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  1. I am working today and won't be home till later tonight so I'll update you now and try to answer some of you questions. I am unsure of when the liability orders were issued. the council officer told me yesterday that it was passed onto equita in September 2014 and again in September 2015 the amount outstanding at the time was about £800 or £900 each. The fees according to the bailiff are £235 for each order plus another £75 each and the cost of the clamping and car and taking it away, which I don't know yet. After being on to phone to the council for about an hour yesterday,
  2. I have now spoken to the council and this is the situation. In May 2015 I received an arrears reminder from the council of £192.67. As of then I have not received my statement for that year so I have not paid for April and May. I immediately made this payment in May and another payment in June of £120.00, not knowing exactly what I owed, I calculated based on what I have paid in the previous year. They said again in June they sent another arrears reminder of £264.00. I didn’t do anything about that and carried on paying the £120 every month. In September they handed the account ove
  3. Good morning All, Birmingham city council bailiff came to my door on Monday morning after clamping a car outside. AS of the end of March this year I owe £35 council tax balance from last year and have not even received the bill the new financial year yet. I pay my council tax on monthly basis by internet transfer. I have had contact with Equitax for a few years now and have spoken to them on number of occasions and explained that I really don’t owe the council anything. They usually stop contacting me for months and then start again. Basically, the bailiff said that the count was
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