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  1. Thanks, on the claim form I will use the address they were living at and trading from.
  2. The person I am sending the letter to lives in a motorhome on a farm and they have a unit there, technically they shouldn't live there but they do. The business trading address before they went LTD is the same address. They don't have a house although on their Ltd registration at companies house they have a different address which is way up north so I know they don't live there but may own the house or its a parents house. Do I send the letter to the address they were using when they bought the goods from me, I know they will get it if I do.
  3. Also I will be claiming from a person T/A does this make any difference? - - - Updated - - - Many thanks, I will sort that out tonight
  4. I sent an email asking if I would be getting any payments, they replied saying it depends on if they sell anything up to Xmas. I replied to them, included in the email below sent 27th November "There comes a point where I have to put you on stop and we have just reached it, I didn't want it to come to this but I can't see any other way around it. I cannot supply you any more until the debt is cleared. I need you to come up with a proposed payment plan that you can stick to otherwise I will have to start looking at recovering the amount owed. Sorry XXXXXX, I have supported you as long as I can but the amount you now owe me is having an effect on my business and I cannot let it go on any longer." I have asked in emails again and got can I have a few more days, after 4 days I asked again and got "working on it" This is over a period of 2 weeks That's it now they have had a chance to sort things out, I need to send a LBA, can I send it by email or do I need to send it by recorded delivery or does the email I sent count?
  5. Just wanted to be seen as the nice guy if it goes to court ;-)
  6. Many thanks. I have just sent them a friendly email asking them to try and sort something out. Depending on the tone and what they put will depend on what I draft out to send them a formal Letter of Claim under the Pre-Action Protocol for Debt Claims.
  7. Thanks Andy, I use "Simply Docs" there are tons of templates on there, I will use one of those.
  8. The customer still has some items in stock, but advertised through their LTD company. Can I ask them to return my goods? or go and fetch them?
  9. Andyorch - Any links or templates I can use to help draft something out?
  10. Andy - The current debts are just over 9 months now. No they are not getting anything now until I get paid, not even if they pay pro forma.
  11. Andy - It states on all the invoices "Terms = Due on receipt" Originally it was agreed verbally that they could have a bit longer to pay, about 30 days to help them out as they had just started the business.
  12. I use Quickbooks for invoicing, and the invoice is sent by email and there is a link to view the invoice. The wording below is in the email, not on the actual invoice, but this is sent with the invoice, is that ok? All goods remain the property of XXXXXX until they are paid for in full.
  13. The goods were bought for resale. Do I sue the LTD company or the person who was T/A?
  14. Thanks BF, I was thinking of asking the person to sign a personal guarantee, if they won't then its a good indication they are in trouble. On my invoices it states the goods remain my property until paid for in full, does this help? I could hint that I will start the winding up process, that may show them I am serious or bankrupt the person who was a sole trader. One thing I have done is any payments paid after the T/A - LTD split I have allocated to the invoices raised for the T/A, should I re-allocate these payments to any invoices raised when they went LTD?
  15. If this is the wrong place for this post please move it. Hi I have a Ltd company and manufacture goods myself. I have a customer who owes me around £8500. Most of the money owed I supplied them when the person was a sole trader trading as XXXXXXX. Around June this year they registered as LTD and told me when they collected an order late June I think. I have asked for interim payments to get the debt down from just under £10,000 which they did and got it down to around £7000 but I allowed them a few smaller orders to help them out on the understanding that they carried on paying. They haven't really.....and I have nudged them for some more money and it looks like they can't pay anything for at least 2 or 3 months. Then it will be can we have some more stock and we can pay you or if not we will have to get stock elsewhere and use any money we have to buy stock from elsewhere to keep going. Now is the person still liable for the goods they had off me before they went LTD or does it all transfer to the LTD company now. I am thinking of asking for a personal guarantee or walking possesion on goods etc. I don't want to do this but I have been in this position before when someone gave me post dated cheques and fobbed me off a couple of months while he registered a new company and liquidated the company that owed me money. Any suggestions?
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