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  1. Yes I offered stock/machinery in proportion to the money loaned to me by my mother. But this was at least 2 years ago, and I didn't owe HMRC much at all, the only money I owed anyone was myself and my mother, I always pay for goods with the order.
  2. Hi, I want to close my Ltd business with the least hassle. I have injected over 100k of money into the business over the last few years but with the combination of, Brexit and a retail shop that didn't work out I can't carry on. I owe HMRC about 20,000 and myself over 100k which was not just mine but family members. I stopped trading around 12 months ago and have traded as a sole trader since then and am doing much better. I had my accounts done up to the end of March 2019 As I paid in any money to help the business I signed over machinery and stock etc to my mother as
  3. Thanks for all the help. One last question, my uncle and myself have joint and several power of attorney for Health and Welfare and also property and financial affairs for my mother who has Alzheimers and lacks capacity, she no longer knows us. Can I purchase my mothers house with the proceeds of my house sale to free up her money to pay for her care fees. Will I have to apply to the court of protection to sell it or can we just go ahead with the sale. I have had 3 valuations done by 3 different estate agents and my uncle would in theory organize the sale to m
  4. Thanks for the info. We have a buyer and the conveyancing has started However.......... Our conveyancer thinks that we have to let Cabot know about the sale, he also says that the conveyancers dealing with the purchase of my house will want to know if there are any restrictions and assurances they will be sorted before the sale goes through. Has anyone got anything I can send them in legal terms to sort them out? I have told them I DO NOT want Cabot informed of the sale. They have been told that they do not have to inform Cabot until the sale goe
  5. Ok so that just stops me selling while they apply to the court for the Interim charging order? So tell the conveyancers not to contact the fleecers Happy days Can they then come after it again?
  6. Protection by restriction The level of protection offered by a charging order will entirely depend upon the form of restriction entered against title to the property. The standard form of restriction entered upon obtaining an interim charging order (form K) merely provides that no disposition of the property “is to be registered without a certificate … that written notice of the disposition was given” to the creditor with the benefit of the charging order. There is no requirement for notice to be provided in advance of the disposition (or before the sale proceeds are
  7. Hi, back in Nov 2012 we got a charging order, done sneakily by Mortimer Clarke at Kings Lynn and I am near Stafford! Since them I have paid off the Mortgage, the house is jointly owned and the charging order is on my wifes half. The house we are buying I don't need a mortgage. Can I sell my property without paying it off? This is the wording on HM Land Registry. This register specifies the class of title and identifies the owner. It contains any entries that affect the right of disposal. Title absolute 1 (08.10.1990) PROPRIETOR: XXX
  8. Thanks, on the claim form I will use the address they were living at and trading from.
  9. The person I am sending the letter to lives in a motorhome on a farm and they have a unit there, technically they shouldn't live there but they do. The business trading address before they went LTD is the same address. They don't have a house although on their Ltd registration at companies house they have a different address which is way up north so I know they don't live there but may own the house or its a parents house. Do I send the letter to the address they were using when they bought the goods from me, I know they will get it if I do.
  10. Also I will be claiming from a person T/A does this make any difference? - - - Updated - - - Many thanks, I will sort that out tonight
  11. I sent an email asking if I would be getting any payments, they replied saying it depends on if they sell anything up to Xmas. I replied to them, included in the email below sent 27th November "There comes a point where I have to put you on stop and we have just reached it, I didn't want it to come to this but I can't see any other way around it. I cannot supply you any more until the debt is cleared. I need you to come up with a proposed payment plan that you can stick to otherwise I will have to start looking at recovering the amount owed. Sorry XXXXXX, I have supported you
  12. Just wanted to be seen as the nice guy if it goes to court ;-)
  13. Many thanks. I have just sent them a friendly email asking them to try and sort something out. Depending on the tone and what they put will depend on what I draft out to send them a formal Letter of Claim under the Pre-Action Protocol for Debt Claims.
  14. Thanks Andy, I use "Simply Docs" there are tons of templates on there, I will use one of those.
  15. The customer still has some items in stock, but advertised through their LTD company. Can I ask them to return my goods? or go and fetch them?
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