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  1. Apologise and reassure them it won't happen again?? I don't think being fake and trying to tell them what they might want to hear is helpful to the situation. This has become another issue now, but thanks for the advice.
  2. I don't want to come across as arsey. I want to be able to say that I'm not minimising my absence, but if it was becoming a problem then some notice, advice or support would have been the professional thing to do, instead of leaving me to believe everything is fine. I made him aware in September I wasn't having a return to work meetings, and he told me everything was fine and not to worry.
  3. Hi all, I've been asked to go to a disciplinary on Monday: This is part of the letter emailed to me, I've accepted the meeting but now I want to refuse it. -------------------------------- Evidence of this is a Bradford factor score (based on absences in the last 12 months) of 238. You have reached this score following a 5 day absence in February 2014 and then 4 short term absences in the past 6 months – August 8th – Migraine September 10th – Sickness December 8th – Cold/flu January 18th – Stomach ache/sickness -------------------- 1. The bradford score he's wo
  4. Where can I get legal advice on this? I feel like they really couldn't give a stuff and I am not going to let it go...
  5. their reply to me: I’m sorry your request for information didn’t provide the information you had been looking for. I appreciate your frustration with this matter. I’ve provided details when your final bills were produced and when payment of these was received. I’m unable to remove the defaults from your credit report as they have been applied correctly. As you mentioned you would like to take your case to Ombudsman services I will now provide our final position on your case. You should expect to receive this in the next few days.
  6. Thanks for your reply, the 40th day is the 28th so I doubt there is anything further they're going to send me. This is my reply: I am in receipt of the documents that you have supplied in response to my Data Protection Act information request dated 17/11/14. The disclosure of personal data is incomplete in that at least the following documents are missing. 1) You have failed to provide my contract and my terms and conditions. 2) You have failed to provide me with my customer service notes prior to 31/10/14. 3) You have provided no statements, a complete list of tran
  7. Received my SAR and I have to say my blood is boiling. They have ignored the template I used for ALL information, and this line in particular This Subject access request includes - but is not limited to any data you hold about me in respect of any matter and held in any form including; statements, notes, screen notes, recordings, internal correspondence and external correspondence . and what do I get back it's just customer service notes.. but get this, only from the last few months, so they have charged me for and sent me notes of the emails w
  8. Hi all, They received my SAR the 18th but sent me a letter saying they got it on the 20th, I know it's only 2 days but the deadline falls over Christmas so it will make a difference to it getting sorted this year. Plus it annoys me that they think they can just make it up. They kindly sent me out bills for an old account (not in question) and the last 3 bills for the account I'm disputing, which don't make sense to me, and are so high (no wonder they didn't get paid at the time) Out of them 3 bills there is £60 in charges, for reconnection fees, late payme
  9. I got my cheque book today so that's all sorted. Their current terms and conditions cover reporting to a CRA but they have ignored my repeated attempts to get information on what I agreed to and what the contract was as well. Thanks for the tip on postage
  10. I have used the standard SAR letter and will be sending it recorded Monday morning. I have requested that they send ALL of my information and this SHOULD contain my contract right? (I'm guessing it was a verbal agreement over the phone). From my experience of working at another (shocking) telecoms place they don't keep hold of this information. If I get it back and it doesn't have this included then I can send them a partial compliance letter? I am holding out hope that they don't have my contract and it will be over and done with then, no contract no problem right
  11. I'm getting nowhere with them so SAR it is.. . I am just waiting for my bank to send me a cheque book as I now have my BT account number. The guy hasn't been helpful at all, hasn't answered my questions and has ignored other things I've said. I'm guessing this is because he doesn't have any further information but wont admit it. What information do I want? Bills, payments, acccount notes? Recorded calls? Contract? Are these available? Is there anything else I want? I am also interested in something I read somewhere about no longer being in contract with them
  12. That's great, thanks! I look forward to hearing back from them, from what I've read about CEO emails things get sorted quite fast but I've not had a reply today. They have until Monday and then it's going off!
  13. This has to be the biggest lesson on keeping better notes with problem companies, bills and payment dates etc. I'm hoping that this executive complaints department know their stuff, but the reply I've had seems so half. It just says A final bill was produced for this account on 26/10/2010 for £73.05 The account was fully settled on 24/01/2011. This isn't anything I don't know already... but I don't think I would have got the bill October, not paid it and then decided to pay it January, I'd have either paid it or not. I also believe what I was initial
  14. Update: I emailed the CEO and it was passed to somebody in his executive complaints team. Took a week for him to get back to me after digging my account out of archive and tell me exactly what I've told him about the final bill and payment dates. Not giving me info on what that final bill was for etc.. I've asked them for all my account information, including the contract I agreed to at the time. From what I've read on-line through other peoples complaints BT didn't used to report to Equifax I'm guessing the contract I agreed to didn't have anything in it ab
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