12 sets out the time limits for filing an appellant’s notice at the appeal court. Rule 52.13 sets out the time limits for filing a respondent’s notice at the appeal court. Any application for permission to appeal to the appeal court must be made in the appeal notice (see rules 52.12(1) and 52.13(3)).) (3) Where the lower court refuses an application for permission to appeal— (a) a further application for permission may be made to the appeal court; and (b) the order refusing permission must specify— (i) the court to which any further application for permission should be made; and (ii) the level of judge who should hear the Application. Where does it say here "to request permission to submit New evidance fill in Form NXXX and pay £xxxx" or "Tick this Box if you are submitting New evidance and give reasons why" All we know is we "cant" submit New evidance without permission from the appeal Court ……..
  11. i've read that document back to front all it says about New evidance is (2) Unless it orders otherwise, the appeal court will not receive— (a) oral evidence; or (b) evidence which was not before the lower court. Statutory appeals – court’s power to hear any person 52.25 (1) In a statutory appeal any person may apply for permission— (a) to file evidence; or Nowhere does it say anywhere the procedure to ask for permission to show New evidance
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