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  1. my mother went with her , the doctor has now aranged a cpn appointment for her
  2. thanks all my sister has no evidence how it affects her work only what she tells atos and what i write her letters , my sister has never worked she cant go out of the house without some one with her ,she constantly washes her hands after touching anything and would wash er hair 3 times a day ,she has ocd and social phobia and is psycho sematic she has had this all her life aswell as a eating disorder ,she lives with her mum . i could go on all day about her illnesses but what iv done so far is sent her appeal off with a sicknote and booked an appointment with her doctor to get him too wri
  3. im wrighting on behalf of my sister who has ocd and suffers psycho sematic and anxiety problems , my sister had a atos medical last september and passed it and got put into the wrag , atos called her back in march this year and she got a letter to say she failed the medical and got no points , she is getting worse with her problems and i brought her till the doctor yesterday to get a sickline to send in with her appeal ,im totally disgusted at atos and there so called healthcare professionals ,her condition has not changed and this will make her worse ,im helping her with the appeal im f
  4. hi all i have got my esa reduced from 142 pound a fortnight too 46 pound a fortnight cause i get industrial injuries benefit of 47 pound a week , thats a a big loss to me thinking of just forgetting about esa and just live on the 47 a week , then i wont have the same crap of esa appeals and utter tosh they spew out ,
  5. iv been with my employer 20 years untill i had a accident in march 2011 and i still off work but my boss never contacts me and im still on the sick even tho my work does not pay my sick money i get esa but im still on the books
  6. happend in march 2011 i havent been back to work since as iv been left with a hand disability and im on esa the accident was in the report book at work but the hse must not have been told only the local health and safety at the council ,
  7. hello i had a accident in work and my solicitor asked the health and safty executive for a report but was told the accident was not reported but was reported to the local council as i had to give a statment of my accident ,
  8. hi gang i just got my decision back from the esa work capability assesment and im not entiteld to esa but i got 6 points this time this is my second time on the esa benefit as i reapplyed after loosing it at tribuneral last time , ive got depression and hand problems after accident at work , i dont know is it worth appealing again or just go for jobseekers , there so called health professionals are good at lying on there reports im going to ask them to look at decision again before i appeal , but if i appeal now i dont know if iwill get my benefit as i herd
  9. just had my medical this morning that lasted 15 mins i wasent asked about my day to day living and was very rushed i dont hold much hope
  10. btw im going through the same crap for second time aswell
  11. i feel your pain i was at tribuneral on monday and was found fit for work aswell ,all you can do is reapply for it thats what iv done since it took 9 months from desicion till tribuneral , the whole system has got to crash down with all the appeals going in, at least dick turpin wore a mask when he was robbing people
  12. my condition has worsend and my wrist bones have colapsed in left wrist and my depression has got worse reapplying tomorrow after i see my doctor thanks all
  13. hi all i lost my appeal today at the tribuneral for my esa claim , the panel only took the evidence that i produced in december 2011 into consideration and not any new evidence , as i can use my right hand and walk im not quallified to pass even tho i have a job but i need two hands to work as im a fitter in same firm 20 years and theres no light work i can do , iv to see my doctor in morning and then il reapply for esa next week , im due a payment on thursday but dont know if i will get any thanks all its like snakes and ladders this benefit
  14. my mental health is worsened with atos and there we dont want to give you benefit program, well my condition has worsend thats why im getting a fusion in wrist and have told them but no good they say i can walk and can use one hand , well someone find me a job that i can push buttons and pick up empty cardboard boxes , how many days will i need to wait before i reapply again as im due to get a payment on thursday the 16th aug but my tribuneran is on the 13th aug so i dont know if i will get paid or not if i loose on monday thanks
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